Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State


Here’s a context I ran into a few times where Old Mercy was incentivised to stop healing.

The enemy DVa has thrown her ult at my team.

Obviously I am going to try to put a piece of level geometry or a shield between me and the soon to explode mech. Either my teammates will or will not die to that regardless of whether I keep healing. My healing beam is fairly obvious. If I have chosen to get behind a piece of the level geometry, I really don’t want an enemy Genji or Tracer coming at me while my ability to dodge is compromised because a bomb is about to go off.

So… for those reasons, I turn off my healing for the ~3s that it takes DVa’s mech to explode.

From my experience… that’s pretty much it.


I find mercy to be fun to play, effective, impactful, and engaging.

I do not find her to be trash by any measure


I’m only here to make to 9k replies lol.


Factually, I have a profile just as any player does, and within that profile is proof of the hours I have on Mercy

My profile is private, and will remain private; as is my right just as it is the right of all players to choose public or private profile


For the record this post and others like it are why some people get frustrated while trying to discuss things with you.

Generally the way discussions play out is…
Person A states their position.
Person B states their opposing position and at least a few reasons why they hold the opposing position.
Person A then responds with their own reasons or why they think Person B’s reasons are invalid.
Person B responds.
Person A and B continue going back and forth until they find common ground or someone decides to stop responding.

I have never yet seen a post where you explain or attempt to explain why you hold the position you do. You just state your position again and again, leaving people with no way to continue the discussion.


Factually, I have many hours of playtime on Mercy


I have already stated many times that there is a difference between what one can do and what one will actually do.

I have already stated many times that I have many hours of playtime on Mercy

I have already stated many times that I can provide proof but choose not to do so

I have nothing further to add


see previous statement


see previous statement


when you refer to spamming, do you mean things like a series of posts that make the same demand/request (whichever one prefers) over and over again?


The struggle to understand is real, have yet another biscuit for at least trying. After all, you’re being told that in your opinion you’re easy to understand and make sense, but that’s only in your opinion. If you end up understanding, you get an extra biscuit!


How is making an entire thread about the change as well as stating you would be okay with said change not proposing it? I fail to see your logic here. You may not want Mercy to be changed, but you would be okay with this one change you made a thread for. Therefore, you’re proposing, and advocating, the change.

pro·pose- verb-
1. put forward (an idea or plan) for consideration or discussion by others.

ad·vo·cate- verb-
1. publicly recommend or support.

ad·vo·cate- noun-
1. a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.

No matter your reasons for not opposing the change mentioned, you still did not oppose it. You actually accepted and promoted by means of creating a thread for the topic and stating within other threads that you accept it as a change for Mercy, which means you are absolutely proposing/advocating it. Where is the disconnect here?

Yes and you have already stated that it’s a change you would accept. Which means you are putting it out there for discussion with others as well as being an advocate for it. Again, where is the disconnect? Where am I losing you?

This response:

Has nothing to do with what you’re responding to:

I was, and still am, asking for clarity on your definitions.

I am speaking about your posts and how you word things with an an outsider’s eye. This allows me to tell you, factually, that what you say can be very unclear and misleading. This simple fact can easily be spotted by reading the responses people have to both you and what you say. Of course you will find yourself easy to understand, but a lot of those that read what you say and interact with you do not find it so easy.


I respectfully disagree because factually I damn well use all of her kit and overall it still shows that she is situational and best at pocketing. Just because I am stubborn in her usage because I am good at her, doesn’t make her any better when she is bottlenecked by so many features in her own kit.



An opinion.


You think far too black and white.

Fluid transitions occur between all the actions you have stated and nothing stops you from going back on those actions.

Mercy missing healing often has a rough time going back on the action because switching weapon is more time wasted that could result in player death, etc.

And there are many characters that have aoe impact so choices like that do not have to be made and reaction time with characters that don’t have weapon switch can fluidly switch between actions that make those choices often not even noticed.

And choosing certain actions does not stop other things; for example

Soldier 76 can heal and then immediately go back to damaging. His choice to use helix rockets which is a different action continues damage.

The choice for Roadhog to hook instead of keeping shooting doesn’t cancel out the damage he is doing, it gives him a guaranteed boost when he hits.

Your analysis isn’t correct because there is the complete opposite side of the argument where people can continue doing their main role much easier and fluidly than others.

Moira can multiheal, then deal damage ans still be healing because of orb and after heals or deal damage with orb and heal, etc. Moira is a perfect example of being able to do multiple things at any given time and not giving things up for choice.


Sure, it can be debatable but considering I know that I use every part of her kit and get complimented frequently by my team and enemies, that I am doing well at my level of play and that I must be doing things correctly.

I can see where Valkyrie causes her skillfloor to max out immediately.
It doesn’t take a genius to see that Valkyrie can make any bad Mercy good for it’s duration. Seeing someone effectively use her base kit, that is something else entirely.


Some doors close forever. Others open in most unexpected places.

Power resides where men believe it resides. It’s a trick, a shadow on the wall. And a very small man can cast a very large shadow.


Found it!

Animetic adores Mercy and seems to have fun with her, but that doesn’t mean she’s happy with Mercy’s current state. It’s possible for both of these things to exist at the same time. I’m an example of that as well. I enjoy playing Mercy and am simultaneously unhappy with the current state of things.
The bolded statements in Animetic’s reply seem to indicate that she’s not as thrilled as people seem to believe. As Sarah stated, she simply doesn’t have the time to write up things on the forums. I also think she tends to avoid being negative, which might have something to do with it.


Flying is fun. Watching your team getting shredded and not being able to fix it isn’t.
Which means that if you just don’t care about your teammates, Mercy is very fun.


I agree. GA is what has me consistently returning to Mercy (outside of just plainly liking the character).