When is Brigitte going to get a real nerf?

She is owl players admit to doing it :joy:

The 3 match ups are a little more then 3 match ups, the reinhardt part is fine but how is she supposed to do her job as a dive counter when there’s a monkey with a giant bubble who now negates her.

Also as usual i can’t just not bring up the inconsistency of a melee ability not going through shields, all melee abilities should go through shields no matter the hero.

She’d have to walk into the bubble I guess

But it makes sense because can rein shatter through a shield? Can mccree stun the shield (not unless you aim it which takes some thought)? Can road stun the shield? no,

Did you read my entire comment or are you cherry picking? Stop misquoting me, read my comment and try again

Reinhardt can charge through shields and that’s can be considered a stun, at least as much as roadhog’s hook, also it’s a melee based ability.

Doomfist too.

But he can counter it with a second charge for both of them

just what exactly do you think goats is?

i might not have played very much in the last 6mo but i know at least that people in t500 play brigitte as a flanker and she is the dps for goats lol

Reinhardt can also do that to brigitte’s stun already.

Don’t see you doing that now do I?

Do you want to talk about this?

If this is what you consider “I’ve seen it all” I’m truly interested in why that is. That seems ridiculous.

I mean… I fail to see how you don’t agree with what you quoted. Brig, ideally, is ran in the place of a DPS. You disagree?

Plz, explain.

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But the thing is for rein and doom it’s easy because you can prepare for it, for brig you gotta have QUICK reaction time, it’s not impossible but

The difference being that these are pretty big commitments. I.e, Roadhog looks a lot less scary to a Reaper with no hook. Reinhardt gives up a lot of control when he charges. And Doomfist puts himself out of position.

Shield Bash is more on a Flashbang level of commitment.

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I think you don’t understand English.
Let me simplify it for you.

After Nerf swedish girl very strong? I ask for Nerf like everyone.

After Nerf she balanced? I say people to git gud.

Hope that clears things out for you bud

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Sounds like you want to play something like CS or CoD, where you can solo carry games at times.

True but it also has a far shorter range so you can prepare for it when you see brigitte starting to close in.

I agree and i had a idea from another thread, gimme a sec and i’ll bring it up.

The reason for the other idea i had was because a melee based ability not going through shields is just inconsistent and generally bad balance.

Here you go, i believe this would a more consistent and better change.

I say only reinhardt because he’s the only one who needs it, winston should be countered by brigitte like that and orisa has never had a problem with her, infact the whole shield bash nerf is only because of reinhardt in the first place.

Your ability to easily spot at a range Brigitte closing in is hit or miss. Corner hugging etc, you can easily put yourself in a position to be destroyed. Brig’s bash is not telegraphed in any noteworthy way.

Brig has been a problem for a long time now. Acting like she’s been “fine…” come on. It’s obvious she’s not.

Edit: ^^ That was said in general, not specific to the person I quoted.

Gotta be disclaimer af around here.

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I wasn’t acting like she’s fine, read the posts right above yours.

And this is why I edited my post.

Gotta rock that disclaimer because that’s just how people be around here…


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