We need to show outrage with the new OWL Lucio emote

It’s disgusting, charging $30.00 for a SINGLE emote, multiple games are now charging a base of $20.00 per skin, and this is obviously Blizzard testing the waters to see if they can sell “micro-transactions” sized cosmetics for this much, we need to show outrage, that this is NOT OKAY under and circumstances, or Blizzard will attempt to normalize it.


I guess since it worked so well with Pink Mercy they thought it would work well with OWL.

Difference being Pink Mercy was for charity and OWL just goes to their greedy pockets.


Well they can’t sell loot boxes in Belgium anymore so…

  1. It isn’t for just one emote. You get a bunch of stuff.
  2. They don’t care if we try to spark an outrage. Blizzard always does whatever the hell they want.

But you’re not paying 30 bucks for a single emote and a single emote alone.



As an all OWL All Access pass holder i support it completely


Please stop with these comments. 1. Many people, including me, don’t care about OWL and this was just a way to make those who want the emote buy it anyway. 2. Even if I did care about OWL it starts at 2am my time and I can’t watch it live, and there is not satisfaction in watching clips. 3. It’s $38 with VAT for me.


Then simply don’t buy it.

I don’t remember there being any uproar about Blizzcon skins from people who don’t actually care about Blizzcon but thought the skin was cool. How is this different? Oh that’s right, you people are convinced the OWL is the product of Satan himself.

This is 100% irrelevant. No one really cares, so please stop posting it as if people do. I’m sorry that timezones screw specifically you over like that, but it’s literally unavoidable. So long as the Earth remains in orbit, it has to happen to someone.

Again, I’m sorry that conversion rates and fees screw with you, but that just happens. That has nothing to do with the Pass, Emote, or Overwatch in general.


Pink mercy was also half the price…


Yes and that makes me scratch my head thinking how they thought this would be acceptable.

Especially since even though Pink Mercy was charity event a lot of players were still vocally disapproving about it.


Your not buying the emote tho. It’s a bonus dont twist what it really is.


Isn’t it just to make the OWL pass more worth the money and to reward the players who have it? You don’t just get the emote.

Now with the access-pass you get:

  • 15 OWL skins
  • Lucio emote
  • 15+ emotes in Twitch chat
  • Behind the scenes and player Q&As
  • Unique camera views for owl
  • and some extra stuff

Well it looks like a reward for the pass. Like a reward for being stuck for 3 Jears with 5mb download. So stop crying and look at the bigger picture.

Because the skins weren’t good enough to care? They are basically recolors. People have been asking for this specific Lucio emote for a long time and they know that the people want to have it.

So, we get to pick and choose when to cause uproar based on how “beautiful” something is. Either create an uproar for everything or don’t.


Why would I roar about something I don’t care about?

They aren’t charging 30 dollars “for an emote.” There’s a lot more that comes with being a pass-holder.

You get:

  • 15 In-game Skins
  • 23 Twitch Emotes
  • 1 In-game Spray
  • 1 Player Icon
  • 2 Twitch OWL Badges
  • A special pass-holder only chat
  • Post-match analysis videos
  • The privilege to ask players questions after games
  • And yes, the new Lucio emote.

You’re just upset that they added something you actually care about to being a pass-holder.


And all of those things are OWL related except for one… In an OWL package.

If it were only OWL stuff, people who care about OWL nor people who don’t care about OWL wouldn’t have a problem with this.


Oh no start a revolution.
Kill the king, more power to the people.

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Don’t pretend it’s $30 for one emote, it’s a bundle with multiple of items. It includes:

  • 12 Away skins, one for each OWL team

  • 3 OWL themed skins

  • An OWL spray and icon

  • Twitch channel features like All Access chat, stream, and interviews

  • A Lucio emote

If you don’t see any value in any of the other items, that’s fine; but it’s honestly not that bad of a deal if you like the skins, even if you don’t watch OWL. You get 15 epic quality skins and an emote. If you bought it for $20 when it was on sale, it’s honestly really good value. I don’t think $20, or even $30 of rng lootboxes would guarantee you a legendary and 15 skins.