What's everyone's DPI and sensitivity?

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900 x 4
arm+wrist mix.

1600 dpi and 10 sens. Lower than that and I struggle to even keep up with all the movement in this game.

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800dpi and 5 in game sensitivity.

I also use a weighted mouse; what is everyone’s opinion on this?

Depends what I am playing on.

If I am on Moira, 1500DPI and about 13 or 14 sense. I try to be very fast on her as all motions are instant/fluid.

For all others I use 1100 DPI and 4 or 5 sense, with Genji at 7 sense, ish.

So my common DPI is 1100 and my common sense, we’ll say is 5. Moira is my high-speed exception.

I have a razer naga which is quite heavy (the 2012 version) and I also have a logitech g-pro (wired), which is VERY light, and somewhat small.

I highly prefer the G-pro, but it is genuinely a better mouse, just lacking binds. For something like OW I would prefer lighter/more simple design for easier management and accuracy.

400 DPI, 30 sens in-game as hitscan.

50 sens as Genji. Because Parkinson Genji, lmao.

I feel right now the weight is preventing me from over compensating my aim but it definitely feels slower for quick 180’s and the like.

Gonna continue testing and see how it feels.

To note, even though the naga was my mmo mouse I have used it before I got the g-pro for Overwatch. I got the G-pro just for OW and do not regret. It certainly takes adjustments to get it where you want it, but the responsiveness and ergonomics of the mouse are just… nice. It’s also the mouse many of the pros use. That being said, the top button on the mouse is actually for swapping DPI profiles which you can custom make (I have 4 but really only use 2 or 3. I am still adjusting my settings to get a sweet spot for Widowmaker, but my Genji is starting to feel good). One tap of a button and you’ve swapped your dpi profile to whichever you have set up. It’s about $80 CDN or so, but I honestly believe it was worth it and is one of the more quality peripherals out there.

Although the naga 2012 and the g pro both sport good lasers I find the g pro to be much more accurate. If I could, I would prefer to use it in MMO’s/Star Citizen… but the lack of 10 other binds makes that difficult for me.

actually 7.12 would have been the exact same from 3.56.

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800 dpi, 6 in-game sensitivity and 6:th ticked mouse speed.
polling rate i think is 500.

eDpi = 4,800

i mix arm and wrist aim, arm is usually for movement but can be used for flick and wrist for precise delicate aim.
my elbow is at the edge of the desk, for consistency so i know my reference points better.

im not going to try and prove anything lmao

7.02 was a typo/mistake, I meant 7.12, fixed.

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Currently 500 DPI (no more than a 1000 really helps in most cases).

For aim-ranged heroes - 2.36

For melee close range - 3.80


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Is that so you can do crazy Reinhardt spins in spawn?

6.26 and 500 dpi

My advice is to first find your ideal mouse, then use the max width of your mouse as a guide to your ideal sens.

For example, mine is 6.8 cm in width, times that by 6.5 and you get 44.2 cm per 360, that’s essentially my sens right now.

If you play on low sensitivity, I highly suggest you to invest in a keyboard without numpad and buy a separate usb numpad if you really need one to do statistic/spreadsheet work.

When moving to a lower sensitivity, the amount of time I slam my thumb into the keyboard was not fun. I was also being subconscious of not being able to swing to the arm to the left freely that it slows down my movement when aiming left.