Why is Symmetra always in the bottom, forgotten?

My queen :frowning: never been in the meta, always been in the bottom, throwed into the trashbag… :frowning: I swear it’s so hard for blizzard to know to what to do with Symm…

Just listen to us please! I see Symm posts here Everyday! Listen to us, please! i’ve made several suggestions and you just ignore it… She deserves better!


They always feel so close to making a good Symmetra and then one bad change to her kit just makes her unviable as heck


i love your enthusiasm but i have a feeling its pointless.
i stopped being optimistic about her.
i just want to have fun with her again like i did before her rework last year.

since the day sym 3.0 came out the game has become so much less fun for me.


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug where Symmetra was almost a viable pick.

The fact they have left us for 8months without telling us her damage was 65-125-195 shows they dont pay attention to us.


It would require a complete rework of the hero, like…basically a new hero.

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it would require a revert with buffs and tweaks.

3.0 basically already is a new hero



  • Fixed a bug where Symetra had a higher pick rate.

That’s why people call her Sanjay.
Different hero with Sym’s skin.

Revert to what? the microwave lock on?

actually. Soldier 76 has been in the bottom of the bottom in OWL. He was picked by the outlaws for like a minute. and that was in desperation. Symmetra got a point taken off another team

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No lock on held her back. Give her a large frontal cone with 10m 60-90-120dmg.

Reduce turret damage so her first two levels on the beam can be buffed a tad buff their slow and hp let her throw them.

Speed the orbs up a little.

let her pause her barriers flight so she can be the barrier tank.

take 25hp from her shield gen ult and put it into a new passive for her generating shield hp on allies in the aura at 14sps capping at 25.

Because we all understand your feeling but it is not necessary to create like 10-20 rant posts in just one day


Because SYM is the best DEFENSIVE hero on the game. She is bad attacking but she INSANE GOOD on defending maps.

Sadly blizzard make her viable only that way but she is not WEAK or obsolete. Also the character is not a CARISMATIC character like DVA or Mercy so her pick rate WILL NEVER be at that levels deal with that ONCE for all

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She is not the best at defense and she is quite good at attacking. zipping behind the enemy with 3 turrets and a charged orb deleteing the first support and then steam rolling the rest.

it depends on the individuals ability to read the fight.

I still don’t believe it is

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id believe a tory over the devs at this point.

Soldier has been massively buffed and Sym who was on the cusp of viable has been pushed under the water to drown

forget you’re UK based too :joy:
As long as you don’t vote Tory we good