Why do people think Hanzo is OP?


Is like you tried to offend me by introducing D.va like "hey she is fangirl " or something lul. You can say whatever you want about her but trying to act so immature like that is kinda sad.


Hanzo is susceptible to the “forum hero” effect because his damage potential is high but the practical execution of this potential in game is only a mere fraction of it. This is why all the Hanzo haters continually just list off the basic features of his kit and add exclamations points at the end.

The other thing that’s annoying about this is that nerfing him won’t even give the haters what they want. Back when Hanzo was an F-tier mega meme he still maintained a 1.86 pickrate. When you consider how characters with similar winrates to Hanzo back then would have something like a 0.4 percent pickrate this is a massive over representation of game presence compared to game effectiveness. Folks, he’s a half naked Japanese daddy with a bow. He’s going to get played no matter what. He’ll just go for annoying you from poking you with arrows from other team to annoying you by eating ten tons of butt on your team.

If you are a Hanzo hater and it’s bothering you that bad that you are crying on the forums everyday, you might have to come to terms with the fact that he’s not going away no matter what. Weak, balanced, OP, whatever he ain’t goin anywhere and neither is the suffering he will inflict upon you. You might have to take some self-care and step away from Overwatch. I have had a character like that myself: Techies from Dota 2. When that little goblin trio was added my enjoyment of that game disappeared utterly, so I left.


I suggest you go into practice range and test his projectile size and then compare it to every other hero in the game. You can hit headshots from the upper chest and empty space around the head. Aside from his big arrows, I wouldn’t really say he’s OP. He has one of the best abilities in the game but against a standard comp he isn’t able to use it to its fullest. My main concern with new Hanzo is that because his projectiles are so large, many people resort to storm arrow spamming in a large radius to improve the chance of hitting an agile target. In addition, because Hanzo doesn’t reload, it is difficult to avoid his shots. As tracer you don’t have much time between arrows so if you don’t secure the kill fast you will run out of blinks before killing him. You cannot jitter-peak very well against him for the same reason. At the moment, there isn’t really a counter other than having good enough game sense to know when to engage and when to stay out of sight.


Hanzo and Widow are NOT OP.
They just very annoying.
I can’t enjoy the game and playing something like ana/zen vs Hanzo/Widow.
Ye ye, i hide around the corners, choose good positions, but i can’t enjoy the game.
This is like DarkSouls SL1 run for me

Actually Hanzo is much more annoying as widow, but Widow is kind the same thing



This is not the problem. The problem is that he is also good on close range.

He is sniper, he should be good on mid and long range.

The same problems with flankers, they should be worse against tanks. and tanks should have less offensive capacity.

This game is a joke party.


Fitzy and Seagull also don’t like random aspect of the Hanzo.
When you fight against Hanzo (even if Hanzo has 1 hp) this is like a Russian roulette


I just don’t like how he lacks weaknesses.

He has good close range capability and great mid-far range capability while also having decent mobility and tank-busting ability as a sniper.

Compare him to other DPS, most of them trade something out in exchange for something else.

That may be just me though, it’s my opinion which probably isn’t correct.


His kit is so forgiving for a one shot potential and a lot easier than other high burst dmg heroes in the game.

Along with 2 roles, he doesn’t have a defined weakness other than just the enemy player being better than him.


Very accurate, whenever I duel Hanzo it feels like that exactly.

As I’m wittling him down, he misses arrows, but eventually he will land that one shot against me that kills me.

Since Russian Roulette is purely: “Ok am I going to die now or not?” :sweat_smile:


Because they got killed once while not expecting it and:

  • If Hanzo didn’t land all his shots in the killcam then Hanzo is just a non skill hero that gets rewarded for spamming.

  • If Hanzo lands all his shots in the killcam then he is a no skill hero that shoots logs and can melt tanks with Storm Arrow.


Despite what devs have said many times about “increasing strengths rather than reducing weaknesses”, the Hanzo rework increased his strengths AND reduced his weaknesses. Shorter sonar cooldown, storm arrow with a greater margin for error and shorter cd than scatter, another mobility option for him, and as if that wasn’t enough, an arrow speed increase.

But is he OP? That can be argued of course, but even if he isn’t, many people who play low-tier heroes feel bitter. Imagine if Bastion got to move in turret form. Or Reaper’s shadowstep became faster. Or Symmetra got a 20m range increase. Or Sombra got a secondary shotgun. Those would roughly be the equivalent of what they did with Hanzo.

PS: if you ask me, he is OPAF. The arrow speed makes him great at any range, and whenever it isn’t enough, he can storm arrow down anything. Everything that is supposed to deal with him gets destroyed by him.


Same thing about Tracer really


he should not be as strong as he is in close range…


Did you mean: your team is running a comp with no shields or incredibly bad positioning?


Tracer, Sombra, junkrat can’t oneshot you. You still can take health pack or some sort of healing. Also if enemy kill the tracer you can’t die (with hanzo you can kill-trade)


Becuase they have other purposes, Hanzo only has damage and it’s on a delayed shot which needs to be charged.


Because he has no weaknesses.

Strong at all ranges. He can snipe as well as he can shred up close. Good mobility/escape tools. High damage output. One-shot kills.

Now compare this to another hero, let’s say Ana. She can snipe, her nade is extremely powerful, and sleep is good for protection. BUT she has terrible mobility AND no reliable form of self-healing, and thus those can be exploited to counter her.


Lots of people just don’t respect his one shot potential. They peak him even though they know they can’t kill him.


Ana’s impact is a lot higher and you can’t counter her by simply being better at the game than she is.


The problem is that they can’t kill him by long distance and if a single hero (probably any hero) dives him, he is going to melt the enemy with storm arrow.
If you are in low ranks you can just jump away from the dive and you’ll be fine, but I don’t think he’s escape abilities are a problem.

But the fact is that it makes him a good hero in long or short distances

Actually I don’t even know how to balance Hanzo, because I think he is bad designed. I don’t think should ever exist a hero that is sniper and spam at the same time.