Welcome to Season 21 of Competitive Play

Banning heros doesnt make more heros viable… balance makes more heroes viable

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Sure it does! Why not both?

Oof. OK…

Imagine working for Wendy’s corporate, and no one wants to buy chicken sandwiches. One solution is: find out why your chicken sandwiches suck and fix it. Another solution is: stop selling hamburgers. We are witnessing the latter strategy.

Sadly we cannot vote with our wallets because we’ve already paid for a certain game that has been fundamentally changed from release.


Well I’m happy with the hero bans. I’ve played a much wider selection of heroes this season, and I’ve had good games with many different team comps. I really like the variety. Sorry you don’t.

Sounds good. I just wanted to get us on the same page that there was a way to encourage diverse hero play, through competent design and balance, and a lazy way to force it through bans

Personally, I think a mix of both dynamic hero bans and regular hero balance changes is exactly what Overwatch needs. Fortunately the developers have begun accelerating the balance changes. Experimental mode is a great tool for doing so.

I hardly ever post on the forums, but I just can’t stay silent anymore and really want to throw my two cents in.
I started playing Overwatch back in S10. Never played any FPS games before, but this game got me hooked big time. I considered myself a casual player up until S18, after which I really started grinding. Got out of bronze, silver, gold and I’m a high plat now.
I have always considered myself flexible and tried to adapt to all changes made over the months, be it role lock (which I think is the best thing to ever happen to competitive), map pools or hero balance. But then came hero pools…
Now, I don’t expect any developers to read this post, much less use this feedback to make changes, but I think many of us in the community will relate to what I am about to say right now.

Competitive has always been about choosing the right set of tools to deal with whatever the enemy team throws at you. The only thing that hero pools have done so far, in my opinion, is limit (or, in some cases, completely eliminate) the amount of those tools and, as a result, the ability to counter-pick, which has always been the core principle of this beautiful game.

Maybe your team is struggling to deal with an enemy Genji, but you have a great Moira player that could help alleviate this struggle? Well guess what? Moira is banned, so they have to play Mercy and hope to not get chopped into pieces in the backline. Maybe your team has an amazing Zarya that could protect the said backline? But hey, she has to protect her fellow Orisa with a 600hp shield that will get shredded if not bubbled on time. A Rein could help with that except… he’s banned. And examples are endless. You get my point.

Bottom line is, hero pools are going to slowly, but surely destroy the competitive experience if they continue past S21. I love this game with all my heart and I want to continue loving it. With all due respect, hero pools were a mistake. Please do the right thing. Thank you.


Please fix the Top500 leaderboard. Sms protect is on since season 20 or 19, played 25 games (didn’t even tie a single one if it affects it). Only thing that happened was using free btag change but that shouldnt be affecting it in any way, right?

hero pools is trash!!!

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terrible map, why would you do this to us? oh yeah, u don’t care about the actual player base, just about selling extra copies to streamers and smurfs… got it

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Thank God! I hate the pools so much.

Ten minute queues for every match, a leaver in 7 of my last 11 games, that’s two hours of sitting in the menu for that chance to play 5 games. This has been going on long enough that if Blizz had any intention of fixing it, they would have. If you’re just going to throw your games away, give us a heads up so we don’t waste our money on them.

The queue time is still really bad. Especially when you grouped up with friends. 10/10 would rather play Apex than having to wait 28 minutes for a game that will be cancelled in 10 seconds because someone dced. Also hero pools sucks. If you want to force the meta then do it properly and don’t half assed it. Pick a set of themes and rotate it each week. If today’s week theme is dive then just ban all the brawl or anti dive heroes. This version of hero pools only made more awkward picks and team comps more frequent.

i m done with that hero pool. its dumb. DELETE IT PLS.

what is a game when they add more restrictions with hero rotations now. Garbage. Don’t support this company. Lose more SR compared to wins. This is stupid

In my opinion hero bans have been a fine addition to the game, they mix things up and force players to break out of their habits and they can create new and interesting situations for everyone. Pretty much every week has been interesting so far and especially not having rein there for a while has made for a completely new gameplay experience which was really fun.

But this current week has just been atrocious. I get that you are experimenting and that failure is a part of that process, we wouldnt get to the fun combinations if we didn’t weed out some of those that don’t work. But boy this current line-up isn’t fun at all to the point where I think it would be best to end this rotation right now as it has already failed, or else a lot of people (me included) might drop the game for the week or even longer.

The main issue is that in a lot of roles, you feel absolutely powerless right now. If you are a tank and you have Pharah and Tracer dancing around and above you, you can do nothing at all about them because the tank who is best at containing them is banned. Pretty much the same goes for the healers so all you can do as either a tank or a healer is to hope for your DPS to battle it out while you engage in pointless skirmishes and feel like a burden. The DPS on the other hand got robbed of almost all counters to those heroes so I can’t even be mad at them for being outplayed game after game, they literally don’t have any other options than to be really good at one or two specific heroes. If they don’t happen to be good at those heroes and the enemy team has a decent Pharah or Tracer, they get just get destoryed again and again.

One of the most fun things about Overwatch is the different options you have and the chess-play that comes with them, where you can adjust to the situation, fix your strategies and try to be creative. This weeks bans have robbed us of too many options for this to be the case anymore, which makes for a very bland experience.

Can we please remove hero bans. It is annoying… Make a survey at forum or ingame atleast…


Please do something about the map pools. HLC is such a terrible map to push on if you don’t have a coordinated team.

The only problem is that people can always reset their IPv4 and IPv6 address(es)

Hero ban is the most retarded thing ever in OW.

Please stop immediately