Who else actually LIKES the hero bans?

I don’t have problem with it… I have much more problem with role q

i hate dev bans. i prefer player bans. like i view these as troll bans. playing against a rein isn’t bad. it’s what supports him that might turn him into a nightmare. and some heroes prevent other comps from working.

and i don’t want to get stuck with the same bans. i want every game to feel different. not every week or 2 different. dev bans don’t really add anything to the game since u know whats going to be strong. i rather it be a split second realization to know what’s good. plus u can hero abuse.
like i feel like doom and dive will be really strong. what’s really going to stop doom. sombra?? people refused to play her when she was meta anyways so good luck.

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Except Overwatch players couldn’t be trusted to not abuse or exploit player bans like they have every other system in game, from the reporting system to multiple accounts to LFG.

I’m actively avoiding playing the roles I like in comp and am patiently waiting for these bans to end.

I tried playing support on my alt account because I wanted to see what it was like. My friend had told me it was horrible and one of the supports I played was banned so I was worried about being forced onto a hero I’m not good at. It was just a very horrible and stressful experience. I kept telling myself that the next game would be different but I only had one game that was actually fair. All of the others were steamrolls that felt like I was playing Deathmatch.

I’m not even going to bother testing tank because I am bad and need a lot of healing.

these are super minimal problems. and u cant abuse the report system. unless ur famous its not gonna happen. i dont even know about the multiple accounts on LFG. LFG is useless to begin with.
and pls tell me how they can abuse bans?
ur not gonna be able to check player profiles. if they do troll bans (basically dev bans at this point) then troll bans are the least of ur problem if they are going to troll in game too. i simply can’t think of a reason how people can abuse a system that other games have? there is a reason why dev bans arent in any other game to being with.

False reporting, smurfs, and deranking groups are not “super minimal problems” at all.

They are real and prevalent problems in Overwatch.

Its automated nature makes it easy to exploit and abuse. False reporting is rampant in Overwatch.

That’s not something to discuss on the forums in detail as it’s against the Terms of Service.

The only reason why I liked it was because last week we could go around a corner without being scared of either getting insta lucked by a Hanzo arrow or being frozen and impaled by a Mei.
Passing a choke without having to worry about your tank being separated from us was amazing.

as i said, u need to be super famous with a lot of followers to abuse false reporting. u super rarely see people get banned due to false reporting. blizzard is ok with smurfs apparently. matchmaker tries to boost them out anyways. plus smurfs and deranking groups are core game problems, not add ons like reporting system, and LFG like u said were abused.
u can’t fix problems like that. what u gonna do to even find or fix this issue? this isn’t South Korea where you have to put in ur social security number for an account. plus deranking groups should be easy to find and report right?? they u got a group of GMs in bronze they don’t last long anyways. it’s not even a problem. its so minimal that the last time i heard of something like this was back in like season 3 but they got banned anyway.

yea u need lots of reports for that to happen. if ur doing something everyone is reporting you for then isnt it right to think they are in the wrong. (yes that includes 1 tricks, if ur gonna 1 trick then go to QP, if u get stomped because of a 1 trick its the same as a troll pick and throwing in competitive)

its not, it’s not even in the game. u cant go against the terms of service for something not even apart of there game. plus its prob a good idea to warn them about the abuse that could happen.

Honestly, I’m interested in it. I thought it was a terrible idea at first, but I’m wondering if Blizzard is pulling off the hero bans just to see how the game runs without certain characters in it.

I’m genuinely not implying that they’re going to delete anyone (obviously they won’t do that), but if you look at the characters that have been banned since the implementation, it is interesting…

No you don’t. Anyone can abuse the reporting system by submitting false reports.

You wouldn’t know because Blizzard do not make bans public nor do they allow discussion of bans on the forums.

They are not. They have admitted smurfing is an issue and are looking into ways to resolve it.

Source ?
They have said that alt accounts are fine.
Throwing to stay at a low rank is reportable.
Someone being better than you is also allowed, they will rank up.

Hate it. Accidentally queued as support and had to use Baptiste. I am disgusted.

I haven’t played competitive in years, I plan on actually placing with Reinhardt gone.

What is SUPER funny about that… Is without Reinhardt around, you would actually WANT Zen, Brig, and Lucio since they work WAY better than a Reinhardt-less Ana

Like the last week in OWL, Zen and Brig were the most used supports since Reinhardt was banned

Someone being better than you because they’re playing in a rank far below their regular rank is not allowed, as that gives them an unfair advantage, and according to Blizzard anything that gives an unfair advantage is cheating.

Only people below Masters can even enjoy these bans.

This hero ban is stupid . It creates conflicts and toxicity .
People have their main hero that is now banned and the other healer takes your’e main hero nr 2 and people start hating each other and you have to play a hero you cannot play giving you a loss and bad score .

This hero ban kills the game, playing competitive was fun but not when I cannot play my hero or can only choose 1 of my main hero’s risking the other player in the role will take it. I will not play competitive this season and if this will be like this again I will lose interest in this game

The first week i wasn’t sure, but this second week has been really good. The tanks and supports control the meta, with some core healers banned the game feels very refreshing and free while there still being team work and comps to play in.

same would go to you then huh. how do u know its a problem if u dont even know false reporting is getting anyone banned. u know they have a threshold. 1 report isn’t going to get u banned. u need a lot of them. there’s already a system in place so u cant abuse it.
they say you are innocent until proven guilty. so if ur gonna say that then u need the evidence to back it up.

pretty sure they are. a alt account is a smurf. they are ok with it.
u have to be really gullible to believe that PR talk. there is nothing you can do, its just to put faith in low rank players that 1 day, it might go away. u really think the greedy activision blizzard is going to say don’t buy the game again, we hate money. there is too many players to manually look at peoples games and come out and say hey this might be a smurf. it could be a lucky game. it could be a smurfs bad game. its too complicated to find them out. u cant lock people into 1 account cuz i’m pretty sure it’s against the government and stuff. think they can only get u out of rewards like top500 (but u can just use someone else’s information, like a Mom, dad brother)