Welcome to Season 21 of Competitive Play

Who said you are supposed to have all the golden weapons? And really the CP system needs changing. 3-4 years now and its still just for a golden weapon. Some skins even make it gold already.


I flex several heroes for the three roles, so I probably need other 9k CP by myself… which is something like 1500 of matches for only 3 golden weapons (if you also consider queue times… it’s half banchelor degree worth of time).
With my idea, you reduce by half the amount of time required, but it’s still quite a huge waste of time. Also, many other people will have a more incentive to play comp after the placement matches.

Its actually been fun not to play every game against a mei and a hanzo. not sure i understand why orisa and baptiste were rotated out. i feel though that doubling the heros out of rotation should be the maximum.

This season I keep getting into games and half way through someone leaves. Why should everyone get as punished when down a person? I’m tired of people leaving in almost every game and it’s not been this bad till this season for me.


I feel like there needs to be a rework of the initial ranking system. i won all 5 of my placement matches with all gold/ silver medals as a tank and still get garbage rank when my friends do way worse get higher rank. i was stuck in the ridiculous bronze loop last season because of this. you cant solo queue and get out of the abyss when i always do way better then the rest of the team. Blizz either needs to fix their algorithm. or not make it off last season. this is completely frustrating.

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Just passing by to mention I love hero pools.
Obviously it seems like Torb took Hanzo’s spot in this new meta but I think it’s fine since Torb doesn’t have so much mobility and is easier to hit.
Still no sign of Paris in the map pool, still grateful.
But all these little sudo-bans here and there makes me question. How can it ever be a good idea to bring back Orisa or Mei into the meta? How can we have an actual hero rotation? The moment Mei is back into the game, it’s gonna be a nightmare all over again! Same with Orisa. I wonder what will happen from now on.

How long will it take for top500 to be released for season 21?

I loved this first week of competitive. Yes, widow was played a TON, but the game without Mei is just better. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a second ban of the ice devil :crossed_fingers:

I hope hero pool stays longer than just season 21. I love the idea of a changing meta.

Now, it is true that after 3 weeks of competitive, seeing the same maps over and over again is gonna be a tiny bit boring, just as it was on the two previous seasons, but we’ll survive.

You have experimental mode now, why not to try 5v5 mode? Just for experiment, to see maybe it will be better? Because 6v6 just doesnt work, and role queue and other things wont help it. Maybe for pro players or grand masters its working, but not for other ranks. It’s hard to count everyones impact, it’s hard to carry if you are one rank better (not top 500, we all know that top 500 can carry out of gold). People complaining about games because the work they add to game gives 0 result, you trying your best but you can’t do anything. If you make 5v5, impact of one person will increase a lot, and even if it will be slower game, or something, people will feel bigger impact, they will feel that they can do something about it and it will be less stressful and more enjoyable. That’s what everyone want - have impact. That’s what makes you feel good or bad. Impact is everything. Look at other competitive games it always have teams of 5 or even less players, because 6 it’s just too much.
At least we could give it a shot.

PSA: The fact that Blizzard banned my main tank, Rein, and now I don’t play any shield tanks, means you can’t rage at me if we have no shields on the team. I’d offer to switch roles, but 2-2-2 role lock combined with selective hero bans = enjoy the slow inevitable loss. BUT YOU’RE HAVING MORE FUN THAN 6 MONTHS AGO, RIGHT?

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Yes. I enjoy playing multiple heroes from each role. 2-2-2 helps because I will have a somewhat reliable team comp no matter what role I play. Hero bans help because it allows more heroes to be viable, even if only temporarily.


Hey Jeff Kaplan, I know it’s a tough fix but there has to be a way to work around the throwers and smurfs. We’ve literally seen you can trace the IP of people’s accounts.

If an IP registers to a computer with a GM account, these IPs should be restricted from creating accounts in lower tiers. If the point of Overwatch is to learn and grow in the game, how are you to learn and grow if you’re getting run into the ground and unable to learn the dynamic of each SR tier?

Well what if someone’s little brother wants to play you say? Okay monitor the performance of that alternate account. It’s very obvious when someone is playing in a tier they don’t belong in.

Throwers and leavers? If someone leaves the game they should receive a 1 hour+ ban if they fail to return. Obviously a DC vs. a leave is tough to figure out but still there’s a better way than the current system.

I see more DVa/Moira one tricks than I do Hanzo/Mei one tricks. Mei is easy to kill if you counter pick. Hanzo has to hit his shots or he’s useless.

Ban people who throw games. Not heroes people identify with and enjoy playing just because you don’t want to counter pick. You sound like a 1 truck tbh.

Can we like delete Mei and Reaper from the game? These past two weeks just made me re-found how much I hate playing tanks because of those two. I used to agree with the idea of countering tanks, but that was before 2/2/2 was implemented and tanks heavy comp was possible. But now that there’s only a fixed slot of tanks, what’s the justification to make their life miserable? Don’t give me the tracer, genji, and supports BS. I played supports too but getting one clipped by a tracer or dashed to oblivion by a genji doesn’t made me feel as tilted as getting freezed by a Mei. The former still left me some hope to retaliate but for the latter I can only scream on my mic for someone to peel for me.

I hate the hero bans. Tank and healer pool is too small for it to work right now.

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Banning heros doesnt make more heros viable… balance makes more heroes viable

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Sure it does! Why not both?

Oof. OK…

Imagine working for Wendy’s corporate, and no one wants to buy chicken sandwiches. One solution is: find out why your chicken sandwiches suck and fix it. Another solution is: stop selling hamburgers. We are witnessing the latter strategy.

Sadly we cannot vote with our wallets because we’ve already paid for a certain game that has been fundamentally changed from release.


Well I’m happy with the hero bans. I’ve played a much wider selection of heroes this season, and I’ve had good games with many different team comps. I really like the variety. Sorry you don’t.

Sounds good. I just wanted to get us on the same page that there was a way to encourage diverse hero play, through competent design and balance, and a lazy way to force it through bans