What it’s like to work on Overwatch’s tools and engine

What it’s like to work on Overwatch’s tools and engine

Over 2.7 million lines of code power the tools that support Overwatch. The Architechs on Overwatch’s engine and tools teams are the keepers of that legacy.

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love these insight posts…people always want more lore…i just want more of THIS


No kidding. I’d love to see an art panel one with the 3D software they use


the engine upgrade is one of reason im really excited for OW2
like the game is already beautiful on OW1 but they just expanded it to whole different level on OW2


Wow, when my power is out they post something…

Lucky its back now


dont tell the forums that!!! theres several people now trying to figure out here you live so they can keep your power off…


there is a new hope.
just like episode IV

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This would’ve been such a good place to reveal another one of those Overwatch 2 Redesigns. :frowning:


There’s a reason they’re constantly looking for software engineers.


Now do the one about what it’s like to work in the balancing team


On one hand, this is standard development practice

On the other, I suppose it’s nice to know that blizzard does actually do standard development practices


Well maybe one day like the last thing I heard about the skin redesigns is that Sombra is finished and they are working on Widowmaker and Moira next which that was back in March but I’m pretty sure they have most of the redesigns completed by now so my guess is that they are saving it for some kind of surprise or something like that.

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@tools team Please let us change our skins in the practice range! Since there’s not a lot of action going on and the enemies won’t change there skins, this would be super cool to check out your skins in first person or just showing them off to your friends. :smiley:


a very exciting article :relaxed:. But the conclusion left me with a small note of sadness: Devs, Are you VERY short staffed?

it seemed like an exhibition to "work with us, here’s how we move if you are interested" rather than a "we have big plans for all of you gamers". It’s not bad, but it makes me think that we will have to push our expectations of OW2 away in 2021.

every way, congratulations always on the technical work.


At least you have power. Many people in Ontario with Cable internet are suffering from no internet for past few days due to the recent tornado and thunderstorm. I still have no internet and am using up my limit amount of mobile data. Only have ~800MB left =(

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Guys there’s jetpack cat on the photo

Might be ow2 new hero
Just saying

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Not all heroes wear capes, but most wear glasses

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as a software engineer who’s been playing Blizzard games for 25 years: after the last 18 months of PR disasters there’s no way I’d ever consider working for Blizzard

good luck hiring anyone with any other options


Kinda confused,

From how its is explained

It seems you have a group of techs (TED),

That just prevents stuff from just happening. (Slowing progress more from what I can gather.)

Or at least what the head of TED says and the description of TED don’t match; implies there’s a third party not mentioned.

(Anyway Only care on reasoning why Healing Turrets don’t work besides the answer of “Clunky”…but need to focus on dinner.)

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