Why even release BRIGITTE next week

It’s to keep people playing longer and to make people come back. Pretty cheesy way to lengthen games lifespan. Technically getting two heroes a year now.

so just because you cant play her in comp those that only play qp shouldnt be aloud to play her either?

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Moira was fine with a one week delay, there’s no reason Brigitte wont be


be sure to tell me what you learn in QP today lol

After this comment, nothing more to add from my side. Dunno what’s OP’s issue.

because YOUR #1 hero is a support and 6 out of your top 8 heroes are ALL support/tank. It’s like I have 350+ hours on Reinhardt in QP, then my #2 hero is 90+ hours on Lucio. I’ve never played on a team where we needed a shield tank and no one was willing to do it, being I’m always willing to do it.

Even now I can solve most tank problem on a QP team being I’m a level 1200 mid 3k tank main. Team might have other problems, still might lose but you’re going to get at least one decent tank/support. IE: Me

So yeah, both of us have vastly better QP games than a random gold rank player with 100s hours into hanzo/widow and then 5+ other DPS heroes they just force into a team comp. 1/2 the whines about all DPS team in QP or comp come from people who barely have any tank or support hero time in their top 10 most played. As in they are a part of the problem.


We’re following this feedback closely. We made this change with the best intentions as we frequently heard complaints from players that we were introducing new heroes to Competitive Play too quickly.

Let’s see how this plays out for Brigitte and then we’ll re-evaluate for next time.

Thanks for being patient with us.


It’s a good idea. Competitive is but one game mode, and one easily spoilt at that. We can get our Brigitte fill from qp.

Good on you for sticking with it.


in my opinion 2 weeks of qp is more than enough for a new character to join comp. 1 month is just overkill.

Edit : i take it back. brigitte shouldn’t be in comp for another year at least. she is broken.


I don’t know where you get your feedback from, but here is mine, the decision is asinine. And i’m not trying to be rude, it is just how i feel about it.

I could explain why, but i don’t think you will see this feedback since, well, look at your decision.


Understandable, but then you have to wonder why balance changes to heroes can come mid-season too.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind the wait time being an extra week or two.


I actually support not releasing her in comp yet papa jeff, good on you for listening to the community that hated comp drstically changing mid-season.

That being said i had grown so used to it that i was waiting to play comp till she released because i didnt want to experience that, and now its like: “well, crap, i coulda all along…”


But according to the forums you can’t practice in QP because it’s not a serious game mode.


TBH I’m surprised it wasn’t this way from the beginning. To me a competitive season means “one rule set, one character set, one map set, etc.”. That’s what makes a season a season imo. I wouldn’t want the NFL, MLB, whomever to change its rules mid-season either.


Right? Overwatch has such short seasons it makes you wonder why they don’t use QP as a testing ground for whether changes are a good idea or not (hi Ironclad Bastion) and then implementing them during the lull between seasons.

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It’s hard to practice tanks, and especially healers in QP, as often to get the most out of a healer/tank, your team needs to work with you and choose hereos that work well as a team.

In comp, players have additional incentives, EG: SR & CP to win/play well, however in QP, nothing stops players from throwing if they don’t get to play Brigitte, I saw this happen on the PTR and have no doubt it will happen on live.


Not to be rude Jeff…but this wait and see attitude with something like this is going a bit too far. It’d be fine if ti was another week but essentially we’d have to wait the equivalent of ANOTHER HERO being teased to actually play Brigitte seriously.

Don’t make such a LARGE mistake. if you’re gonna increase the time do it by a small amount like a week, not a whole 2 MONTHS.


I stopped playing comp but I will vouch for you guys for the sole reason that I don’t believe that qp works as practice for comp…EVER…for any character

However to get used to playing her mechanically it’s absolutely fine…and this is important because the counter argument (don’t want people learning her IN competitive) is absolutely valid as well

so I would just say that 1 maybe 2 weeks is more than enough…which I believe is what they were doing before

Note: this doesn’t mean I don’t think you guys are overreacting (immensely)…you’d swear the game is absolutely unplayable without her…

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Maybe you’re just in a too low of a tier. I have often 2/2/2 comps in my qps, often people counterpicking when stuff doesnt work out, etc. Then again i meet lots of M, GM and top500 in my qp.

You may be able to practice mechanical skills in QP but to find a team with a real comp to practice, you need some real luck or friends. If you don’t have friends, well, cross your fingers.
And it’s if you actually want to practice her, I’d love to see the numbers because I’m 90% sure most people don’t practice in QP and just go Ranked.