Why Don't People Want Bastion Viable? 🤔

So it still relies on Mercy babysitting the Bastion. Nothing changed.

Doesn’t change the fact that it is going to happen with any and all characters.

These aren’t really Bastion specific… Moira heals a ton, which is really good for [character]. Mercy can chain res [character]… It works with anyone…

My statement was not to say that those strats work. PTR experimental strats are memey as hell and 99% of them are trash.

The point I was trying to make is that Bastion is a hero that gets exponentially mroe powerful if you babysit him, so anything that gives him security or mobility in the form of CD Teleporter is going to be the first thing people try within minutes of the mechanic being added. That is so baked into his character that it’ll take a hell of a tonal shift to get away from that attitude of playing around Bastion.

You mean like the Bastion mains have suggested?

Did they? I never got any straight answers in the (rather long) exchange I had with some of them last night.

Here’s a megathread

Here’s a thread about my personal favorite “rework” idea
Not really sure if this one would be considered a rework or not… it changes him quite a bit, but not massively like Symm

Here’s a thread about my take on a Tank on E rework

Why are links grey now? Back in my day, they were blue…

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From what I understand, they want to remove or reduce Ironclad which is what helps Bastion be pocketed so much. Its the flat damage negation on top of his subpar kit that forces him to commit to bunker comps. If Bastion was more independent, bunkers wouldn’t be as much of a problem.

Bastion relies on being somewhere stupid and cheesy and getting you with tons of damage before you even know he’s there, or being behind so many people that I have to wipe out most of the team just to get to him all the while he rails on us.

So in effect Bastion can overheal himself, but only he can apply that effect?

I can dig that. Flat DR is lame anyway. The other buffs to self heal seem reasonable as well.

My main criticism of that idea is that while that’s true for healing, it isn’t for shields. And Bastion requires both of those forms of pocketing currently. Having a Bastion that’s even deadlier behind shields than he currently is might promote double shield tank turtle spam even more (old Bastion was never in the game when Orisa was, who adds a LOT of shield uptime to the game).

Correct. Only Bastion can give himself “Ironclad armor”, and healers can’t heal it. This also means that if he has even 1 extra armor, a healer can’t heal him because they won’t be able to restore his armor.

Yeah, I really dislike a constant damage resistance… that’s what makes him hard to balance around, not his damage…

Bastion relies on you allowing him to set up in cheesy spots… Old Bastion relied on repositioning after kills to keep the enemy team on their toes, much like Widowmaker and Hanzo. New Bastion doesn’t really do that because the damage resistance rewards staying in Sentry instead of using Recon to escape, and his inconsistent damage means he needs to shoot at the enemy much longer to secure a kill, meaning he needs to stay in Sentry mode longer.

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“allowing” lel. Not much I can do if I’m in spawn, or the team gets wiped, or we fall back to regroup and push with the team all there. My point isn’t that bastion is the sneakiest robot in the game, it’s that his kit and design doesn’t fit into the current overwatch so he is relegated to cheese-mongering or pirate ship.

One thing I understood from the term viable on the forums is that it means making a hero must pick and that’s what you want in Bastion’s case?

I’m pretty sure it would take less then a week for the forums to be flooded from ‘Nerf Bastion’ threads.

The only reason orisa shield and mercy blocking works is just cause of poor teamwork . if you get your team to ambush them u can easily kill them

Id say bastion is viable. He is used in all levels of play, from bronze to pro. Thing is u need actuall brains to utilize him effectively in other scenarios than pirate ship… and many people dont know how to do that… probably cuz the game is dumbed down a considerable ammount.


the average bastions across all ranks is 22k, if he was meta that numbers would be even higher

Having a viable Bastion would also reinforce the pirate ship strat even more, to the point of being completely broken.

Recon mode needs to be better, sentry is fine.

That is the opposite of what Bastion needs.

If they buff Recon and leave Sentry, then he just becomes a worse version of Solder. Soldier has better spread control, better speed, better mobility, better burst damage, better damage per second, team healing, healing while shooting, an easier ultimate… There’s nothing you can do to Bastion’s Recon mode to make him viable with that alone. Sentry need to be Bastion’s main focus. There’s no reason to ever pick Recon Bastion over Soldier…

Sentry needs to be actually usable. It currently has the second worst (non-shotgun) spread in the game, and on a hero that can’t move to close the distance between himself and the enemy, that makes him pretty unusable… Remember when Sombra got a spread decrease? They thought her spread of 3° was too much, and that’s on a hero that can literally turn invisible to get close to her enemies. Bastion still has a 3° spread…

People see that Bastion can deal “450 damage per second” on paper, and assume that it’s what he does always, but that’s not the case. Bastion has one of the worst DPS models in the game, and he’s about on par with Winston when he’s 45-50 meters away. Yeah, that’s a rather long distance, but it’s still within his effective range, so why does he do so little damage?

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