Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State


Your experience is contradicted by the statistics.

In other words, your subjective perception, which may or may not be twisted to support your agenda at the moment, is flatly contradicted by objective numerical evidence, and therefore, it is objectively false… That is, assuming you have objective evidence to back your claim, but if you did, you probably would have stated it by now.

What numerical evidence do I have?

Let’s make a hypothesis reflecting a claim. Let’s say that we are hypothesizing that Resurrect encouraged the Mercy player to stop healing, to hide, to stop participating in the fight.

Let’s make another hypothesis reflecting a claim coming from the same argument as the claim made in the first hypothesis. Let’s suppose that “hide and rez” has been eliminated from Mercy’s kit with the rework.

Before the rework, if a Mercy player uses the tactic of “hide and rez”, they are spending a lot of the time that would otherwise be spent healing teammates on not healing. Thus, the healing dealt that match by that Mercy would decrease, and by extension, so would the average healing dealt by all Mercy players in the game by a tiny amount. Therefore, if our hypotheses are true, we can say with full confidence that Mercy’s healing averages prior to the rework were far lower than they were after the rework but before the healing nerf. We can say this for two reasons:

  • Less time is spent hiding, more time is spent healing.
  • Valkyrie, an ability that theoretically quintuples Mercy’s total healing output, was added.

Let’s put these hypotheses to the test… because I just so happen to have a bit of data recorded from those time periods:

  • Mercy’s average healing/game as of June 28th, 2017 (pre-rework): 11905.
  • Mercy’s average healing/game as of August 12th, 2017 (pre-rework): - 11912.
  • Mercy’s average healing/game as of March 21st, 2018 (post-rework): 11926.
  • Mercy’s average healing/game as of May 31st, 2018 (post-rework): 11603.
  • Mercy’s average healing/game as of June 30th, 2018 (post-rework): 11752.
  • Mercy’s average healing/game as of July 22nd, 2018 (post-rework): 12132.
  • Mercy’s average healing/game as of August 7th, 2018 (post-rework): 12085.

Okay, so… where’s the big increase? If Mercy players were spending so much less time hiding, and if Mercy gained a new ultimate that increases her healing capacity, surely we should see an overall increase greater than 200/game, not even considering a peak increase… And we certainly shouldn’t be seeing a drop by 300 points.

So… what gives?

The only thing that can give. In reality, Mercy’s healing average was deflated so insignificantly that there is no visible difference. Because that is the case, then the first hypothesis must be incorrect.


For me it’s character + previous experience in other game with healing beam hero. Still, my preferred way to play Mercy is in the sky with Pharah, to stay away from annoying CC effects.

I am a bit worried, that with current Mercy, at some point I would just stop caring at all about teammates, and become one of those healers, who always heal one player and never ever bother to heal someone else. :cold_sweat: With Pharah consistently receiving most gold medals, many times evil question appeared in my mind: “why are you healing your other teammates? they are no good. Keep healing one player you know is always capable of making use of your healing.”


Mercy 1.x met these requirements.



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It’s done on purpose to keep you out of the loop


Compare present Mercy to Mercy from seasons 1-10. She is trash. Literally the worst healer.


Thank you for finding this

Lets get the 500 lb gorilla out of the way right off the bat - my statement quoted at the outset of this post is clearly factually incorrect.

Mind you, I’ve watched a lot of animetic videos and in them she seems to express herself differently than she expresses herself here. She defends Mercy, even when others tell her (and they simply have to know she’s a great Mercy player) her to switch to Lucio or Ana or whatever, she kinda laughs about it and might switch as requested but then switch back to Mercy later

Dont get me wrong. I do accept that the statement you quoted (albeit the bolding is yours, I believe) is her expressing her genuine feelings on the matter - but if you watch a lot of her videos, you tend to get a (far) different impression…and thats where my statement, now proven wrong, came from.

I wont even harp on the fact that I used the word “seems” in my statement, rather than stating she was happy, I stated she “seems” happy. Clearly, my perception was incorrect, and thats what really matters in regards to this particular item

related aside: I have to disagree even though it is her saying it in regards to “They should not be taken as: a) a demonstration of skill,”. I figure this means that she is simply being modest - her skill is self evident to anyone watching said videos.

I do wonder what sort of additional (in addition to rez) utility she thinks Mercy needs. That said, as stated, it is implied that she thinks Mercy has no utility at the moment, ie she said “give Mercy some utility” rather than “give mercy some additional utility”, and as I see it, damage boost and rez are both strong utilities. So that is a bit confusing. Additional utility would require some serious coding and animation work - it’d be a rework just to put such a thing in, no matter what it is. The curious thing is - what does she have in mind in terms of said added utility? I wish she had provided an example.

