What is the dumbest take you've read on here?

But it’s true mercy is broken op and needs several nerfs

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People that think brig sucks, and anyone under masters who has an ego and thinks they know everything.

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“Moira is literally unstoppable in a 1v1”


“But his winrate. And no I don’t care about how winrates are calculated.”


Anything involving:

“Paladins being better than OW.”

“Nerf X Hero”

“I’m uninstalling because rigged matchmaking”

“Why didn’t X hero get a new X event skin? It’s been X years since they got a new skin!”

“Overbuff says X hero has the best pick rate/win rate and that’s why they are OP.”

Also anything regarding, Mercy or Junkrat being OP.

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Oh there is a bunch of stuff, such as Blizzard cares about the players, which is hilarious given that they can’t guarantee the safety of their OWN staff. Another one would be that the Ow team works with high rank players in order to “balance” the game which is also wrong because the Ow team doesn’t have the slightest idea about balance changes.
Then comes the amount of blahblahblah Jeff used to pour in the ears of his fanclub, thank God that dude has abandoned ship, maybe the game still has a chance, which takes me to the last but no least, the fact that Ow is still a fun game worth playing, which is not, it has became the new TF2 with its hardcore fans who don’t and won’t accept anything negative you have to say about the company or the game.
Oh, almost forgot “there are no cheaters in the game” which is also wrong, there was a time when 1 in 5 people from t500 in SK was banned for cheating, that makes 100 out of 500 , which represents 1% of the playerbase. You do the math for the rest of 99%.

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“cover doesn’t exist in overwatch”

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Heroes should be only balanced around OWL.

I’m sorry, but this is really dumb. You are basically saying that you rather watch a balanced game than experiencing a balanced game. You’re not a real gamer. You’re backseat gamer.

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Bastion should be nerfed. They should take away his sentry canyon and his bird.


“Valk is spectator mode.”


:face_vomiting: Oh my goodness :face_vomiting:

Why does this exist? :laughing:

“I main ________ so you’re wrong about anything you say about ________”


“Mercy does too much damage. Remove her pistol”

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“Lucio needs a nerf”

“Ball dva is the worst tank comp, nobody plays it” despite ball dva being the OWL meta almost all season AND it being the anti double shield comp.

“Moira is op” she has the lowest support pickrate and winrate, she does massive heal8ng but provides nothing else.

“I don’t care what the stats say, my experience has been different”

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96% of OW players (those below high Masters) play a balanced game though.

There is a reason they talk about using data from GM and feelings below it because data below GM is going to show a balanced game.

“You must be wall hacking because you used your ears to know I was flanking!”