When will you fix Ashe aim?

At the moment, for me, she is unplayable at a good level. I don’t know if it’s me but when I aim down it feels so clunky and the hitscan feels like a projectile.

Also, when I aim down I feel like i have 60 FPS but in my top left corner it’s written 170-200 fps.

I main Mcree and Soldier, I have a good precision with both, but it seems I can’t hit ANYTHING Consistently like with my mcree.

IS it only me ? what’s up with the clunkyness of the shots when you aim down ?


I feel the exact same way. I couldn’t really describe it to my friends before they had played her, but you described it perfectly. She just feels clunky and not right, like her hitscan scoped shot can’t hit anything.


I really want a fix, she is so fun and I could see myself main her.

But please, fix the scope…


I feel the dynamite mechanic could be tweaked a little too. But tons of potential in the character. I’d love to see them add a character with low damage, piercing shots!

Dynamite will def get tweaked, I like the fact that it burns shield, but I hate the fact that it bounces off really far from shields.

Yeah with how far she throws it I wish it would stick or something idk. Very easily avoidable rn

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I could see it sticking to character but with a LOT less dmg and a burn effect on healing. Like -25% healing received for 3 seconds.

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It is weird how inconsistent down sights seems to be, there are shots I know hit and don’t connect and others that should have missed but we’re hits.


indeed, mostly on ashe. I think Widow is more consistent compared to ashe

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Quick scope.

I feel her ADS is a lot like Ana’s quick scoping.

I’m not an amazing player or anything, but I do a lot of quick scope shots and then hip fire shots (since those are hit-scan too).

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Not just you, my sis and I were just talking about this yesterday.

The clicking constantly with the button for her primary fire is another issue.


You just have to get used to her delay in shots. And also adjust your sensitivity for Ashe.

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Im thankful I’m not the only one feeling like her ADS seems to not be accurate.
I’ve only been able to play her in arcade unlimited so I’m basically shooting at 6 other ashe players at the moment.

I switch to Widow and I hit my targets fine.

Is it a setting issue?


I really think it’s not hitting the “hitbox” atm and only hitting the defined body of the ennemy.

I tried a shot a tiny tiny tiny bit to the left of the head and it didin’t work.
I tried to aim DIRECTLY in the middle of the head, worked fine.

Mcree can hit hitbox, not ashe. ask me why ? no clue but it sucks and I won’t main her since it will mess up all my aiming with mcree.

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Fire rate when scoped is too slow, reload is too slow.
There is something about how she ads that is wonky. Hipfire feels normal.

There is a animation delay or something, Ana has it to but her hit box is very forgiving.

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I think it’s an animation issue between the level action to fire again and canceling or not canceling when you ads. You can’t really “quick scope” like you feel you should be able to.

It is a little clunky.

Other than that it seems fine to me, though I haven’t had a chance to really play her at all. Love the ads to death though.

If the fire rate was faster then she would be too powerful because of the damage her rifle does.


You think? I think lend MCRreeeeee that shotgun and I’m all set.

I’m going to have to see it. Right now I don’t think she is particularly viable, not any more than McReeeee and Soldier are anyway. Which isn’t very.

The only thing I notice is when you’re too far away, her shots don’t hit anyone, when you KNOW for a fact it has hit them.

glad im not only one who thinks something is off…

also noticing a graphical glitch(?) in the training room with the bots…where if i look down scope the sight itself causes some like outline fragments/ghosts to appear…i dont know if has to do with my graphics settings (i play on high default)…but it looks very weird

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