Who is responsible for brig nerf


Not sure, but I would assume that twitch streamers, the #DELETEBRIG movement, and other Top 500 players who were vocal about her being “unfun to play against” like Seagull and Effect, would make for pretty good candidates. :blush:

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Melee does 25 damage though right, aside from Rein.


If im not mistaken, its actually 30dmg for standard melee.

Fun fact as well, other forms of stun aside from Ana (since hers is like 5s stun) does more than 25dmg. Flashbang does 25dmg while Hook does 30dmg.


Also 90% of the OW community :wink:


And flash does 10, not 25.

Seems to line up


Erm Flashbang does 25dmg, not 10dmg. Im looking at the Overwatchpedia unless i missed a nerf he got to flashbang awhile back.

h ttps://overwatch.gamepedia.com/McCree#Flashbang

I think youre referring to D.va boop since out of everyone, her boop is the only thing I can think of that does 10dmg.


I just verified it on the practice range too. Flashbang deals 25 damage.


Hmmm yes yes so you mean to tell me that a judo kick from an omnic with a god complex does more damage then someone bashing you with a rocket powered shield?!

My immersion is ruined.


Idk, seems like a rocket powered shield damage is as fragile as Sombra’s small translocator.


You may thank the Brig abusers who exploited a broken hero to the last SR.

Yup. A tank support hybrid. Last I checked, neither tanks nor supports were supposed to have a damage burst combo that can bust down heroes with minimum amounts of skill, and her shield bash can still protect herself while healing. The CC and the threat of the CC is still there. You just cannot capitalize on it as a support on your own, which makes sense


What does Mercy main know about how to keep a distance and how to play against her?


So basically part of the community, which they have all the right to share their opinions.

ohh and


yeah man she just rendered every dps obsolete in the game, shes totally fine


True feelsbadman and I play Sombra more than Brig.


I believe it was Blizzard but it could’ve been EA or Valve




dude no, it was obviously Bethesda! they want all the brig mains to leave OW for fallout!


I think PVPTwitch is the reason this nerf happened.

He didn’t like how good Brig is at dueling, and being an ambush predator.


all useless against the goats comp she enables.