What encourages you to keep coming back to these forums

These forums amuse me


How so?

I got no one to talk to about OW and I’m dumb enough to think a good conversation will actually show up on the forums one day.


A mish-mash of multiple reasons…

  1. I like seeing my post count go up (I’m weird fan of increasing account/level/playtime/post numbers like that)

  1. I like sharing my passion for my mains with others who play them

  1. I like calling out and fighting off some blatant bullying or false-info (or even occasional trolling) that goes on with logic and calm behavior, and the feeling of being vindicated by others who share the same stance

  1. I just desperately throw fishing lines out with suggestions on the game hoping devs see it randomly one day. I know it can happen because Jeff replied to one of mine before, so I just always have the nagging feeling that it can happen again

  1. I like fostering my persona around here and try to take actions every day so people see my name and know I’m one of the voices of reason around here, but also that I am not a yes-man or pushover and I will defend things I love

  1. Some posters are really cool around here and I’ve grown to like seeing what they have on their mind

The constant bickering , balance suggestions That make me chuckle, seeing some poor sap suggest a nerf/buff and be cratered with flags by the hive mind til they never return to be seen again

It’s all rather amusing to read

Plus I don’t like reddit, not my wave

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Devs keep putting things I suggested into the game…



I mostly just come here to farm screenshots

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I respect that. You’re of the resonable forum users who know what’s right and wrong. The world could always use more Taiga’s

As yes, to each other their own you devilish soul/

Can you advocate for a beach skin themed event please, on behalf of every overwatch player

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i still like overwatch a lot even though i am taking yet another break but i still like talking about it, there are toxic people but plenty of reasonable people too


May I ask what for

The Tea/Drama/Salt.

Very fun, and I love watching arguments happen, it’s very fun to me.


A. It’s like my only source of information. I’d have no idea about incoming and patched updates. Also, users have blessed me with additional knowledge for the workshop. I wouldn’t have the knowledge that I have if it weren’t for the forum.

B. The Little Vulpine Inn.

C. Actually, just users like ChibiFox in general.

D. As TheWorkshopr, I am able to create ideas into reality. However, I have kinda stopped because laziness has overtaken me.


Because the amount of gross moira and brings mains is insane

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Yeah bro for sure, I love talking about this game. All my friends have quit playing so i don’t really have anyone to talk about it with.

Very understandable :sweat_smile:
P.s I got so used to you having a sombra icon it feels weird.

Impossible, i thought you were the messiah of workshop

Come on its not thattt much

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I do enjoy trolling toxic people sometimes :smiling_imp:



oh yes. Even the ones that probably hate my guts :rofl:.



there’s actually two hanasongs… LOL

I’m not that sombra hanasong, im the D.Va hanasong.


Good to know :sweat_smile:
But may I ask: Who’s Kevin and why did he eat nine.

Oh my god I feel so dumb, my apologies!

Other nuts into this cartoonish shooter.

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I have no idea what that means so I’m just gonna post a gif of kpop idols dancing. 40% of Twitter users