Why Bastion nerf ?!


Why nerfing his flexibility by putting a cooldown between every self repairs ?

Now we can’t heal between shot in tank mode, you have far more difficulty at interrupting a Sombra behind you if you’re healing because of the 0.25 seconds !

Please revert that ! Bastion pickrate was already the worst of all with the fact he had always been considered a bad hero so why nerfing him even more ?
Did he really need it just like Symmetra ?

Anyway I made a R.I.P clickbait video on him.


Bastion is the worst designed OW hero by far. He is nothing but cancer and tilt inducing across all skill tiers and barely takes any brainpower to play. I would advocate for a rework instead of buffs if I were you.


As a T500 Bastion main I disagree. On the brainless.
But ye he need rework or buff.


Is this a nerf, really though?

No longer uses resource when at full health - most minor of buffs.

Recovery time if self-heal is cancelled by primary fire - either you need healing or you don’t.
If you need healing, you’d carry on healing yourself. If you don’t and think you can shoot instead, you’ll probably survive the .25 seconds until you can heal again. If you really needed healing but decided to shoot and impose a cooldown on yourself? Well, I’d say that’s a problem with the player being bad, not really much more to it.


Oh and by the way 222 was a significant buff to him, since DPS heavy comps were his most reliable counter.


And for the self heal trick in Tank mode ? This decrease Bastion survability a lot.


This is not at all how playing the hero works.

Sometimes you need to heal between shots, and more importantly this is the only way to get optimal damage out of his ultimate, healing between each shot, while also meaning you can safely rocket jump if need be since you aren’t going to die too easily with the tiny bit of healing you have.

I’m not saying this clip represents how you should play Bastion, but…

Healing tick damage is crucial to keep your armor on the end cap of your health, between shots.

ESPECIALLY during ultimate.

If i had been rocket jumping around, i would need to heal between every shot.

They nerfed objectively the worst hero in the game. :woman_facepalming:

Ye… No one care about Bastion, most of the people on this forum would want him to be deleted if they could.


Could you not say in voice “I’m going to ult now, main healer can you pocket me for a second?”


You shouldn’t need too.



Are people okay today ? It’s the most stupid answer I ever saw.


At least we can’t say they’re ignoring him anymore…ugh


But the hero is usable, and your main sticking point seem to be when ulting. It’s like saying Hanzo isn’t usable because his dragon never kills anyone unless he communicates with a Zarya and asks for Grav?

I’m trying to have a civil conversation. If you aren’t willing to do that and just throw out insults instead of a counterpoint, you may as well stop replying to me now.


Hanzo isn’t harmed by his own Dragon.

Neither is he a tank sized target.


Brainless is pirate ship bastion, but that bastion doesn’t even work in plat.


Fixed that for you…


I prefer if they ignored him now. Cause it make me so mad than a hero who is trash tier get nerfed like this.
Even more when it’s one of the only things who was skilled in his kit

Your argument is flowed, we’re talking about character balance not soloQ match chat. Sometime healer cannot heal you and you need to go on your own.

Also even if they are on you, a good self heal can be more useful for the team than you getting baby sitted.


Hahahaha, also true !


Why you trynna tell people how their hero works? This change dumbs down Bastion and makes him worse. Same thing for Symmetra’s TP. It dumbs her down and makes her worse.


You miss my point, I’m not comparing them because they both damage themselves. My comparison is that they both require a teammate to negate a shortcoming:
Hanzo - slow moving, telegraphed, and easily avoidable ult. This is negated by asking Zarya for Grav combo.
Bastion - self damaging ult (if rocket jumping) and giant hitbox. This is negated by the main healer pocketing you while you ult.

It’s a team game, and rewarding the team that works best together seems like a good thing to me.