Who else actually LIKES the hero bans?

For real, I’m looking forward to logging on and being able to play something other than Moira without having to get into a heated exchange with my team mates.


i definitely do. todays one is really contraversial, since not so many supports to choose from in first place, but still it freshes meta, so why not


I admit I’m enjoying the schadenfreude that is the same people who’ve spent the past years getting every non-Ana healer nerfed for being “no-skill” and/or insisting that “Rein just needs comp-ORISA BEING META IS ANTI-FUN! whining about how nobody’s willing to play Tank/Healer.

You call it “Hero Bans/Pools”, I call it “Karma.” Maybe people will be less inclined to scream for heroes to be made F-Tier knowing there’s a chance they’ll be dependent on them for a week.


I’m really glad they did Ana and Moira at the same time because those are the two characters that my team-mates regularly demand that I play. People literally lose their mind if I pick Zenyatta, Brigitte or Lucio.


I can’t imagine any flex player hating on this change. It brings lots of variety to the game, disables stale metas. When was the last time we had someone complain about the current meta being stale? Feels like ages.

Although, I dislike that they are banning two supports, there’s not enough supports nor tanks to have two slots banned! 1 tank 1 support 2 dps should be the way to go.


lets call this “heal yourself meta” for a week :smiley:
hog finaly gonna see the light

The meta only applies to pro players.

There is no meta in Platinum/Gold/Silver, thus hero bans in those ranks is completely pointless and all it does is make players play heroes they’re not good with, thus reducing match quality, or they decide to not play at all for the week and potentially not return at all.


Love em, its nice to have new challenges and to play other heroes, plus it was great getting rid of Mei last week :stuck_out_tongue:

Not too sure about removing moira, but eh, at least i get to play more brig :slight_smile:

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Even if there isn’t a meta, that doesn’t mean that the player-base doesn’t perceive their to be a meta. My highest win-rate characters are Zenyatta and Brigitte. At my rating I can actually carry as either of these characters better than I can as Moira or Ana. But it doesn’t matter, if I pick either of them, there’s a 75% chance that they’ll blame them dying while anti-naded on us not having enough heals.

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I do, but they shouldn’t have banned 2 supports.


I’ve been playing a lot of Brig lately and not had any such complaints.

I really do, but this banning 2 supports thing needs to sod off. The options are already limited for non-DPS players, In fact; there’s more DPS than Tanks+Supports.


Sure there is, it’s just different. Even bronze has a meta. Other heroes may be more viable than in high ranks, but a meta exists


I like it, but I wouldn’t be against it being altered/removed.

A ban system of some form was inevitable, but I didn’t expect it to come with only 31 heroes in place.

I’d just like to say that in the 2 hours of comp I played yesterday after the bans changed, I saw more tank and heal AND DPS compositions than I have in the last year/year and a half prior to hero bans.

In other words, I LOVE IT!


It’s not a bad idea. It forces players to play more heroes without putting them at a likely disadvantage.

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For several seasons now I’ve been in Gold & Silver matches, and last season and this in Platinum matches, and people play whomever they want.

There’s no such thing as a meta in mid-low ranks.

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There isn’t a most-effective strat in mid-low ranks? What a strange claim to make

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Hero bans result in players playing heroes they’re not good with in Competitive which puts the team at a distinct disadvantage.

It’s one of the worst ideas Blizzard have had for this game, right up there with allowing players to have multiple accounts.

Sure there is - it’s whatever works.