We're running out of skins

So we know about
These are the skins we know about so far, and characters that are due for skins only have 3 more chances…
We still need an event skin for

I might be wrong but im hoping for a winston skin so much!


D.Va I hoped for but she is too young at this time maybe?

Winston is a possibility!


All these heroes except rein have event skins. And rein is the only hero to get a skin from a map release.


I said was "due" for one, meaning they are meant to be getting one soon since its been awhile AND i said event skins so i was ignoring the Cosmetic update rein skin

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Gimme labcoat winston. I’ll be satisfied with the cosmetics so far.

4 of those heroes just received new skins when blizzworld was released. Anyways I’d like to see a dorado map skin for lucio. Like when he originally stole the hardware from symettra’s Company (help with name please) i also want Winston to have a new skin. It’s been awhile. And also I’d like to see tracer get a new skin too. It’s been a long time since we got a tracer skin.

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Where were these 2 mentioned?

Edit: I saw DF, but what about Sombra.

The cosmetic update does not stop a character from getting an Event skin, as we can see from Hanzo and doomfist. So ignore the blizzworld update skins, they are irrelevant when it comes to event skins


Still hoping for a Mei skin, even if that’s slowly becoming less and less likely.

Are you talking about event skins in general or just for the Uprising/Archives event?

Both Orisa and Reinhardt got skins for the Uprising event last year.

Winston is confirmed to be getting a new skin.

Blizzard has said that Winston is getting a skin for “Spring 2018”. I’m guessing it’s for Archives. What it is, we don’t know yet.

Orisa had so many opportunities for event skins. She could be a headless horse for Halloween, a doe for Winter, or a lion for Year of the Dog. Maybe next year…

Lucio and Reinhardt? Well, they have pretty awesome skins already. And they got some not too long ago with Blizzard World. Did everyone just forget that update or something?

As for D.Va, I hope she doesn’t get a new skin ever. She’s already enough of a fanservice “character”, let’s not give her anything that makes her even more of one.

-SoaringEagle :eagle::it:


I hoping for roadhog and junkrat to get matching skins but I’m a bit biased.

The blizzard world update does not matter apparently when it comes to skins because Hanzo got a blizzard world skin right after a casual skin and now a Scion skin, So i dont think it matters.

Worst argument I have ever seen on these forums. And I have seen a lot of dumb crap.


I agree. I don’t often hear people complaining about fanservice.

Its just cosmetic stuff, yeesh.

Some people have no taste, am I right?

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This confirmed? I think Winston was still a baby gorilla in lunar colony when Uprising/archives happened.

Pharah needs a skin that’s half decent not even for this event since she was too young but maybe for the event after anniversary she can get something that is ok.

? maybe I’m reading this wrong or just am crazy, but Rein has an Uprising skin.