Why do people think Hanzo is OP?


His weakness is 2 or 3 heroes diving him. But is this fair?
I mean, he is totally contestable when your team got good communication and dives him, but how can’t we have a hero that can counter him by himself? Every hero has a hard counter in this game.


TBh I don’t understand it either. I am terrible at Hanzo and for me, the people who actually get stuff done with him deserve it. I have no aim, I can’t really think about in what curvature the arrows fly and what not. If I use Storm Arrow it’s really just to defend myself from the big targets like Reinhardt, D.va, Roadhog and Orisa. They are good to get shields down and stuff, but if you suck like me, these heroes will still find a way to kill me mids shooting sooo…
I’d say a good Hanzo deserves his gold medals. ^^


Wow, it’s almost like hes a DPS


I think he’s op because he’s op. No weaknesses, can work in any part of a fight, easy escape, easy positioning, massive burst, instakill capable primary fire, really fast ult generation.

What exactly does he have going against him? Projectiles in a game where most heroes use projectiles?


He’s a terrible design. He’s all-or-nothing, either you do lethal or near-lethal damage, or nothing at all, which is relatively random and annoying to play with or against.


His weakness is 2 or 3 heroes diving him. But is this fair?

Definitely Not. Widow can be contested by just 1 dive hero, so why does he need 2-3 heroes to contest him.


  • One pharah can contest a Junrkat

  • One Roadhog, Sombra, Mei or Mccree can contest a Doomfist

  • One Hitscan hero can contest a Pharah

  • One Sniper can contest a Reaper

Dive heroes by default doesn’t counter him at all. They only counter him if the player is better than the Hanzo player, which is not a defined weakness.


His weakness is his unreliability. You either do a random 1-shot that is basically luck or you keep missing your shots dealing 0 damage. He has a pretty bad design as a hero. If they need to change anything it’s to make him more reliable in dealing damage.

A way to do that is to make him like Sha-lin from Paladins. He shoots arrows with huge hitboxes that can’t headshot, and he has a better escape mechanism and some utility with a stun-arrow aswell as a Storm-arrow type ability. The difference is that he doesn’t randomly kill you from across the map but he hits you more often. It’s a trade-off for being less frustrating to play against.


There is still something wrong with storm arrow I’d say, but he’s not really OP, just really cheap. Make him more skill demanding. My feeling from killcams is that I get too many deaths from seemingly random arrows which weren’t even aimed at me.

That constant threat of random hs is annoying enough to make me go Mei these days and start spamming fast projectiles too, which is very efficient at fixing the Hanzo issue, but well…


If that is the case, then why is his W/L consistently negative?

Clearly that shows that he has enough weaknesses to be below average?


The idea of this is just preposterous. Have you ever tried to sidestep anything with the hit boxes and favor the shooter code of Overwatch? How many times have you, or any of you reading this, died BEHIND COVER because you were shot at a moment ago? And you imagine that you’re just going to reliably and consistently side step anything? Particularly something you may not know is being directed at you until it’s in flight? That is beyond absurd.


He is different from Widow because he’s burst damage is one of the biggest in the game.

One of his best counters is Winston, but he definitely just makes he run away, he can’t kill Hanzo.

I don’t think we have to nerf Hanzo but just add heroes that can counter him


He is being countered, evident by his winrate and pickrate.

Storm arrows is by farrr the best against tanks where you can actually hit every shot against them but we are in a tank meta and he is still not being played.

Hanzo’s abilities might seem unfair but then you remember nearly every hero in the game has a broken ability that can outright deny another heroes broken ability.


Because hanzo can easily dish out burst damage and picks without any sort of value or punishment for missing it, easily headshot at virtualy ANY range with the same speed as Tracer one-clips between blinks. He got infinite ammo and barely loses mobility to headshot someone. Other snipers such as Widow, Ashe and even mcCree have to EARN their headshots and picks. Widow and Ashe lose a lot of mobility and peripherical vision when scoping, making’em easier to flank from most heroes and also very slow to dodge, Hanzo does not. He gets a little slower when drawing his bow, but he is fully able to walk, jump and even use his weird jump while keeping his bow perfectly ready for a full-power shot. His sonic arrow is probably the only balanced thing I can think of, although it could look a bit unique so the enemy team recognizes when one is shot nearby, otherwise you could very well take Widow’s ultimate and remove her voice line so the enemies can’t tell it’s active. The Storm Arrows however are doomed from the start. And his ultimate, oh boy where do I begin? Whoever though an ultimate that can go through every single solid object was a good idea deserves to be fired from blizzard with dozens of arrows being shot at him on his way out. Not only it’s impossible to avoid it without mobility or any room for movement whatsoever, impossible to predict if hanzo is not in your line of sight, but it also blocks the vision for both enemy AND allies, sometimes being used by the enemies as a sort of smokescreen if they managed to avoid it. And don’t get me started when people are hit by it on the RESPAW’S DOOR! And even for hanzo himself the reach of this ult is quite crap due how narrow it is. It’s not balanced if it only goes towards two extremes: Unavoidable easy kills or easily avoidable dud. If I could rework Hanzo, I would do the following changes:

  • hanzo’s weapon now have a primary and secondary fire, primary shoots arrows with medium damage and no fallback, no loss of mobility.
  • secondary fire is his sniper shot, high burst damage and headshot kills, hanzo is severely slowed down. The speed he drawns his bow is also slowed down, the projectile speed is faster to compensate the slower fire rate.
  • Storm arrow keep the damage, but no longer headshots.
  • Sonic arrow is recognizeable by enemies (unless it hits one of them instead of a solid surface) by either blinking at the tip or making a sound.
  • Dragonstrike is no longer a straight line crossing the map, but wherever the arrow hits, the Dragons will circle around, making his ultimate take the form of a bubble (similar to Mei’s blizzard). The moment the arrows hit a surface or enemy, they imediatly pop out and deal damage to those inside their reach, no matter how far you shot it.


Exactly this is what I’m saying. He doesn’t need a major nerf but he needs more counterplay. Doomfist was not OP as well, it’s just that his counters were under performing and he was strong in death ball comps.

But Doomfist is a little different from Hanzo because his weakness are far greater than Hanzo and he is completely ability dependent hero. But still just because of Ana and Zen always getting destroyed by him, he’s now one of the worst heroes in the game right now.


It’s not that hard for a Genji or a Tracer to kill a Hanzo on his own. And if he’s with a support, then it’s two players and you can’t expect to kill him on your own. Long range heroes (aside from Widowmaker) need to respect his damage and avoid taking fair peaks against him. Either take an unexpected angle or stand behind a shield.


Well, so I think you are sayying that Hanzo is not exactly balanced but we need him to counter even less balanced heroes?

Then I agree with you



He’s saying that everyone judges Hanzo for what they see on paper but forget that every other hero also have things going on for them that counter Hanzo.

The gold plebs in the forums see Hanzo pop off and annihilates everyone then they come to post in the forums about how “unfair” he is but forget all the times where Hanzo choked and failed to do absolutely anything because he isn’t an easy hero to play and a lot of other heroes can deny Hanzo of all his potential.

The actual issue IMO is that those who complain about him hate him out of bias. They expected Hanzo to be reworked into a weak hero that would never do anything when this is actually what Blizzard wanted to avoid.


Well, he said that Hanzo can melt tanks. But tanks are the best counters for Hanzo.

This is almost the definition of “not balanced”.

And actually I don’t want any nerf to hanzo, but at least a tank that can properly deal with him alone.


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Personally, I think Hanzo would be balanced if he wasn’t able to headshot with his rapid-fire ability. That’s the only flaw I see about him.