What it’s like to work on Overwatch’s tools and engine

Overwatch 2’s PvE (Player vs. Environment) maps are larger and more complex than Overwatch maps like Retribution and Storm Rising.

Please stop, I’m drooling on myself :laughing:

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Even the Rio map we saw at Blizzcon was way bigger than any existing PvE map.

Jetpack is an ability for brig in over watch 2 PVE. Look it up online.

The scale of the PvE does sound impressive. I wasn’t going to get OW2, mostly because PvE isn’t a big attraction to me. I like the competitive aspect of PvP.

But reading that article impressed me. I might dole out the deneiro and get it. when it goes on sale.


Dude, if she could summon jetpack cat to pew pew the bad omnics, I would only play Brig.

How would it not be clunky? It’s single target and unable to move with the team. It’s like running 6 DPS and fighting over a health pack instead of picking bap and holding down right click.

“TED,” the game’s editor

Wish there was a version of TED we could use.

I actually would love if they went into much greater technical detail about how the pieces of their engine works. There have been a handful of talks from dev conferences, but I always love to know more.

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Sorry about that

I had a fight with my bro and he stormed off

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Not to mention the giant menacingly looking floating wheel-thing in the skybox as well.

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I want to put my hands on that engine :sob::sob:

Developer lore best lore

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I don’t trust leaks
And don’t derank my hero, I wanna play as him, not put it out

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Sad that they use a picture of brig after the way they shower her with nerfs.


HAHAHHAAH. Blizzard sticking it EVERYONE here.

" Community - We want changes, we want metas, we want Genji nerf, we want Jetpack cat, we want MERCY MASS REZ, we want a free complimentary Coffee sent to our homes each time we Q, we want SMURFFS punished, thrown in prison and we want 50 new maps per year".


Okay Blizzard. IM SORRY!! I will go sit in the corner. oooof.


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keep doomfist diags and bounces in or we riot

That was an obvious fake.

I’m loving the PvE mission leaks! I’m especially excited to see the “beach”

I honestly upvoted the original post because of that awesome Brigitte picture. God, I love Blizzard art!

transfer some ppl to the balance team please…