Why do people always blame DPS?


I see dps players blaming every class including dps teammates. There is not differend everyone blame everyone when they can. Support to support, tank to tank, dps to dps etc.
It might look for some people like dps take more blame than others, but that might be also because there are usualy more dps in match than tanks and healers (if you are not plaing meta) so yea… thats that.


Probably being busy laying dead on the ground because dps moira is trying to kill enemy Roadhog :man_shrugging:


If a DPS doesn’t kill stuff, they don’t bring much of their intented Value to the team. The Damage category is mainly designed to do damage. So if a Damage hero is played and doesn’t do enough damage, they might be better suited to play a different role and probably bring more value to the team.


Going to reply to this one because it summarized the rest of the points. There’s this belief that tanks and support aren’t doing their jobs if they are helping with DPS, and that’s completely false. You do your job better if you are effectively DPSing.

A good Zarya player builds tons of charge WHILE making clutch bubbles to save their team, and shreds the enemy team. A good hog lands tons of hook kills to peel for the team and get picks. A good Rein builds shatter quick with firestrikes and welltimed swings and charged. Half of more of the tanks’ kits are damage abilities. They do their job better WHEN they do effective damage.

Now for healers. DPS healers are more of a problem, but it doesn’t mean the best healers aren’t offensive monsters. There’s a reason why anti-heal and discords are among the strongest abilities in the game. The best Anas and Zens put more effort into their offensive utility. They’re not just heal bots.

Getting everything out of your characters’ kits by no means make them worse at their job.


Arrogance is a trait shared by everyone, role has nothing to do with it.

Let’s not brush aside the huge ego and ’ I can’t be blamed for anything ’ both support and tank players have. I am talking as a player who has 80% of her play time as support.

’ Losing round ? Must be dps’ fault. I am playing tank / support so I am free of any responsibility and criticism because boohoo, my role is a chore. ’

And before I get misunderstood for a dps main;


This applies to every role. Actually, supports tend to be the least most likely to swap, and the first to throw blame at other people.


I think this is the funniest part. When healers or tanks swap to DPS. It’s basically saying they don’t think their roles matter.

“Nothing is dying!”
Well maybe if you healed better, our team wouldn’t be the ones dying before they get a chance to get anything going XD

I still remember Seagull, Jayne, XQC, and Surefour talking about the roles, and they unamimously agreed that tanks and healers are the “ones doing everything.” Meanwhile, people on the ladder think the other roles are just bit players. It’s like they marginalized their own roles, and put all the responsibility on the DPS.

The enemy team dying is a sign that your whole team is doing well. Not just the DPS.


Answer me this: Why do people always victimise DPS when every class receives abuse for underperforming?


Lying doesn’t get you ahead.


Mainly because DPS typically have an easier capability to reach and kill the other heroes. Most main tanks are there to contest space, and to protect their teammates or to get in the way of the enemy. Healers enable their teammates to kill others or stay alive to survive the other dps. Yes, tanks and supports can kill others, but if they go off to confirm kills everyone gets mad at them because they arent doing their job. So that is the main reason why people think DPS are supposed to be getting kills, and if they don’t, people get mad.


Role has plenty to do with it. I don’t care about your wuick play stats lol. But om the real we can look at any clip of rage toxicity and whatever have you and typically ot always involves a DPS player ond way or another it’s a toxic role that doesn’t deserve any sympathy.

Don’t go acting retarded, i never said others were absolved but DPS do it more. And if you really are retarded well that explains the support time.


Most DPS have little to no utility, if they aren’t killing they’re not doing their job.
And there’s always that one guy who picks DPS when we already have 3 then proceeds to do nothing and feed off of everyone else’s effort in the match.


Your last sentence said it all and just proved how every role can have toxic players, especially those I mentioned. Congratulations.

Also, on the flag you have just received.


Doesn’t disprove what i said, neither did I say there weren’t toxic players in other roles. DPS are however the most toxic role. Congratulations for overcoming your mental retardation and having the self esteem to talk on the forum you get a gold star.


Judging from the way you choose to talk around the internet, it appears you are the one suffering from extremely low-self esteem and much more. A pity, really.


Funny you should say that.
I was just on a board where someone was saying that if you lost a game, it’s because you had bad tanks or supports.


That’s a true ‘yikes’ from me. You truly have more issues than I thought.


Again more deflection. If you don’t have anything to say maybe you should give your computrr to the nearest caretaker so he can formulate a few points for you.


Lack of a meaningful.scoreboard to tell the tanks and supports that they are failing hard themselves.

There aren’t really good metrics to even give tank.players to look at.


Deflection of what ?

You had your opinion, someone else gave you a different one and you proceed throwing insults. If that is someone who is weird, that is yourself.