What's everyone's DPI and sensitivity?

I use 800dpi and 8.5 sensitivity but I’m still not liking this.

1600 dpi and 3.7 ingame

1600 and 6.5 sensitivity

800 / 5

900 dpi 3.5 in game
im pretty sure im the only masters or higher genji player who plays at low sens

800 and 10 I believe.

No space and wrist aimer.

800 dpi 5 sensitivity

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1000 DPI, 5 mouse sensitivity (varies between some heroes). So eDPI is 5000.

I think it’s 1200dpi and 4.5 sens

1250 dpi and 5.5 in game sens, with widow and ana relative sens on 40

800 and 4 yours is kinda high

800 and 4 or 5 for heroes I need to aim with. 10 for tanks and heroes like mercy, brig

1000 DPI, 3.6. Sniper/Hitscan main.

there is no “too high” sens. It all depends on the player. for example i used to play 800/3.5 for 10 seasons before I switched to 800/7 and saw no drawbacks. Some players prefer wrist over arm aiming which is totally fine :man_shrugging:

4000 and 9~10 depending on hero in game. It all comes down to personal perf.

1600dpi * 3.5 across all characters and the equivalent in other games.

It does depend on the player but people that work best above 1000/10 or so are exceedingly rare, so that’s generally regarded as the upper limit of sane.

1000 dpi 7.0 but I mostly play mercy and my aim is between decent and bad lmao but i dont think its the sense issue


I mostly wrist aim, with some large arm movements, yet my aim is STILL jittery at this point. I wiggle when I shoot so single point hitscan for me is bad, but I track well, so soldier/tracer are good for me cause of the spread…they are just not always good for the team :frowning:

1600 / 1.16

800 dpi 5 sensitivity.

I ran 4.2 sensitivity for a while, but I found it difficult to properly track with Zarya.
4.20 sensitivity.