(BTC) Overwatch 2 - new details and bhs info

Actually permanently quit Destiny 2 after 10,000 hours of game time.

It just wasn’t the same game anymore.

I hope Overwatch doesn’t turn into the same experience.

But I am a retired Sym Support Main.

It’s probable , games change radically over years , look at wow, many say its not wow anymore and want to play classic

Anyone got a summary for this? I can’t listen to it being hard of hearing and he decided to not put subtitles in… :confused:


Actually it was more I was a Sunsinger who love to do patrols and get the rewards from them…

And that’s not a thing anymore.

For those that dont want to watch the video, he is just recapping the article that was recently made

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TLDW: New map (?) called Calypso, which looks to be apart of the Rio map (PvE?). Eichenwald didn’t have a forest cause it was too hard to light properly. PvE enemies will coordinate attacks instead of just doing their own thing which is what the current AI does.


Our queen has had her identity stripped…this isnt satya anymore.

I know a lot of people prefer to hate on it, but Anthem has one of the best PvE combat I’ve played, it just need some rehaul to it’s systems, which they are doing. Now proceed to hate me, I can take it.

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$60/300hrs is $.20/hour. That’s a good deal.


Cool, thanks for that.

20 cents per hour, that’s outrageous! I’m going to go spend $15 on a movie ticket for a 90 minute movie.


Oddly enough, I discovered that metric reading about casinos. Some of the exciting games have very expensive hourly rates, and some, like Blackjack, have very low hourly rates. (depending on the bet, of course)

Slot machines are awful.


That’s what Destiny and Overwatch just might be… Casinos

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I don’t know about Destiny, but Overwatch definitely isn’t. I have almost everything unlocked and have never bought a lootbox.

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Thinking long time, how they do events, and always try to fish you back like the experience has changed for the better but the nothing changes.

(Never been to one but recall stories on how Casinos try to keep you there. With things like, no windows, no clocks, and such… so you never know the time.)


I thought the “new” content was supposedly good. It was suppose to be its resurgence.

Wanted to try it but i figured i best not.

Really pushing on this game mode that isnt interesting to me.

I used enjoy Patrolling, striking and watching Anime.

But Destiny 2 is more about Raids and such now.

I had did some raids but it was more once every 3 months.

Now you have to Raid everyday.

(And patrols and strike are just shadows of what they were.)

Everyone can hate on something , sometimes people hate without playing , but it doesn’t mean it wont please some people.
People hated the first templar game , but i really liked it :slight_smile:
many hated fallout 76 . others love the game

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