What an interesting hypothesis: Creator Experimental Card and Creator Cup

then buff valkyrie. 25-50% guardian angel speed during it? sign me up sounds fun. reduce cast time to .1 seconds? PLEASE! increase hps during valk to 65-70? sure. increase damage boost to 30% in valkyrie? defiantly a good compensation for when it would get nerfed, but don’t leave that as the only buff.

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Good Mercy’s pocket the target they want to damage boost (well loosely as they are still flying around healing the team) but the low ELO support mindset that is affected here is the mindset of “must heal tank; tanks needs more healing; tanks health is full let me find other tank and heal that”.

My favorite part of learning Ball on my alt has been getting to be the center of Supports universe in Plat because it’s a treatment that I am just not used to.

Yeah I… I misread that. Edited my statement.

Yesn’t. Mercy is only picked, period, for Damage Boost and Resurrect.
If you remove Damage Boost entirely, pocketers will still glue themselves to someone because their goal is to keep 1 person (typically a smurf) alive for as long as possible despite the enemy using resources on them.

I’ve played as both the Zenyatta and the Lucio in those compositions, also in Zen Lucio, also in Zen Brig, etc., Those comps are only trashed if your Tanks are dumb and can’t adjust their playstyle or pick the right heroes to work with you. This goes both ways. Don’t pick Zen/Lucio with a Reinhardt who’s feeding.

We actually balance around both, according to Jeff Kaplan. That’s why Reaper was reworked twice, instead of just once. Because his initial rework made him more viable in the high ranks, but unstoppable in the low ranks.

It said it was going live today… yet nothings happened. Is this actually going to be in the game?

fixed! 20 characters right here

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To provide some additional insight…

  • Without being overly pedantic, this ExCard was a result of feedback from both content creators and core players that they’d like to see the ExCard more active, interesting, and fun
  • Content creators did a large portion of the work here. Geoff, Josh, and Co. (Hero Balance and Design) gave some guidance, and provided feedback on the proposed changes, however the bulk of the effort came from Flats, Somjuu, and Violet. This means it had a minimal impact on our development and testing schedule. The majority of this work was able to be handled by non-development team.
  • On a personal level, I’d love it if we were able to do more of these on a more regular schedule. By keeping them fun, thematic, and over-the-top, we avoid content creators who propose changes getting an undue amount of salt
  • If there are content creators you think could bring some pretty cool and creative design ideas to the table, please let us know! We’re measuring how players engage with the ExCard and the effect it has on content creation and consumption, and based on those results we’d like to schedule these events to be consistent and something to look forward to for the broader community.

Greeting everyone,

Just as a quick FYI, I will not be working on my usual Experimental vs Live comparison video that I post on my YouTube channel. The reason being is that I didn’t expect this coming, and with virtually every hero being tweaked it would take days to prepare.

Thanks for your understanding.


I want to shake somjuu and flats’s hand

Is there an ETA on when this Exc will come out?

Lmao better than the real devs

Samito’s card would be interesting.

It officially released @ 11 AM PST today, however we had a bug that necessitated us pulling it down temporarily. I’ll update ASAP when we have more news.


Imagine being a mercy main though and having this complete character gutting be considered “fun” by certain content creators and balance devs.

So fun in fact that if this actually made it live, I would personally uninstall the game. :joy:

That’s my feedback.

But at least I don’t need to login to play this experimental for funsies. I can continue playing new pokemon.


If it’s because of Mercy Valk infinite duration like what happened with Genji in the OWL card, then disabling Mercy until it is fixed would not be a bad idea.

The Mercy changes encourage her to make her playstyle way more dynamic, also they in fact fixed the self-stin for rez that so many complained about, if you have fun pressing down yellow beam you can keep doing it, but let people who play her correctly get more value off her

I don’t see what is dynamic about getting a debuff on your healing when you need to press it for longer than 2 seconds.

Aka trying to actually peel for teammates, which is her most important job.

I play mercy with heavy emphasis on damageboosting, but this change essentially says “don’t actually use your healing it’s not worth it”. But they gave nothing for using her other beam for "playing her properly" or even her gun in return, they just nerfed her healing massively with no proper compensation.

Some support I guess. Nothing fun or dynamic to be found.


Maybe you guys should start telling us what the reasons are. Because you know, you guys are already silent about everything else why not do it for the stupid over the top patch?

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that would be for sure a lot of work. glad you always try and do so anyways. love how cool your videos are :heart_eyes:

Hmmmmmmmm does this mean AndyB lied when he said no exp card was coming? :thinking:

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As a comparison, it took 6 days to make the March Community ExC video, but thankfully 4 of those days I got in advance BEFORE the patch went live because we got the patch notes in advance, so I was able to prep the graphics and the Live patch gameplay.

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