What's everyone's DPI and sensitivity?

I’m main healer and I use 800 dpi 5.2 sens as a compromise between Ana and Mercy. It’s 33.3 cm (13.1 inches) for a 360

I just got a new Logitech wireless G902 I think? I’m thrilled with the performance. Very good ergonomically, smooth, quick DPI toggles.

Also for anyone that doesn’t have a wireless mouse, get one when you can. Wow am I impressed after switching from wired. Now if windows updates could stop crashing my machine…

I generally try to use the same sens in every game. I do play with 1600 dpi and 3.3 sens just to be consistent and it’s comfortable all around

Wireless! I have always been HORRIFIED to go wireless and I don’t know if it is justified or not! I chose the G-Pro wired because I was scared of wireless quality. To me, wired MUST be better, right?! I chose my Arctis Pro to be wired, with the gamedac, as well! (good choice btw. I moved from kraken 7.1 v1’s ((not the new, lighter/cheaper feeling v2’s)) and WOWZERS, amazing quality, sound, etc…)

Wireless… hmm.

wireless technology for gaming mouse has been improving a lot. The extra latency cause by low power is no longer an issue with mousepads that can charge the mouse wirelessly. Logitech wireless technology has improve so much, you can survive on a single battery for months without turning it off. So all you really suffer are from the initial latency now.

You’re really comparing between the minor wireless latency difference vs dealing with cable friction pull at this point.

PS: I use Logitech Wireless G305 mouse for fps or Logitech G600 MMO mouse or Razer Naga mouse for MMOs.

800 DPI / 10 sensitivity

Wireless is a non-issue these days. Independent reviews show that Logitech’s wireless mice are actually as Logitech claims, and are as fast or faster than even many wired mice:

At worst, the difference in latency is negligible and the advantage of no cord is amazing. As someone who switched from a G403 to a G703 (which is basically the new wireless version of the 403) my only [very teensy] complaint is that it’s slightly heavier because of the battery. But you can opt for something like a GPW for more money that’s even lighter than my old 403 if you really want to.


I use my G305 with a single AAA battery with a AA converter.

Me and my cousin purchase one set and divided it up since we didn’t need that many.

It helps reduce the weight. Too bad you can’t do the same with wireless mouse that has a built-in battery. This is only possible because Logitech more modern wireless mouse require so little power.

I mean you could go wireless but shape options are kind limited tbh, I would focus more on shape rather than features, then broaden your search from there.

Gearsearch.gg is a great place to start

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3600 is the sweet spot

I used 2.92/800 for a while because I used to play CS but am now at 3.5/800

For quite a while I had 1800 DPI and 32 or smth sens
now its 800 dpi and 3.25 sens lol dont worry im not insane anymore

Not anymore. There is barely any difference at all between the top end wired and wireless mice.

That’s what a turbo button for sudden 12k dpi is for

Very interesting. I try to keep up as I entered the tech arena not terribly long ago once I replaced a few parts of my old PC (I just built my first and brand new one a couple weeks ago) and I’ve been learning all sorts of things. Very exciting. I’m not exactly in the need for a new mouse yet, but my naga’s right click has been something else lately and reproducing clicks on occasion… Minecraft has been an experience of putting way too many blocks down from one click…

no point using other people’s sens. you have to find your own.
loads of things affect what sens will be best for you:
mouse size, weight
mousepad size, finish
mouse polling hz
grip style
arm/wrist preference
arm position
sitting position

pick something that feels good, then do daily aim training practice and monitor your accuracy. also monitor your aim ingame for issues such as comfort, over or undershooting. try out different things, but factor in placebo effects. gradually you will work out what exactly you prefer and what is best for you.

1800 and used 2 changed to 2.9 currently trying 2.4
Same for all heroes
Mostly tracer and widow player

I started as 1800 x 15 then i decreased it bit by bit.
Now I’m 1600 x 3.0, and I won’t decrease it any further.

800dpi and 15 sens for Genji and 11 for the rest of the cast. Genji is only higher cause not only my framerate, my mousepad and my monitor aren’t that good but i have to play super high sens so the mouse sensor can actually work without me having to do super fast movements that it doesn’t recognize lol

I have a Razer Ouroboros it runs amazingly in wireless and wired. The difference is wire Drag. It is a heavy mouse though relatively.

My next one will be the Glorious Model O- as this may be the lightest mouse, but it is on the smaller side.

I like the weight of my mouse but for shooters most say lighter is better.