I guess I’d still say that based on this set of statements from her, she still wouldnt want to lead a movement to get Mercy changed, which was my point, albeit it would not be for the reason I stated - i said she was pro mercy, which we now know is wrong, but she speaks of lacking time to do things “to make Blizzard listen”. So I’d still surmise she wouldnt lead an effort to get changes put in for Mercy, tho I’d absolutely agree with one of the earlier posters that she’d be a far better (at minimum, less “embarrassing”, to use the term from the earlier post) leader and spokeperson for such an effort than the very toxic and hate-filled individuals I currently perceive to be leaders/figureheads of the current effort, the one with the hashtag(s)

Bottom line:

  1. I was wrong
  2. Animetic wouldnt be opposed to some substantial changes though this surprises me greatly
  3. I think she would be an excellent leader - much much better than current leadership - for such an effort despite the fact that I remain opposed to such an effort
  4. I will continue to watch her videos to learn how to be a better Mercy player:-)


and yet, I still experienced/observed precisely what I described, many many times, regardless of any statistics you care to show me


In my experience, she is the best of the healers - not trash in any way, shape, or form

I almost always get gold healing on any team that includes a second healer - any healer


I dont have a chart in front of me to let me determine precisely what rendition of Mercy you are referring to, so I will simply ask this: did the version of Mercy you are specifically referring to have mass rez?


Our experience differs

When I am in Valkyrie, and using the healing chains, I generally am preventing my teammates from being shredded, and in fact, helping them to overcome opponents, win teamfights, and push onto points

I am also helping deal with snipers they cant easily get to if I deem doing so will provide more value to my team at that moment than healing or boosting them, but this of course requires one to be willing to use Mercy’s full kit


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what did I win…I am hoping for large stacks of cash and/or high denomination gift cards

I will settle for a face to face meeting with WyomingMyst, where Mercy will not (surprise any of you?) be a topic of conversation


Those statistic prove that a majority of the time, MASS REZ DOES NOT INCENTIVIZE HIDING.

Your argument says that Mass Rez incentivizes hiding but there is evidence that shows that just isn’t true.

Especially because good Mercy players on the current Mercy will still hide when ultimates go flying because there is no point healing someone through something you cannot stop and getting yourself killed. This can be said of any support saving their own skin during ult heavy moments, besides the ones who can potentially save it as the fight is already going and even they will hide if they want to survive and not ult. Hell any character trying to avoid ults WILL HIDE.

Mass Rez didn’t incentivize hiding at the wrong times.
SR exploits did.
And bad players inflating their numbers did.

Good players who learned did not and there were far more people learning and improving than people that simply fail at playing a character that poorly.

You may have experienced people doing this, but it is unlikely that you experienced it frequently. What is also extremely likely is that you perceive a Mercy taking cover from ultimates and choosing not to try and outheal ultimates that they have no chance of healing and trying to would have no impact on their healing numbers as the same thing as hiding because you seem to have such an extremely biased vendetta against Mass Rez even though the number clearly prove you wrong.


Factually, I did. There is no “may have”. It happened.

factually, I experienced/observed it frequently and regularly

I saw what I saw

I experienced what I experienced

regardless of any numbers/statistics one wishes to present me

the dev’s statement when they removed mass rez indicates that they saw it quite a bit as well


We already know this.
You repeat yourself like a broken record.

But this cannot be true because the numbers do not back this up.

Refusing to believe the numbers and evidence is you wanting to live your delusion that you are correct about everything you say.
Which makes sense considering how much you choose to pick out of people’s statements to then repeat what you always say so you look correct.

The dev’s are completely biased toward professional play and making all heroes suit what pros like.
Mercy was not and still is not what Pros like and they have failed in their attempts to make her so and in doing created a mess of unbalance in a game they were already ruining by turning damage more to instant kill combos and ridiculously high burst damage because in esports streams people are more interested in quick impact from pro players and this is their preferred style.

The quick tempo rezzes during the skill floor lowering ult is what made her interesting to watch but also made her a must pick.
There is plenty of evidence on this already, in fact the original post covers this, not that you would have read it because it has statistics with fairly convincing analysis on Mercy that quite easily disprove and debunk your opinions.

So unless you can actually create an argument of substance that can actually counter the multitude of arguments we have and show how the numbers do not reflect what we have said, you have nothing further to disagree about the claims we make because we actually provide statistics or comparisons or analysis that show and bring greater points to what we claim while you simply say in response:
I respectfully disagree, because factually Mercy does things that I like and that makes you wrong.


But this happened after buffing mass rez. They didn’t nerf it to try and fix it. They buffed and buffed then a new problem arose. They didn’t attempt to address said problem.
That’s not on mass Rez. That’s the devs/game


While I am on your side in the argument, I do want to point out that technically it’s possible. In statistics, you rarely find that a distribution averages across the population… in a normal distribution, some people will have basically never seen Hide N Rez (I, for example, only saw it a handful of times–though Die n Rez was another story), while some people would’ve seen it very frequently. Most folks will fall somewhere in between.

What the statistical argument means is that his experience is irrelevant, though, since he’d be an outlier on the upper end of the distribution


Ah true, I guess in part it is my frustration speaking because they just really like to ignore things a lot.

Thank you for pointing that out. :slight_smile:


You constantly say and copy/paste “Mercy is fine.” all over the forums. Trust me, you’re not surprising anyone bud. Don’t get ahead of yourself. :rofl: