Why even release BRIGITTE next week

There are 2 points where you are wrong there. First, it was ironically not the first teaser. Secondly, how could it accidentally go up like that without them meaning to post something that is related to the new hero.

By this logic balance patches shouldn’t go through untill off season.

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Big difference between changing/tinkering with a known hero and adding a totally new hero that has zero play time on the live server.
Keep in mind both view points on the issue of locking out til next season vs adding a new hero sooner to comp are fine. My issue is more that there is a little bit of hypocrisy here about it on the forum.

as people seem to have one view point about low levels in comp, people playing heroes with low time on them and so on. Unless of course it’s a new hero, then for some reason it seem to be fine.
As I said before on other posts, people need to pick a side here. So is comp casual QP+1 where it’s 100% fine to roll in with zero play time heroes/one trick/low level etc or is it a bit more try hard, only play what you know you are decent with to win games?

Neither view point is really right or wrong, the main issue is more that the two camp don’t play well with each other.

I guess they rather have Brigitte unplayable in comp, than have comp be unplayable because of Brigitte

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They want each season to have its own “idendity”, so they made sure that Season 9 is defined as the extreme disappointment that let dive meta go unchecked. Nice.


Like the meta or hate it, their reasoning is still sound. I would rather this one thread full of people crying cause they don’t understand Blizzard’s logic than 100 threads a day of people crying that team members are throwing matches because they pick a character that they have 0 time on in a serious competitive match.

Show a little patience and wait.

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Literally would not be the case if toxicity would stay low, but that won’t seem to happen either

Blizzard is using money logic not players logic lol

You seem to have missed entirely what Krows was saying, nothing they said even mentioned money

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hes talking about blizzards logic and so am i. Money will come before anything as its a business.

You can talk all you want. But most players play QP. Not Competitive. Go look it up

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I don’t understand. Everyone on these forums keeps claiming that a huge majority of their QP games are 5DPS locks that never switch, no one heals, no one tanks, no one cares. I can not relate.

All I do is QP, and a vast majority of my games has both sides having at least one tank and healer. Most of the time we get 2 tanks and/or healers. Only very rarely do we get no tank or healer, and usually someone switches eventually. People protect the healer, people follow the tanks, people get on point… a grand majority of the time.

Why is my QP experience so different from the people who complain on these forums?


The forums are melodramatic as always. Granted, sometimes what they say isn’t too far from truth.

@OP: This may come as a massive shock to you, but there are more modes than just comp.

Yea but nobody really tries in the other modes. Qp is a joke and arcade is arcade.

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Of course they do. Why wouldn’t they its freaking brain-dead lol no consequence for not trying or leaving or anything really.

My point was that a lot more people than just comp players in this game. He’s acting like comp players are the only ones that matter. It sucks for them, but a hero release shouldn’t be considered pointless just because one mode won’t have it for a month.

I think this is a horrible idea i get that blizzard is trying to get be to learn the character before playing her in competitive setting, but pc already have had 2 weeks to learn. I thought the one week till comp. was fine it gave us time to use it but it didn’t feel like eternity. Moreover, a lot of the players play comp. almost exclusively, myself included, and a lot of of people have been hyped for a long time to play this amazing hero in a competitive setting. So please blizzard return to the old way, also watch this video that says almost exactly what i thing in more detail, watch the video called Overwatch NO BRIGITTE IN COMP - Huge delay until season 10 made by a youtuber callled Blame the Controller for a more detailed discussion.

Ever had a genji, tracer, mcree, soldier, reaper, roadhog team fight a 2-2-2 orisa/rein bunker? I have, it was in QP, and the resulting roll really stuck with me.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen 5 DPS in QP. And QP is all I play. The majority of the time teams are well balanced.

don’t be so hype up for her. People will QQ to her and Jeff will nerf her.