Why do People Hate Brigitte?

Nah, even requests for small nerfs are met with outrage by Genji mains

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you even look at genji funny and theyll scream “so you want him to be trash??? he’s already garbage, any nerfs will make him less than f-tier” its kinda hilarious


its a setup, the problem is that combo that deals around 200 dmg instantaneously and unable to do anything while stunned,

same way McRee stun works, only McRee has no shields so attacking him from far works
for Brigitte you to need to destroy her shields and bypass her armor making her a lot more troublesome to fight from afar

also, insta bash is a thing, after 3 seconds of downtime of her shield she can instantly pull out her shield again and bash without a warning making it one of the most frustrating things to encounter,

and like i said before i don’t want a nerf just some changes that make it less annoying to play against getting stunned through a shield is getting old.

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but what about what brigitte does to the game outside of genji and tracer


honestly if they would just nerf tracer her combo wouldnt need to be so strong and they could shorten stuns durations too. Until they fix tracer they wont be able to lessen brigitte’s combo in the slightest, as her whole thing upon release was “u can combo tracer and actually kill her for once wowee”

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I’ve seen this exact title on like five other posts this month. Please read the other already existing threads before opening this up again.

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everyone knows to avoid her. what people hate about her is when she just comes out of no where or when she just walks toward you from 20 meters away, flashing her shield and kills you and you cant do anything about it.

or when youre a tank in the front line trying to hold their entire team back and brig initiates with a stun. what is a rein supposed to do? just avoid her and give them the choke? or not contest point?

brigitte as a backline defender, dive counter is balanced. brigitte as a frontline DPS in GOATS is OP


Her combo does 155 damage. It’s enough to kill Tracer and baby D.va. McCree can do nearly double that damage 30% faster with flashbang into fan the hammer, which takes arguably the same level of skill. Soldier 76 can do far more than double the damage of Brigitte’s combo in the same amount of time and from five times as far away.

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her “dps” is incredibly weak and easily out healed unless she combos you at low health. While do wish there was a way to have as a back line defender as her optimal position, she isnt OP as a dps. Goats is just strong because of the sheer amount of constant AOE heals. Thats why its specifically run with lucio, moira, and brig. All their heals can hit the entire team at once easily.

this is when u gotta just run away bro, theres no way she can catch up to you if u just keep moving too (and I’m assuming youre alone in this situation, because if shes just walking into your team, killing you, and just walking away u need to find better teammates lol)

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dps in this game isnt about damage output. rein and winston and brigitte all have cleave which means winston can put out 360 dps.

dps is about counter picking and securing kills. that is what brigitte does.

Because people have always been weird about heroes who are (actually or in perception) “easy” to play. There is a persistent fallacy that the only heroes who should be allowed to have tangible impact on the game should be the heroes who are difficult to play at all, and that “high-skilled” heroes should never get owned by “low-skilled” heroes.

This is despite the fact that there are a wide array of strengths and skills in this game, and that there has never been a straight line between how difficult a hero is to play and how much value it is allowed to get (see: almost all of the tanks and healers, for example).

This game is, and has always been, about filling roles well. It has never been about mastering the three-star heroes for the sake of annihilating the one-star heroes. But some people doggedly insist it should be that way anyway.

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I don’t see her as a problem. What does she do that is a bad thing?

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i hate this fantasy that brig mains promote of symmetra being an actual counter to her. you do realize brig can kill symmetra much faster right? yet some brig mains insist feeding syms gun is part of the match up, or running towards her turrets without even holding shield is actually how it works.
smh. i guess valkyrie mercy hard counters brig too huh?

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1 - promotes deathball w+m1 comps

2 - guaranteed value

3 - heal creep

4 - because she’s so tanky and can secure kill solo, she enables 3 support comps


yeah unless a sym gets a sneaky alt orb on me from behind or to the side she wont be able to damage me very much at all. This is in large part because sym is still very weak and far too squishy

i personally find death ball comps waaaay more fun than dive could ever be. Goats is a little too much I agree, but i still enjoy goats comps so much more than dive. Dive was the worst and i hope it stays dead

dive takes skill and coordination. every mistake is extremely punishable. high risk/high reward. it’s the highest skill version of overwatch.

If she was designed to keep genji/tracer in check, then Mei should have gotten a buff instead. Make her freeze affect blink distance (tracer) and slow vertical movement (genji). Delete Brig.

Win win.

boring and lame, i dont give a single hoot about skill, go play cs go geek

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honestly i find goats a cheap version of dive.
it feels bad how the antigoats heroes like hog, reaper, sym get destroyed so easily.