Why do people always blame DPS?


There are 2 situations that i blame dps.

Tanks are creating space, healers are doing a sh*tton of healings and no one on the opponent side dies.

We get 3 insta dps locks.

Other than these situations, It could very likely be the tank’s as well as healer’s fault.


Wrong. I know flanker DPS can still bring value without killing all the time. There’s probably more examples… but I’m tired.


And then we win the game. How’s that giving up mentality going for you?


I’m sorry, just to understand this, you want the tanks and healers to pick up DPS slack? Do you blame your Soldier if your team’s overall healing is low?


It feels like the DPS often don’t pick sensible heroes, or they don’t play them well. Like the DPS will pick two low damage heroes like Sombra and Mei, or a combo that can’t break shields like Widow and McCree, and just continuously fail but also not get off and try a less stupid hero.


Oh it works great. Makes me realize how much this game needs role que and nothing yet happened after 3 YEARS.


“Why do people always blame __________?” Fill in that blank with whatever you want, and you’ve got an answer for what happens when people can say many things without risk, because anonymity and all that.



The DPS’s primary, and often only, job is to kill things.
If things aren’t being killed, then it’s easy to say the DPS isn’t doing their job.

Now, is that logic always justified? Is it always actually their fault? No, not all the time. But the A to B is a pretty straightforward line of thought. Combine that with how there are 2 DPS and 4 non-DPS in a stereotypical comp, along with the fact that no one likes to blame themselves, it’s no wonder why they get the majority of the blame.


It depends on the tanks/healers on the field, too.

If Reinhardt and Zarya are the tanks, their hands are tied unless the DPS is pushing in with them and killing things; Reinhardt needs to keep his shield up, and Zarya’s charge won’t do much until your team is pushing in and doing work. If Mercy is your main healer, she can’t contribute to kills unless she stops beaming people. All of these heroes really need the DPS to be successfully DPS-ing, because they can’t really frag on their own.


Obviously there are exceptions like Sombra, Mei or Symmetra. Those heros have utility outside of just killing stuff. But Soldier, Reaper, Phara, Genji, Doomfist, Tracer, Ashe, McCree, Widowmaker and Hanzo are basically all about damaging and killing enemys. Sure, most of those heros have at least one utility ability but that doesn’t justify their existence if ultimately they never kill anything. If you play Genji and the only value you offer is deflecting in the right situations then you might as well play another tank or support.


I mean it’s their job to kill stuff… So ofcourse people get annoyed if they do not get their job done.


Also most of the time the dps is the most coveted job: and if you see your dps playing in a bad way(by not being a team player, or by doing things like asking for heals on the other side of the map or hiding too much or choosing the wrong dps for the job) while you, as a flex player, played support or tank for the millionth time… You will see it as a spit on your face.


To be fair I honestly hear more people blame the other roles, or the lack of them than DPS. Any loss is the Support or tanks fault, not playing right or not picking the right hero for the team etc. Despite DPS being the most diverse role a lot of people seem to think teams have to build around their choices.

But the second biggest reason is it’s a two way street. DPS get almost all the praise and glory. All the biggest names on the Pro teams are DPS players. The entire system in OW is geared towards getting DPS hero’s noticed with the way the stats are recorded and PoTG’s awarded.

So if you can accept the entire game is built around flashy kills being good for viewership on Twitch you can also accept that being the most visible role also means the easiest to blame. Perhaps even the most deserving as well. I mean people go on and on about how easy it is to carry as a DPS, well it’s also the easiest to weigh a team down with as well.


If the tanks and healers are killing, then they can’t tank and heal. Why are the tanks and healers getting the kills? That’s the DPS job. Why is DPS doing nothing?

Tanks tank.
Healers heal.
DPS kills.

It’s as simple as that.


But it’s not.

The plat chat phenomenon is strong in this thread.


Its easy to blame the dps heroes for one reason

The game revolves around killing the enemy.
And what role is usually seen as the role that kills the enemy?
Even if they dont have the chance to, often they get blamed because for the supports and tanks, it looks like they do well, but the dps isnt killing. Even if its the other way round.


its more so

“Supports: Its the dps fault
DPS:Its the supports fault
Tanks: Well the supports kept us alive so its DPS fault”
Its usually the dps who blames the supps, and vice versa. And then tanks usually side with the supps


I can’t heal if the tanks are in a measuring contest with the dps. The tanks are not only leaving the team open for the enemy dps to get free kills, but are also feeding the entire enemy teams ults. Apparently “tank” means ult battery around here.


No one is as good as they think they are, that goes for everyone.
In my experience the supports and tanks are more arrogant, at least nowadays.

You can’t usually give criticism to a tank without them taking great offense. Even something simple as asking them politely to switch to another tank because without that shield it’s open season on the rest of the team.

This pretty much, I rarely play a hit scan when I dps (Mei all the way) but I always dislike it when the Tanks/support (and possibly the other dps) is giving the poor McCree or w/e a hard time because he can’t take down a PharMercy by himself.

How does Goats work then? no dps in there yet things die… strange…

Stop doing their job? dps is also part of their job, especially the tanks. Moira and Zen for example usually pump out quite the damage during a game, Ana, Brig and Lucio less (no I didn’t check any numbers)

It’s a team effort.

The dps differ from each other.

I love Mei, even managed to climb a lot with her. I don’t top any meters in the elims or dmg category on her, nor should I (especially dmg), but what I lack in dmg and killing power, I make up for by making the enemy Roadhog/Hamster/DVa’s life hell and creating space, sometimes more so than our tanks.

Everyone should actually look around on the field before putting the blame on a certain category. Yes, sometimes it is a certain players fault, be it the hero he picked, maybe they are having a bad day or they are just bad.

Most of the time though I’d like to think it’s a team issue, instead of throwing a tantrum at that soldier, ask him or the team what’s the problem.

Would you blame the healers for not healing if they are constantly jumped by flankers and no one in the team is helping them? I hope not.


In most cases, I would bet it’s because most people want to be playing DPS, but someone else (2 or 3 people, in fact) probably locked it in first. Therefor, they see the current 2-3 dps as ineffective, and that person who’s blaming them is absolutely sure that they could be doing better. they’re sure that if the rest of the team swapped, that they would be the one carrying. That’s my guess into the psychology of it.