Why do people think Hanzo is OP?


Only works if he would hit anything. At long range his arrows become increasingly unreliable unless you spam stationary targets or slow moving tanks.


Legit the only hero he can semi consistently headshot from long range is Widow but that is only because she practically stands still to take a shot and against any good Widow they will move after every shot.

Hanzo is not good at long range! He can’t reliably snipe anything and if he does land a headshot I will be honest I say it was mostly luck. You have zero control over the enemy movements, even if you have amazing prediction skills there is only so much you can predict. That is why Hanzo is played at medium range, believe it or not his arrows are still pretty damn slow (slower than Mei’s) and trying to “snipe” with him will just result in spam/trash damage.


The major thing about Hanzo at long range is he doesn’t have to hit every shot, he doesn’t even have to get 1/5. his arrows leave very little trace unlike Widow. He doesn’t have a huge red line telling your enemies exactly where you are if you miss a shot.

Hanzo also doesn’t have to reload, nor is he locked into Tunnel vision by using a scope. He can even jump around, climb walls and strafe at full speed while charging and firing his arrows. So yes he’s not One shot, One kill but he’s perfectly fine at spamming arrows down range to either get a cheeky head shot or to build up his Ult. Which like most of his kit is at least above average with very few counters at mid to long range (other than just getting out of the way).

The fact it can come straight out of a wall only makes it worse, if any thing long range dragons get people more often as they let their guard down after a few seconds. On top of all that a good Hanzo can get his ult every minute or two.


Hanzo is very streaky and people notice the hot streak far more than when he’s cold.

The counter play to Hanzo is also relatively unclear on many heroes. He’s got one shots, he’s got movement, he’s got range potential, and he’s got spray at close range. He also has an ability that lets him see where you are.

Yes, the Hanzo player probably can and will mess up but, the player fighting against him primarily sees the one shots and getting spammed down.


He could do with a tune up number wise to stop Spamzo players, such as a harsher damage nerf, lower projectile speed and much heavier arc for people who don’t draw back properly (wouldn’t hurt too much because most people higher up use him midish range) as well as some storm arrow tweaks, such as lower base damage for higher headshot multiplier, reducing headshots on it or even reducing the arrow amount.

At the moment trying to tune Hanzo would probably make him rather mediocre, especially how this meta is going to shift (beyblade returning maybe along with dive tanks to avoid enemy reapers)


Because he one shot someone and they’re salty about it


Wallhack check.
Ult that goes tru walls check
Good at mid range? Check
Good at close range? Check
Good at long range? Check
Potential 250 (most heroes have 200hp) hp in one shot K.O? Check
No reload? Check
Can escape constantly every short time? Check
Wall climb? Check
Burst damage ? Check
Can shut down dive characters ; yes ? Check.
Low footstep sound? Check

Dunno, maybe he is OP.


Nearly everything you said was true for pre-rework Hanzo. His ult was considered one of the worst in the game and it still is.
Also his movement speed is slowed when charging and holding arrows. It’s all good Hanzo can be so good on paper but the fact is he is inconsistent by nature because of projectiles and that’s why pros also don’t use him.


I would agree with you if Hanzo was over-performing in lower ranks but he is in fact very similar to Widow.

In bronze his win-rate is 43.32%, while Widow’s is 41.54%.
Sure he could be made slightly worse for bad players but he already doesn’t perform very well.

It’s not like he scales with mechanical skill as much as Widow either, with her outperforming him in GM.


Loads of HP and armor? Check.
No reload? Check.
Burst damage? Check.
Extreme vertical and horizontal mobility? Check.
Two lives? Check.
Very high damage ult that comboes with everything? Check.
Can shut down ultimates? Check.
Can play with dive, goats, 2-2-2, and any other meta? Check.
Can shut down and bully dps players? Check.
Good in every rank from bronze to OWL? Check.
Meta for 10 seasons in a row? Check.

I can do this too.


Haha I laugh every time I see those type of posts.


He’s one of the least consistent heroes in the game but if you have a good match with him you feel like a terminator. Other times he does no damage, especially if you can’t land shots on Tracer, Genji or pharamercy. On paper he should be used in progames but he’s a hit and miss performer and investing time into him is a bad return.

Lower level players can feel oppressed by him spamming down chokes. Hanzo doesn’t earn those kills, enemy players offer them up freely so they get pissed off. Its annoying getting one shot but at least there are easy ways to play around it, also shields and bubbles screw Hanzo over.


Can he one shot? I don’t think so.
No one wants to get close from Hanzo, because it only makes your head bigger for him.


hanzo is op if you got skills, if you can’t headshot a pharah consistently as hanzo you don’t have enough skills to make him op. maybe obnoxious but balanced.


He can only shoot about 1 shot per second, even missing once against Tracer can mean dead Hanzo!!


then don’t miss. that’s the point of hanzo, land your shots and win.
you even get sonar arrow to help you predict shots.

the issue why he’s not considered op is because it’s hard to land those shots consistently, but if you do you take over the game.



I don’t even know why you posted this but I think you are on the wrong thread.


As said many times before he is powerful at all ranges, and if you want to claim he isn’t powerful at long range, then why the hell does a “short/mid” range spammy hero have insta kill shots? You don’t see Mccree or genji one shotting. Sure there’s doomfist but he literally needs to send himself into the enemy to kill them, not peek around corners the whole game until he gets that lucky shot.
Pre change Hanzo arrow speed was fine it just didn’t have loads of unskilled players playing him just look at wraxu.
If he simply only got storm arrow and leap I would probably be fine but the increased arrow speed? Now that is what is probably causing all the annoyance from him.
Overall, Hanzo is just a horrible hero to play against. The guy isn’t even focusing you then BAM you died from a random arrow.
Tanks can’t kill him because of fan the arrow.
200hp heroes risk too much going after him.
Widow stands completely still to snipe him and if she misses Hanzo can keep dancing around until he gets a lucky shot.
Sure Hanzo has some skill but if there was levels of skill Hanzo would be right down there but just above Brigitte.


hanzo main btw.

His storm arrow is pretty overturned and does too much damage


The goal was to make you realize how pointless it is to make a list of a hero’s strength and pretend it means anything without context or their weaknesses, but it looks like it didn’t work