Why do I get penalized?

Imagine how your team must feel.

Theres no need for that accidents happen whether this persons team knew it or not don’t make it harder for them than it already is :no_mouth:

Always remember positivity is :key:

Oh absolutely! Not pointing fingers or anything, just trying to put things into perspective is all. The whole team gets penalized for a loss, and they had even less control over the situation (or are further removed from it at any rate).

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Your response was irrelevant because you assumed something about their hardware that was literally untrue. It’s also not mature to tell someone else how you think they should be coping with it because their approach differs from yours. Venting on the forums hurts nobody.

Perhaps but this persons probably already guilt ridden enough because it was a comp match I don’t think making it worse is very nice and internet disconnects can happen at any time and you wouldn’t see it coming even if it were running smoothly up the that point :grimacing:

Always remember positivity is :key:

Its extremely difficult to find a person on the internet actually willing to argue, most people can’t handle their opinions being challenged and will snap.

Penalties apply to all players who have disconnections or crashes to get them to STOP from trying to requeue into a new match without taking the time to troubleshoot the problem. This Blizzard official post explains more:

Calm down…