Why do people think Hanzo is OP?


Because they don’t wanna learn how to play against him nor how to counter him honestly i prefer the current hanzo


Ya that’s sort of his purpose.


Because the Overwatch community wants the game to be modified and play to their advantage. They want their very own Overwatch all to themselves! And because they love to whine about nothing.


id say hes op because the rework buffed out a majority of his weaknesses, yes it is harder for him to get long distance shots but i wouldnt call that a weakness persay…
before he had similar weakness as widow but now hes much much better when getting dived than he was before with his storm arrows now, he can melt dive tanks and kill most of his counters that he had before much easier with the current storm arrows


Hanzo is balanced. None of you have any data to prove otherwise. Put your feelings back in your pants and git gud.


Because this community whines and cries nerf and OP on anything that manages to kill anyone and somehow… just somehow we ended up in a meta where the best comp is to use 3 Tanks and 3 healers to smash the payload through or to grab the capture point…

My point is the OW community is horribly toxic to DPS players and addicted to this concept of a hateful union of casual/competitive play.

People call everyone’s kit overpowered and back in the day they whined and whinged about Hanzos scatter arrow and how it needed to be fixed, and now they whine and whinge about boohoo storm arrow is also OP… its all basically abunch of babies crying to the devs “please mister devs wouldcha nerf it for me.”


It’s not that he’s overall OP. It’s a mix of things that make playing against him frustrating. It feels like every kill he gets on me was completely on accident. He doesn’t really have any downsides anymore. He’s a sniper that’s great from every range, he can one-shot most of the cast, he doesn’t have to look down his scope and limit his visibility to get those one-shots, he’s a barrier/tank shredder, and he has all the mobility, which is also weird for a sniper.


There’s no such thing as luck unless you’re in mystery heroes…

Also to answer your question i don’t think hanzo is OP myself, i do hate the new spam the hammer mccree though, they should just revert the buff or reduce the damage of each bullet by 5, it’s also ridiculous for the mccree players because it’s better to use his fan he hammer most of the time over his primary fire.


The reason that every kill he gets on you feel like it was by accident is actually because of how slow his projectiles are. Hanzo is forced to lead his targets meaning that it is very rarely that he will actually be aiming directly at you and sometimes it can look like he headshot you by pure luck, once again this is due to projectile speed. It is physically impossible to get a lucky headshot on a hitscan hero because it requires you to directly aim at your target, projectiles give opportunities for you to essentially walk into his shots (which is bad positioning on your part btw).

That is simply not true, Hanzo sucks at long range! At long range Hanzo consistently hitting headshots is incredibly hard. Ask a Widow to headshot a Pharah out of the sky and then ask a Hanzo to do it, you will find that Hanzo will struggle, a lot!


I understand that you have to lead with projectiles, but that’s not what I see in killcams. Since his arrow buff speed, it makes more sense for Hanzo to just generally throw things in an enemy’s general direction and hope for a headshot (which he’s free to do without having to worry about reloading) than it does to try to lead them, especially up close. There’s also never a reason for him to stop firing. Maybe he should have to reload, which I think would make his shots more intentional.

As far as working from range, Hanzo doesn’t have to hit head shots to do tons of damage. His body shots still do a lot and they have no falloff damage. It’s easy enough to just fire into a crowd. There’ll probably be a head shot or two in there somewhere. As for Pharah, he still only has to hit her twice anywhere on her body, which isn’t very hard anymore after the projectile speed buff.


He’s the number one DPS in GM on PS4.


Let’s be honest here, Hanzo is probably one of the most well balanced heroes in the game right now, if anything, he could use a good buff (along with most other DPS heroes) considering he’s pretty far from the current meta…

Honestly, I thought this “haNzO oP” stuff was just a phase the forum crybabies were going through but it’s slowly been coming back and for no apparent reason either…


Hanzo is a good heroe, just rework his Storm arrow for no burst damage.
Maybe some kind of smoke grenade can be better for him, at least this will match with his Sonic arrow.


People think Hanzo’s OP?


You answered your own question. In almost every DPS nerf argument here, people tend to play out the most optimal scenarios for said hero to sound convincing. This assumes:

  • Snipers never miss a shot at the fastest lethal fire rate they can spew, all while being uncontestable. Their shots also swerve around walls and shields into heads all the time.
  • Flankers are invincible killing machines capable of destroying the backline in less than a second while being near impossible to shoot (see contradiction with point above).
  • Gold players (the average here) face these heroes on GM accounts and smurfs every game they play.

Hence why the terms Forum Genji, Tracer, Hanzo and Widow have been coined.

These optimal assumptions can be applied to any single hero, but they don’t produce nearly enough salt yet. The newest kind of salt available is Forum McRightClick, who apparently can win games by exclusively using Fan the Hammer because of a 60 damage buff that doesn’t change the outcome of any matchup other than against tanks.

Welcome to Overwatch forums! Remember the motto: “If it kills you, it’s bad for the game and needs to be nerfed”.

But to reply to the discussion:
Hanzo is not OP. He isn’t overperforming in any rank, like you said, and he is too inconsistent to do even half of what the forums suggest he can do.


The issue mainly comes that he doesnt really have a weak range, unlike Widow and Ashe

Hanzo is good at medium range, luck at long range and deletes you at close range

Thats the main problem considering he is a sniper


Ehh, he’s not that amazing at long range (Ashe, Ana, and Widow are all better), and he’s really not that good at close range except for Storm Arrows. He’s still pretty weak to being dived.


Maybe because he IS?

Able to one shot anything that isn’t a tank at all ranges (but also shreds tanks with storm arrows spam like no other character could), has great mobility, and even scout arrows. Hanzo basically has no weak spots that you could play against him to beat him. The only way to actively challenge him is with a widow or to pick Hanzo yourself, and let the better Hanzo win.


He’s not OP, just a problem hero that needs a bit of a change to define itself again. if he couldn’t headshot at all anymore. people would be fine with him. now he’s just a slightly more dive-able widowmaker with a higher fire rate, that stays with the team, has a team whipe ultimate when used right, has insane instakill spam potential, pressures shields AND ON TOP OF THAT, scouts the map with sonic arrow. You can’t argue with that. he’s litterally a better junkrat no matter how you look at it.


I bet most would concede that he’s not crazy OP, though storm arrows does seem like too much damage. But I think a projectile sniper is always going to feel bad.

Walking into an arrow around a corner meant for someone else is annoying. Dying to an arrow that somehow weaves through your team and hits you in the back behind someone else feels bad. A Hanzo missing five shots on you and then head shotting you feels bad.

Everything about him -feels- random. Sometimes it absolutely is, most of the time it probably isn’t, but it -always- feels random.

I don’t think he needs a nerf, but I rarely get killed by a Hanzo and feel like I deserved it.