Why do People Hate Brigitte?

And what could be done about her? She’s necessary to prevent Tracer and Genji from dominating, but so oppressive that anyone who gets within melee range of her is usually dead on the spot.

Blizzard has been slowly nerfing Brigitte’s kit since launch, but there has to be an end goal. If they did all the nerfs in one patch, nobody would continue to play her and dive would be back on the menu. We’d have the same Brig now, but the stigma of playing her would be worse than the one about how “unbalanced” her kit is.

I would recommend a damage reduction. Stuns and boops are excellent counterplay options and do deserve to be called support utility. But her Rocket Flail / Shield Bash / Rocket Flail / Whip Shot combo does 190 damage as a stunning true combo.

I’d reduce Shield Bash to 35 damage from 50. A shield shouldn’t do more damage than a flail. I’d also reduce Whip Shot to 50. Though it’s not the cool double Rocket Flail damage, it’s more reasonable for a combo. It seems like Whip Shot was only made 70 damage because Rocket Flail is 35.

To balance this out, make Whip Shot able to go through shields, that way Brig can always heal her team with Inspire, despite enemies having a barrier (which they always do). It also enables Brig to move Reinhardt back from his team, allowing quick pickoffs but forcing a quicker back peddle for Rein if badly timed.

Also, here’s a theory. People that say Brig needs nerfs used to play tons of Genji and just want to poke / blade people again (or have been punished since Brig launch for trying to).


Brig does not need to be able to hit through shields to deter Genji and Tracer. She doesn’t need to be able to stun through shields. She doesn’t need to have 50 armour.

Her kit is pretty inflated that she’s not just designed to counter flankers, she’s designed to do a lot more than that.

Her bloated her kit is isn’t the issue though, the issue is that she’s so damn easy to get value out of, and while I don’t think Brig needs “nerfed” per se, I think she needs changed in someway. She’s so much easier to play than to play against.


i dont think rein mains would appreciate more cc on them lol
but i think she’s fine. People just need to stop trying to 1v1 a melee hero up close and get over the fact that shield bash is annoying, theres a bunch of annoying stuff in the game, it be like that


Brigitte is fine. Bad Genji and Tracer players got used to being way too strong with no real counters. Now that they’ve got a few heroes that can give them a hard time, they’re crying because they want to go back to easy mode.


i completely agree with these statements, any cc that passes through shields is a bad game mechanic (imagen road hog or mei stunning through shields) as for Brigitte, she has no risks when shes 1v1 against most targets making her one of the strongest brawlers in the game.

and i don’t think she needs a nerf, she already got nerfed several times and it changed nothing, but she needs changes that make her more skilled to play or less irritating to play against.


Same reason they hated Mei in the past. CC.

It all stemmed from SB and they just claim everything else is op about her so that Blizz hopefully removes her (which won’t happen btw)


they could put shield bash on a 30 sec cooldown and people would still cry that she’s OP. unless they rework her, people are just gonna have to accept that shes just a good hero


Because she is a very low effort hero with a very high impact.

Small nerfs to dive heros was a lot better way than create a hero like briggite.


We hate her because she has the worst design in the game. Least fun to play and play against.


I dislike how strong she is against tanks. It feels very cheap to die to her.


Totally aggre. She should be a lot worse against no dive heros.

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I just hate her stun and her I WIN THE POINT because i cannot die ultimate.


Every single post about Genji/dva/winston nerfs:

“Genji is balanced” “dva is fine” “winston doesn’t need a nerf”

The devs can’t win either way.


Kinda wish that most flanker heroes who are up against a Brigitte could use game sense. Maybe bait her into one area and use that mobility for once to an area she can’t reach.
That or just try to fight someone else that she didn’t give armor pack to. Much easier to pick out a hanging fruit.

Maybe because those posts asks for big nerfs.

Small nerfs on each dive hero, was a good way to nerf the full dive comp.

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this is getting in the same problem with mercy and hanzo(and maby some other heros),
an op or strong ability isnt weakend by cooldown.
30 seconds is a long time but its the same ability so the same problem persists,

This is her biggest issue I think. Not that she counters flankers but that she counters Tanks… and everyone else too.

She should be a hero who sticks with her team and is there to defend her team to help when they get dove on.

But right now she’s so strong that she can go flanking 1v3 and make it out alive. Or she can just walk up past her tanks into the enemy team to create space better than tanks can.

She shouldn’t stun through shields and maybe her inspire should heal herself for less… depending on how many teammates she has near her.

I don’t think it’s her stun that makes her annoying to fight. It’s that she’s regenning nonstop, shielding, knocking you around, gets 3 kills then makes it out alive. It’s hard to punish her positioning. Much like Doomfist.


No. She already has some of the lowest sustained dps in the game, and her burst combo isn’t that high.

Her true combo is 155 damage. Enough to kill Tracer. Nerf it beyond that and she loses one of the biggest things she was put in the game to do in the first place. The “190 combo” that people talk about is not a true combo, and heroes with mobility options or immunity abilities can escape it if they react to the initial flail hit.

Furthermore, the 190 combo, even if it were a true combo, isn’t even that big of a deal. McCree can do 295 with flashbang into fan the hammer in half the time that Brigitte spends doing flail, bash, flail, rocket flail. Soldier 76, without any headshots, can hit 381 damage in a second from up to five times as far as Brigitte’s effective range.

When you really think about it, Brigitte’s damage is incredibly low. Especially when you consider that she has to blow all her cooldowns to do so, has to be in melee range, and isn’t very mobile.


She exists to be a one-stop counter to an entire strategy and way of playing the game, and she did it by adding a boatload of CC, AoE sustain, and burst heals to the game. The method was hamfisted and affected the game far more profoundly than “i stun and kill tracer”, so while Tracer is still doing decently, heroes like Reaper and Soldier are unplayable because oops, turn out they’re vulnerable to stuns and armor, respectively, as well.

There exist people (in this thread, even) that are literally incapable of seeing how Brigitte impacts the game outside of her 1v1 potential vs. flankers, so the whole thing ends up being a bunch of people talking past each other. It’s a bit of a mess.


its not an op ability. its the shortest range stun in the game, is single target, does 50 damage, and put brigitte right next to you (which has pros and cons admittedly). Its just annoying. Thats it. People get too close to her, get stunned, get annoyed, lose a 1v1 with a melee brawler, and get more annoyed.