Brigitte Still Is Stronk, Just Rightfully So

She can no longer bash through shields which makes her vs winston a much different fight. She also has lost a significant chunk of damage which made staying in an engagement with her a bad idea. So now she’s a delay. She can engage and survive for a while to call for help. … sounds… great.


See! You’re only focusing on ‘Brig vs X’ - Brigitte is a support, she now heals quicker and in a wider range. That allows your team to kill them, and Brig can stay in the backlines to peel for your other support, what Brig should have been.

It’s a playstyle that all supports with CC have since they can help immobile characters deal with a Dive comp.

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two things wrong.

she heals 0.67 percent quicker. That’s not a buff.

“Team to kill them”, because flanking heroes should require 2 or more players to focus them to ensure a kill. It’s not like having my team fight 4v5 is a disadvantage.


You realize your others supports can help kill the flanker? Ever played Lucio with a Genji attacking your Ana? The best thing you can do is call in VC and speed the Ana away from the Genji. It’s all teamwork and is required if you want to get better - but if you don’t want to get better, that’s your problem.

Not really just B V X. Just playing her as a delay instead of letting her head off the attacker and let the other supports do their job is going to be much less exciting. Yeah, it’s very support-ey. I believe people can adjust but for what she does now there are better choices. Lucio requires less interaction for constant heals, does decent damage and skill wise allows for far more survivability . She’s a tanky sub-support. Which is a role and can be useful, but I can see why such a drastic role enforcement such as “no securing any kills, just facetank” would get some negative feedback. So… ana and lucio… just ana really since boop is such a momentary and honestly negligible CC. Sleep works well for “got him, come help” . Bash? not really. Hard to call with the heroes that necessitate it (tracer is in range for half a second or so usually).

I’m not one of those who think she’s useless now, but her playstyle has been drastically changed and her potency absolutely gutted. One or the other might have gone over better but both at the same time was excessive.

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She lost her oppressiveness. No support should be able to one shot and no support should be strictly better than Lucio.

Well I made this Why do People Hate Brigitte? and Blizzard took a chunk of my recommendation to the extreme. I’d say I’m experienced in hero balance ideas after dozens of failures trying to rework Symmetra with a balanced kit. As for Brigitte experience, when I’m losing as Symmetra, I swap to Brig and win. I just hit people and they can’t damage me enough back. It just feels disgusting to play for a cheap victory.

Haha, someone’s triggered and doesn’t want to admit that the SR system keeps the GM boogeymen from smurfing up their games. You’ve seen how bad Mystery Heroes tanked and you know the struggle of the climb when you don’t learn anything from your mistakes.


Sorry, but the counterplay you’re alluding to is distance. That’s easily mitigated with the W key or just standing on an objective. Real counterplay is from telegraphed actions and sounds. Sombra doesn’t count because she does the same thing to every hero, it’s redundant to mention.

Thank you!

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Just adapt. :slight_smile:

If ELO is supposed to keep GM players outside my ranked experience it is doing an absolutely AWFUL job at it. ELO is a sham, it was never meant to accurately figure out a person’s skill. Go look up the origin of it, and then put into consideration your ELO is decided by wins, in a team based game.

You could have top500 level skills but you get one guy throwing and you’re stuck in ELO Hell.

very droll.

There is only one constant in every ranked match. One single point that determines just how good the game thinks you are across hundreds of games. And believe me, it’s not some dingus who decided to make your day bad.

And for every smurf that sneaks into a game with us, there’s about a hundred real GM players who only want to play against other GM players. ELO keeps them out so you don’t get obliterated every single game.

Oh yeah, that constant, if you haven’t figured it out yet, is yourself. Go get a bagel, you’re special to you.

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From the nerfs I heard no she ain’t she’s probably f tier when that patch roles through.

Since she can’t defend the back line
Can’t counter flankers anymore
Doesn’t enable her team through a bash

They gutted the tank part of her while giving a tiny buff to her support side
She’s pretty much an ult bot

If you’re low to mid elo you actually have performance based SR. If your output as an individual exceeds that of other people playing a comparable role at a comparable SR then you’ll climb.

It’s a very good way of telling your ability to play the game actually.

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Brigitte had 2 identities. A Rein shield dropper, and a Tracer one-shotter, brawler. Both were removed in a short time. She has trash healing and her tanking is only for herself.

Am I the only one worried that the inspire buff could actually improve GOATS further ? I mean, it’s quite a big sustain boost here.

Now about the shield bash damage nerf : indeed Tracer can now survive perhaps a bit too well against Brigitte. Hitting the enemy once with your flail, then chaining with bash + flail + whip shot does 145 damage (35 + 5 + 70 + 35). Not enough to get rid of Tracer : you will need a third flail attack, which is quite a big deal IMO. I think I wouldn’t be unreasonable to give 5 more damage points to flail whip, so you can reach exactly 150 damage like this. This would potentially force tracer to recall after your first attack, unless she can bait the bash. Else she would be finished off with the rest of the combo. Forcing Tracer to recall is always decent value IMO.

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I’m logging into the ptr now, I’m going to check this out for myself. I played her live yesterday (a compromise between only having one healer or only one tank) and she seemed to be super duper strong.
Brig was the first new hero that was released when I started playing and I hated that inspire was useless because no one would brawl with me (the point is lava!) I quit playing her almost entirely.
Personally stunning through a shield you could walk through is a little cheesy to me, I would rather shield bash do no damage if we get to keep stun.
Let’s see what she’s up to.

It’s not live yet. It’s from a post on the forums.

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lol i’m being spawn camped

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I love the passive aggressive tone :slight_smile:

lucio has a survivability ult compared to a sustain ultimate so he has her in that regard, Lucio also has speedboost for his off support niche.

In all honesty, lucio is probably a step up for dive/utility use compared to armor now.

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Honestly, Brig is still just better for my level of play (plat) because you cannot accidentally forget to heal. But yeah, higher up, I imagine Lucia actually having a kit comes in handy.