It's NOT a $30 emote

There’s already an exclusive Lucio skin in the Season Pass package and cosmetics for most of the other heroes as well. Why is everyone freaking out so much? Is it just because it got posted on twitter an everyone saw it and wants it now?


It’s because they’re tying something not related to OWL (a character emote) behind OWL. It’s a desperate and greedy bid for more money for their garbage league. Those ugly gray skins were made for OWL, so they can stay behind the battle pass.

But an EMOTE has nothing to do with League. It’s greed. Why are you refusing to see that?


So you’re saying it’s only an issue because Blizz gave the Season Pass a cosmetic you actually like?


So if they slapped an OWL logo onto it, it would be completely fine!
Because that’s only logical, right?


No, Blizzard added a cosmetic that has nothing to do with OWL behind a paywall outside of the game.


I’m just gonna quote myself from the other thread


Yeah, I’m pretty sure that whoever is going to buy the pass from today is because they want the trash grey skins and the sprays… definetly not because of the emote.


I’m irritated because I have never watched a second of OWL play time because I’d rather spend the time in game.

I don’t give one flying flip about any of the other junk and I would really like to have that emote, but if I personally want to get it then I HAVE to pay $30 to get it.

So in essence, for me and I’d imagine plenty of others; it IS a $30 emote because we don’t want anything else associated with this “bundle”.


So basically they haven’t been selling enough OWL all access passes and they added this to get a bump in sales.
It is a pretty cool emote.


They could at least discount the all-access pass. Isn’t the 2018 season almost over?


its all access pass forever i believe

All-Access benefits last up to the start of the 2019 Overwatch League Season.

Directly from the Twitch channel, at the bottom of the All Access Pass tab.


So if people suddenly start paying $30 for the pass now it’s because they want all the other rewards, not becuase an emote makes it worth the money. If I wanted boring grey and orange skins and a load of white skins I’m not going to use ever, I would have bought a season pass before. They’ve added something that doesn’t relate to the OWL so that players who don’t care about OWL will support OWL.


okay so i’ll have to buy another pass later, thanks for the info

Yea, that is the one thing that concerns me about this.

The emote doesn’t even unlock until 3 days before the Grand Finals. Only thing after that is their screw around All Star Weekend thing.

Would’ve been much better if they at least held off until the next season so the actual Twitch stuff (the original point behind the pass) actually has value.

It’ll probably have different skins/emotes/etc though for the new season.

hopefully, lol

Easiest option Blizzard could have done is give it for free to Access Pass Holders.

Then make it Purchasble for everyone else with Gold as a legendary emote.


Bleh… this stings.

All I ever wanted since Year 1 was some bloody Lucio lore/skins/love. Slowly, we got the skins but still no lore… (and I realize when it comes to the cosmetics; nearly every hero has the same amount, minus the new ones, so maybe Lucio shipped completed and Blizzard deemed him finished when it comes to highlights/emotes/etc – understandable but it made the the time between updates for him feel long)

I jumped in to see if this was a part of my weird Amazon Prime Twitch thing but I guess it is just OWL - not even sure what I’d get out of the prime pass since I rarely watch it (still didn’t spend my original 200 tokens either because I prefer Blizzard’s well designed cosmetics over the team colors). After the DVA legendary emote, I half expected Blizzard to start introducing more of those so it blows to see my main healer’s emote locked behind this thing.

Well can’t blame them - the rule of the world is to get yours, first. The sooner you learn, the sooner you succeed. :thinking:

it is free to the pass holders who spent $30 dollars on the pass already.

It isn’t going to be free to anyone