We're running out of skins

Well, spring last for 3 months (March-June) in those months we got Uprising and anniversary so I bet Winston could get a skin until anniversary.

Rein is also the only hero to get skin from a map release TWICE.

Orisa got Null Sector for Uprising last year so I’m doubtful she’ll get another one this year.
I would like a Null Sector skin for Zen or DVA though.
Or a full on gamer skin for DVA like nothing but video game references.

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He wasn’t a baby, He was 21 during Retribution

I must have missed that. Care to link me the memo?

Says his age is 29

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inb4 tracer, mei, or widow gets another legendary

Thank you! Winston is your main?

At the moment, Yeah.
60 more credits til’ his golden weapon

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Pretty close, maybe 2 more wins and will unlock his weapon.

Lucio has 3 event skins.

Orisa is deeeeeeeefinitely due. The archives event would be a good time to give her the OR skin from the Rein short.

But thats just a re-colour of last years is it not? It we were to get a re-colour i would rather wait until anniversary for something better than a re-colour

Add in some different details and give her the sword for her melee to qualify it as a legendary.

I’d be happy with that.

I would prefer a animal skin to that, WE NEED A COW SKIN!

If I had to guess I’d say Winston, Ana, and Soldier could be the remaining 3 to get skins

I have started playing soldier abit so i hope so, what would soldier possibly get though…

Zenny is a possibility, because some of the Talon robots in Retribution were humanoid. But I think that Winston is even more possible.

Idk but he is very important in all these lore events and he didn’t get anything for uprising last year. I know he has a strike commander Morrison skin, but Reaper already had a blackwatch skin and is now getting a new lore-based skin. So I thought maybe the same could be true for Soldier as well as Ana.

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What is the Reaper skin? Reaper already had a Blackwatch skin prior to the event.

I reckon a Talon Soldier: 76 skin would be awesome. Wouldn’t surprise me either.