Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State


then you didn’t read the essay I wrote detailing exactly what you’ve asked and linked in a reply.

you’re right. Death is more powerful than rez.

too strong for exploits. Again… in my essay I detail this. Similarly, While my essay explains what I think,

you have not said what about it is bad other than

in what way?


I don’t like when people assign me homework. When someone links me to another thread, chances are I won’t read it.

Why you bringing up this powerful stuff again? I haven’t said one is more powerful than another, or said much about Rez’s power at all. Rez just interacts with the game in a fundamentally different way than literally everything else in the game. That’s just fact. Rez is the only thing that can affect a dead player.

The 1:1-5 mechanic allows for things like incentivizing allowing a team mate to die. To neglect healing, or utilizing all of your kit in order to prevent your own or a team mates death, and simply allow it so you can get more people in the same area at the same time. More return.

Thus the hide and rez, thus the stuff about it being “broken gameplay” in a sense. Gameplay that was felt didn’t belong in this game. Was contradictory to the game, and in a sense the hero itself.

Furthermore, in coordinated settings, Mass Rez was regulated to being used to bring up Pharah. There was no big bait and switch sort of big brain mass rez plays in coordinated settings, as it relies on a lack of coordination, and your team mates being dead.

Nothing else interacts with the game and other players in a similar way. Rez is completely unique, and Mass Rez is a step further due to the 1-5 variable. Thus why Rez is now 1:1.

It makes sense.


then dont complain when I don’t respond. I already wrote out my ideas in a manner that was organized (at least as much as i was willing to on my phone at work). I already took the time to share this idea I have, I shared it to you, and you choose to ignore it. That’s not on me.

So? unique means you consider that when working around it. Similarly, mobility acts differently for different heroes.

TO incentivize it, there needs to be a base reason to do it. There is no such encouragement for mercy. There was none. The only times I can think of a support being incentivized to do anything is for symm as a support (im not going to go into that) and ana
Ana had 80 dps and 75 hps. That imo gave ana “incentive” to dps over heal. Her dps output is higher than healing. It makes sense. nothing inherently says a six man high noon is always better than 3. Nothing inherently says a five man rez was always better than 3.

And in most cases, waiting for the max is bad unless you don’t want to climb out of silver. No one forces or tells players how to play. The game doesn’t say mercy will heal more for each rez. Or for each dps to wait for zarya grav to ult at the same time.

hide and rez isn’t a mechanic problem. it’s a reward problem imo But you will likely not read it so idk why I bother.

rez works more consistently and has less negative outcomes. That means they made rez work better inherently than mass rez ever did. And I think that was a mistake for a unique ability like rez. I think it is more powerful on cooldown and 1:1 than mass rez and therefore has design flaws.


I would’ve hoped you could just like tell me what you need to say relevant to what we’re saying. It’s not like I’m linking you to previous paragraphs I’ve written on this topic. I’ve written a lot, believe me.

Yes there is. Because of the way your healing works, if you try to save someone from dying, you could put yourself in danger. You could die trying to save that person, then not be able to rez. So, it makes sense to let them die.

Then, you have the 10 seconds it takes before they respawn and you can no longer rez them. As you can only interact with dead team mates when using rez. Then people game this whole sort of system. This is most prevalent when you have a 1:1-5 system. Thus hide and rez.

That is just the nature of how the mechanic interacts with the game. Then, the level of discoordination in the game and such dictates it’s success rate. Thus why in coordinated settings you just used it to bring up 1 person.

Hide and rez is just part of the 1:1-5 mechanic. How successful depends on the setting it’s used in. That’s why I say Mass Rez is a trash ult in a lot of ways.

It was a trash ult. That in coordinated settings was used basically how 1:1 is used now. Save the “powerful,” “OP,” “uncounterable,” argument for people that care about it. I don’t. Nothing I’ve said touches on any of that noise.


it is. it’s literally summarized explaining why I think rez needs to be an ult, why its bad design, and why it is not as strong as we treat it

then a fortify ability sounds like a better, more consistent option. Moreover, if mercy makes a decision to have some people die because of the risk, that sounds like a pro and con. Not an incentive. Some versus all isn’t the same. You argue that its a problem for hide n rez: that’s basically for all or maybe 4. In this case, rez isnt the incentive. Death is.

exploits are based in rewards. fix the system:

how much “power” is in an ability touches game design. I’m saying it’s too strong as a basic ability. I would think a solo high noon every thirty seconds would be too strong as a basic ability. This about design.

