Why do I get penalized?

So… 20 seconds into my first game as support this season and the game crashes and the application closes… How again is that my fault and why do I not only get a loss but a 10 minute suspension? This has happened before where the game crashes at the beginning of the match and then I’m out of luck. it doesn’t happen often but when it does it feels like something beyond my control. Don’t have a solution, it’s just annoying.

You get penalized because the system can’t tell whether or not the cause of your circumstance was deliberate or not so you get a minor punishment and harsher one if its repeated


Yeah I know WHY I’m receiving the punishment. It’s just annoying that it’s for something I couldn’t control. Makes me want to play competitive even less than I already do.

That may be best. If your hardware or internet connection are unstable, you SHOULDNT be playing comp.

Whether you have direct control over it is irrelevant.

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I play on a ps4 and my internet connection is just fine. Just a crash at the beginning sours the experience.

Again, irrelevant. The result is all that matters.

If it has happened before, dont play ranked till you get this fixed.
If you keep playing & know it may happen again, it it’s pretty much earned ban at this point.

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What you’re saying is irrelevant lol. The game crashes, all games do. It’s just annoying that when it happened it was inopportune.

It sucks but anyone who has played comp for a long time has an issue eventually. I have crashed a couple times with a decent PC and high speed internet. The 10 minute break isn’t that bad and it shouldn’t be too horrible to gain the SR back.

Sorry. :frowning:

Nah. Its very rare when my game crashes. I’ve been playing for quite a while and it’s happened a handful. Just annoying that it happened at the worst time in the game.

What i’m saying is not what you want to hear. Big difference

Rarely. It’s usually the hardware at fault unless there is a major, known issue (and in this case there isn’t)

Correct. So the mature perspective here is “sucks but that’s what happens sometimes, nothing i can do about it, moving on”

As opposed to whining on the forums about something that is, by your own admission, “out of your control”

I got penalized before, it is okay though it goes by quick. Just keep playing and you will be taken out of penalty.

Rarely? The server crashes on this game literally all the time. New patches, ddos attacks, adding content to the game, unstable updates. I actually have never seen a game crash as much as Overwatch outside of beta tests.


They really, really don’t. That’s straight up your ISP.

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Why cant you just wait it out then, it already happened. I dont get why this thread was needed in the 1st place.


Welcome to Overwhine, where the arguments are made up and the threads don’t matter.


Not for me. I read about it ALL THE FREAKING time. We just had it happen twice this week. You are just blatantly unaware. The game will literally kick you at update time without fail. Test it, if you want.


Yeah the system can’t tell whether it was an intentional leave or an internet problem I’ve been in your shoes before it’s not fun but it could be worse you could be banned permanently from competitive or suspended the rest of the season just wait out the penalty and check your internet and you should be good to go :smile:

Also good luck in your games! :grin:

Always remember positivity is :key:

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Played the game since launch, zero issues.

The occasional disruption? Absolutely. In the epidemic fashion you’re describing? Never.

Some people take responsibility for their issues, others make up these forums :man_shrugging:

Also known as, “Everyone I Even Remotely Disagree With Is Just Whining Because It’s Easier To Infantalize Others Than Counterargue”