Why do people think Hanzo is OP?


There is no rank where he is over-performing, in fact he never leaves the top 10 worse heroes in terms of win-rate across all ranks.

His pick-rate is far from great either, across all ranks he is never in the top 10.

Basically what I am trying to say is that Hanzo in his current state is incredibly mediocre even by dps standards.
Sure he has a lot going for him and on paper I can understand why people would think he is OP but that is just forum Hanzo!

Even before the rework Hanzo on paper was OP, a lot of people wanted him nerfed even though he had the lowest win-rate in the entire game. It is the same story now, people see what Hanzo is potentially capable of and use it to justify calling for a nerf.

There is also a lot of hyperbole around Hanzo, he is not basically hitscan!!
His arrow projectile speed was increased by 16% and are still slower than Mei’s icicle while having a smaller hitbox as well.

His leap is not this amazing escape ability either, it travels all of 6m!
It is like trying to say that McCree’s roll is an amazing escape ability, it’s not! Hanzo’s leap allows him to get in and out of cover quickly but it will do absolutely nothing against a Tracer/Genji that jumps on you.


he is just annoying, in the middle of the chaos, he shoots a arrows and someone dies, so that’s lucky not skill, this is the problem about Hanzo.


Isn’t that a design problem not a balance problem?


well if they can solve that, they have solved hanzo.


I think it’s less “Hanzo is OP” and more, no one wants to actually focus Hanzo over the healers in a firefight. That would require taking responsibility.


Spamzo arrows down a sightline pick up random kills. I do it myself, it’s still cheap.
Hanzo is flat out dangerous to any 200 hp thing trying to push him. One shot and it’s all over.


I just think he’s got a too much for a “sniper” he’s got one shot capability of long range, his short range is the same power. He’s got a tank shredding ability on E AND good mobility.

Not to mention his ult charges really fast


Remember when Scatter was considered one of the cheapest abilities. The best way to fix it was by nerfing the damage it did.


Forums are full of gold SR plebs who pose their own false opinions as facts simply because they have some bad experience with a hero so what can ya do?


They didn’t do that because he also had the lowest win-rate in the entire game.

Remember they stated the rework was never meant to be a nerf to Hanzo, in fact it was meant to be the opposite.


People also don’t enjoy dying to random shots fired from someone who isn’t even in their line of sight.


Yeah, then they increased the arrow speed to make him easier to play for most anybody and gave arrows even faster…

Probably not the change we all expected.
Scatter was bs though.


Yea and Junkrat’s bomb size nerf was to make him more aim dependent. Instead Spamrat gave rise again.


Hanzo is a broken hero. A good hero design gives the hero strengths and weaknesses. Hanzo has no weaknesses. He’s good at long range, good at mid range, and good at short range. He has above average mobility, good sustained damage, and great burst damage. There isn’t a single thing he doesn’t do well.


Hes not good at long range. Every squishy can just side step your arrows.


Is Soldier broken then? He even has sustain but I personally don’t think he is by any means OP.

Hanzo can do everything you just stated but it doesn’t mean that he is good at them!

He can be used at close range but he is still a squishy hero and will die incredibly quickly if you try to play him like this.
He can be used at long range but you will find that it is incredibly hard to hit anything consistently resulting in trash damage.
etc etc


He’s incredibly annoying. He can get kills by spamming his primary. Heck, one of his abilities is literally just spam. Not to mention getting hit by him feels like getting hit by a torpedô.

Getting killed by a skilled widow feels much more satisfying.


Nope, he has damage falloff and is not great at long range.


Is Hanzo great at long range?


Is this a trick question? He can one shot from across the map.