I don’t have an issue with counters in this game. You can’t stop ana from sending out nano, but no one complains about that.
I think rez was niche as an ult. It made it harder to climb with mercy and found its value in how mercy could read the layout of the field and the enemy players. Niche and trash aren’t the same. I think it was good to be niche because Mercy’s consistency in strong healing made her a solid choice at any level. If you wanted to get more value from the inherent value of her base kit, you needed to find value in mass rez. “Rez value” was on the capability of Mercy.


Yes it is a pro and a con. One that only takes place due to how Rez is the only ability that affects DEAD team mates and only dead team mates. No other support considers allowing a team mate to die in the same way.

The incentive comes from the fact you can allow multiple people to die and then come and undo it. Thus hide and rez.

I don’t understand what you mean with this.

Why is it too strong as a basic ability? 1:1 Rez is a basic ability right now and Mercy is not doing well statistically.

You can get niche in a lot of ways. There’s lots of niche heroes and none of them need Mass Rez to be niche. What you want from Mercy isn’t what everyone wants from her.

I see no reason for Mass Rez. Lots of reasons for there not to be though. That doesn’t mean you can’t be unhappy with current Mercy, and maybe she should change. I think it’s best to find whatever that feeling is your chasing in ways that don’t require a 1:1-5 mechanic. There’s no reason for 1:1-5 imo. Other than appeasing those people who loved it so much they can’t let go of it.


other supports offer other things more powerful: aiding death

the fact you can do something isnt incentive. you can also never rez and only battle mercy. It’s not being promoted tho

mercy is doing bad because to balance it, everything else was nerfed. If McCree has a mini high noon every 30 seconds, he would likely have his base dps nerfed too.

I dont care about what others think. I care about what I think in terms of design. What makes a stronger game with rez as a mechanic? Imo, mass rez, not cooldown rez. Or take it out.

I see no reason for Mercy or Widow to be in the game. Not really the issue. Mercy could have a strong base kit and no ult and I’d be fine if it was at least in line with her hero design. They could take mercy and remove and rework her entire kit, and I’d be fine as long as it was in line with her hero design and game design.

I’ve only seen you argue hide n rez which I think wouldn’t exist if you fixed the system that rewards mercy for rez numbers.

I would go back to not playing mercy if she had rez again. I mostly picked her up casually because of valkyrie being the best/worst ult in the game.

My issue with mercy and her rework is her ult is bloated and bad, and cooldown rez doesnt match her design, the game’s design, and ruins her play.


Mercy’s ult was changed and she gained an E ability, Rez. The rest of her kit only improved through the added GA tech until the recent -10 hps nerf. Valk has been adjusted, and Rez has been adjusted. So no, “everything else was nerfed” is not correct.

Disagree. Hide and Rez, as it was understood at the time, is gone. Rez is an E ability and Mercy might need help right now. I don’t know if the -10 hps nerf was necessary, would’ve liked to have seen how things played out with her still at 60 hps myself.

Then why are we talking about this? If that’s how you feel… Cool… Seems pointless to talk about it then?


function to play, yes. her base healing nerf hurt her design into a middling support, she gained valk which has to be capped because it’s bloated so her ult fight was nerfed. Rez takes time out of her base play so her flow was ruined in favor of an ability. Thus her base play was interrupted, her base kit was nerfed, and her ult value shifted to normal play so she has no ult fight capabilities.
I think everything was nerfed.

Yea for its purpose before. It just has a new iteration now. That’s at the cost of her base play. That isn’t better. Similarly, if rez was removed, that fixes hide and rez. Similarly, if mercy was removed, that fixes hide and rez. Or they couldve fixed the system in which it thrived.

it wasn’t imo. But I still would have game and hero design issues.

you asked about design. I am interested in game and hero design surrounding mercy. I am for other heroes too. For mercy, her rework with valk and cooldown rez is bad design imo. I don’t see why I have to love her kit or her character in order to have an opinion on design and theory for her.


Base healing nerf was just the most recent. Valk was introduced way before then. Not saying Valk is a great ult or anything, it’s not bad either.

