Why do people always blame DPS?


I feel like these people always sit around waiting for DPS to kill stuff, and if they don’t, they get mad.

EVERYONE can kill stuff, and support and tanks make it easier to kill stuff on top of being to kill stuff themselves.


Think of it this way: What do DPS do if they don’t kill stuff? Tanks who don’t focus on kills still create space. Supports focusing more on healing and save positioning still heal. But what value does a DPS player bring to the table when they can’t get kills?

Edit: Exceptions are DPS heros who have utility outside of killing enemys. For example, Sombra flanking and getting a hack on the enemy Rein is incredibly valuable, even if she doesn’t kill him by herself. Or a Mei blocking off the enemy team from their Ana. But a Widowmaker not landing any shots is simply useless, as harsh as it might sound. Same goes for heros like McCree, Tracer or Hanzo.


While everyone can kill stuff.
If Supports and Tanks kill stuff that means the DPS player should probably quit OW at that point.

Simply because not only is the Support healing and the Tank tanking, they are also doing the DPS job of killing.

Basically as that famous meme goes,
“You had one job.”


The problem is space isn’t a metric in the game. If your team is getting rolled, it’s not because DPS isn’t killing stuff. If tanks are creating space and healers are healing, you wouldn’t be getting rolled.


DPS aren’t as good as they think they are. :man_shrugging: if they were less arrogant as a group they wouldn’t get blamed as much. You one trick a role, you can’t adapt and demand nerfs and even where there are nerfs DPS players typically just move on to the next thing to get angry about.


It’s always funny when you hear the rein that’s been pocketed by your healers all game saying something like “wow our dps suck I’m gold.” :sweat_smile:


Well, your job is to kill things, why don’t you go take out their healers? Get a pick? Do something… What do you do when they say that? Get tilted? Is it true?


I agree entirely, playing dps without good tanks creating space/teamwork is basically solo tanking zarya.


I primarily play tank so I don’t know what you’re talking about. And when I tank, I don’t sit around waiting for my DPS to kill stuff. I lead the charge.


I pretty much always either tank or heal. Getting gold is really easy. If they need to brag about it then I only assume they don’t tank often.


I mean, sure. If the reason you’re getting rolled is because your tanks aren’t creating space or because you’re supports don’t heal or have bad positioning it’s very much their fault. But again: It’s about the main purpose of each role. Supports heal, Tank create and secure space and DPS kill. So if a Support or Tank isn’t killing stuff they might still fulfill their actual purpose. But if a DPS can’t kill anything they have nothing else left to contribute.

If the DPS can’t kill it’s the DPS fault. If the Support doesn’t heal it’s the Supports fault. If the Tank can’t create space it’s the Tanks fault. Sometimes one cannot do what is required of them because the rest of the team isn’t enabling them (Tanks can’t create space without proper support and DPS can’t kill without proper space). But if your Tanks consistently draw focus of 3 or more enemys at the same time while your supports keep them alive, yet the DPS can’t get a pick then it’s the DPS fault for not being able to convert the space given to them into kills.


Healers can’t outheal anything, and all the space in the world is moot if the DPS aren’t killing anything


Tanks and healers can kill stuff. If nothing is dying, tanks and healers aren’t doing anything either. DPS aren’t the only ones who can do damage. Tanks and support have tons of killing potential in the game.

I’m not saying DPS is free of blame, but too often they are the scapegoats when they whole team is failing.


Tank tank, healers heal, dps kill. If the enemy team isn’t dying, dps isn’t doing their job. If the team is dying quickly, tanks and healers are not doing their job. When your team doesn’t die quickly but you can’t push cause the enemy are all still alive then dps is bad.


If the tanks and supports are killing things, what are the DPS doing?


Because almost everyone wants to dps, so people get upset when they’re filling for you and you aren’t popping off.


So you are assuming your team can stay alive when the tanks and healers stop doing their job just to supplement the lack of dps from the dps? Sounds like what a dps main would say.

Which is also why bastion is so amazing up till Plat. If you dps can’t do damage, just switch off that tank or healer and deal some raw dps. No need to use your sub par damage from you healers and tank when your dps don’t appreciate your contribution.


Also killing things. Look at how often Jonak pops off. Are you going to call the DPS players on his team bad? There are 6 people on the other team. You expect 2 players on your team to kill all of them? Do tanks and healers not have damage abilities? I mean I’ll get it if tanks and healers do minimum damage in comparison, but they don’t. They can easily kill stuff themselves.

No I’m not. Tanks and healers do their job WHILE assisting the DPS. In fact, that is part of their job. DO dive tanks not dive? Does Zarya not beam? Does Orisa not shoot? Does Zenyatta and Lucio not shoot? Does Zen not keep a discord out? Does Ana not anti-heal? Does Mercy not damage boost? Doing damage and assisting damage is a giant part of their kits. You guys are acting like all tanks can do is absorb damage, and all healers can do is heal when it’s clearly not the case.


Can dps tank or heal? I mean they can, but they aren’t optimal, but why isn’t my soldier healing ana or attracting attention from the enemy?

If you team has 2 off tank and everyone is dying then yeah, your tank isn’t doing their job there. Tons of damage, but no sustain. If your healers aren’t busy healing your team then there is no way the dps or tanks are engaging the enemy enough since the healing amount in this game is less than the damage done.


That’s not what anyone is saying. They’re saying that all DPS can do is kill, so when nothing is dying even when Tanks and Supports are doing their jobs, when they are playing optimally, it is the fault of the DPS.