What's everyone's DPI and sensitivity?

1600 dpi / 2 sensitivity in game, but it depends on the character.

I don’t even know my DPI to be fully honest but I’m at a 3 at DPS ingame and 11 on Mercy and Moira :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

800 DPI x 5.16 sensitivity, so 4128 eDPI. I main hitscan and tracer, Zarya.

When I started playing the game I had 2800 eDPI which was way too low in hindsight, but it was easier to aim with that eDPI as a new player to a FPS game. Then I increased it to 3400 eDPI, and a month ago I increased to 4128, I might raise it up to 5012 eDPI sometime in the future, but no more than that.

10.28 x 400 dpi; 38.02 for widowmaker
13.41 x 400 dpi when playing mercy/rein/genji/winston/pharah/d.va/reaper/junkrat - basically less aim intensive heroes - or heroes where predicting movement is a must. There are the heroes I benefit from having higher sens on

1600 dpi

15 sens

polling rate 1000

any lower than that and I feel like I can’t react fast enough

I highly recommend hitscan players to stick to the range 4000-5000 eDPI, you can’t go wrong with a eDPI on that range. It’s pretty safe for your wrists and arms as well, not too low that it causes arm/underarm fatigue, not too high that it causes wrist fatigue.

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I think my is 2,000 dpi, 3.3 mouse sensitivity, so 6,600 edpi. I will recheck later when I am at my computer.

I don’t have a set style since I play pretty much all heroes. I’m more of a hypersensitive wrist aimer (1600 dpi by 12.0 mouse sensitivity, 19,200 edpi in Counter-strike), but ever since my wrist get sore easily from a short gaming session, I have to transition to shoulder/arm aiming.

My aim is fine especially when I am calm, but still lower than when I use my wrist. I am prone to shake a lot easily from adrenaline rush since I have stop playing against players. In the past when I activatly PvP, I would have been able to play up to 4~6 hours without shaking, now it’s back to 5 minutes since all I have been playing bots for the past year or two.

You’re silver dude lmao.

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400 dpi and 16 sens.

Haksal has like 800DPI and 32ingame sens. And he is in OWL. There is no wrong sens it depends on ur own playstyle

also another example : violet rank 1-4 support NA uses like 1,6k DPI and 13ingame sens iirc.
Pine also uses 500DPI 12Sens ingame.
KSAA rank 1 EU tank uses 3600DPI and 8sens or something

Used to play at 800 dpi/3.56 sens switched to

400dpi/7.12 sens

made the dpi switch for another game (Apex), ended up liking it in OW too.
While it seems like no change because edpi is exactly the same, there is less variation in movement in faster flick shots at the lower dpi.

Right now I’m on 800 DPI, 5.5 sens. Helps me aim, but still fast enough to comfortably do a 180 in one motion.

100 sens, 100 aim asist and 2k+ dpi but its always changing

3600 DPI, 26 sens

1200dpi 19.51 sens

I’ve just recently switched down to 400dpi and have found the experience a lot smoother! I’m at 7 sens too and I think 47 Ashe Zoom… not sure on Widow!

3200 / 2

im not sure what my settings are tbh i think they are set to default as i cant really process things super fast

4 sens, 1500 DPI, 1500 pooling rate.

A bit on the high side, but I am a tank main…

Im at 2,400 Dpi and a sensitivity of 2.92, so my edpi is right around 7,000. Im a wrist aimer to.