Rez having a cast time is a fair compromise on it. Having to commit to it for 1.75 seconds is fair. You have to commit to damage boosting instead of healing, etc. I don’t have this whole omfg my hero is ruined experience every time I press E like some people seem to.

I don’t see much point in talking to someone that is like “yo lets just remove rez and remove Mercy” to fix a problem.

So I’m just going to call it here. Good… ish… talk I guess.


yeah. And before her nerf before the 60 hps, i think mercy was a bit overtuned.

Valk is an OP Ult imo which is why it has such limits in numbers on it. It’s not a bad ults at all. It’s too good imo.

again… in my essay:

I even use the term “fair” in regards to it, but the context of the next few paragraphs is needed.

I said I wouldn’t mind. Nor do I see how it’s any different than “let’s remove mass rez to fix a problem”
Sorry I’m not a lover of Mercy to make your assumption of me true. I didn’t love mass rez. I didn’t love mercy. I don’t even like her design aesthetically. But I have ideas about how she could have been fixed and avoided valk altogether because I do care about design. Just because my values don’t align with what you want doesn’t mean I don’t have valid points.
Additionally, I’m not suggesting mercy be removed. I’m merely pointing out that the same result of her problems being gone, would be just as gone if she were too.

do you.


Having Rez as it is now makes it as powerful, if not more than Mass Rez because of the sheer fact of frequency.

Mass Rez was limited by earning, as is every other uniquely behaving ultimate in this game. No one else has it.

By simply introducing another unique method of bringing back someone from the dead, it would have negated peoples obviously biased feelings toward Mass Rez.

If it is not okay for Mercy to have a unique and powerful ultimate ability, then no one else should be able to either. The fact that every ultimate has the potential to impact multiple is enough to make Mass Rez entirely fair and always has been.

Simply adding a mechanic to earn each individual rez for a Mass Rez could increase the skill floor of it. Each rez costs X amount of charge that you can earn, it adds up and you can choose to use when you only have 1,2,3,4,5 charges worth but can use it even while everyone is alive. Any charge that is unused for resurrection can be used as pulses of burst heals but not in large numbers, like 50 instant heal per pulse. It means Mercy can use healing to earn more healing or choose to resurrect. It adds a much more interesting dynamic and every individual pulse/resurrect is earned and stored.

EDIT: I am actually going to back pedal on the 50, I want the pulses to happen rather quickly so let me drop that to 25, so that after like 4 pulses for example, it should heal squishes but not much on tanks, so you have to do that manually to save anything.


Not at all. All other ultimates only affect living players. They all share that same fundamental element. Mass Rez does not. It is completely unique.

False equivalency. So many arguments around Mass Rez just seem to be an abundance of false equivalency.

Nothing was said about if it’s okay or not for Mercy to have a “unique” and “powerful” ultimate ability, and that’s subjective. People will have varying opinions. Not saying Valk is the bestest of all time ultimate of ultimates and just like so goodz and can’t be improved upon.

There is no reason for Mercy having a mechanic where 1 button press can result in anything from 1-5 people being rezzed. A 1:1-5 mechanic opens the door to all the problematic things that were removed when it moved to a 1:1 mechanic.

I’m all for talking about what could be changed in Mercy, adjustments that could be made to her ult and such. Just no reason for any of it to involve Mass Rez. That should be moved away from. It’s been over a year, time to let it go.


1:1 mechanic only added more problems, without fixing old ones: hide & rez changed from suboptimal into mandatory, and it prevents Mercy from having proper ultimate.


False equivalency. What you are implying is hide and rez taking place now is VASTLY different from what was understood as the hide and rez of the past. Just google Mercy hiding spots.


No, it’s not false. Only difference is that now you can’t avoid it, if you want to survive.

Mass resurrect being gone created previous sniper meta, with damage boosted dragons being unstoppable by any other defensive ult.


There are more differences than that. You’re free to feel what you feel. I have no motive to dive into it and explain it all. Too much work.


Because there is no difference, other than result being one teammate resurrected, other than 1-5. You still don’t help your team in any way during resurrect. You still avoid being seen.


There is. Like I said. Google Mercy hiding spots. See anything dated since the rework? Hiding is vastly different now compared to the mass rez days. You’re just choosing not to see it for whatever reason.


Hiding always remains hiding, regardless from how you try to spin it.