Player report, do something pls


I got suspended for using “off-meta” heroes and trying my best at it, people took it like throwing but anyways, if thats a matter of suspension I dont see why actually throwing isnt, this 3 stack have been throwing in several matches in both my team and enemy team, suiciding and just messing around the map
Fix your game, or at least try to.


posting here won’t really do anything except let us know that its happened to someone else

you need to message support


Im not going to solve their problems


its your problem too isn’t it?

edit: ah so you were trying to jump on the “i got banned for being a onetrick train” when you were just toxic i see why you didn’t wana contact them now


I play Torb in 50% of my matches and haven’t been reported… is it because I’m in the poop ranks or is it because people dislike you?

We’ll never know.


its because you are in the poop ranks and people are far less biased against torb at those ranks

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We reviewed your chat logs, and they contain many clear examples of abusive language. Based on this alone, we believe that your suspension is justified. This penalty has nothing to do with playing off-meta heroes. If you feel the need to appeal your suspension, please feel free to do so here. Otherwise, for the time-being I am locking this thread.

Arrge banned. Good job Blizzard
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I've been suspended and feel it's unjustified
What can we do about false reporters?
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