We need to show outrage with the new OWL Lucio emote

So what? I’m glad they are adding to the package, as a pass-holder myself I felt they didn’t add enough to it. It’s nice to see that Blizzard is doing things to reassure me that the purchase was worth it. I would have been happy with anything they added to it.


At that point you no longer have the right to argue this.

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So no out rage for the 60 dollars Blizz con skins that was here since launch huh?

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Yah you can say that and? But without logical arguments you wont come far. And i think he said somthing that you can see as a good argument to supporet his standpoint. So…

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So would tackling an OWL logo on his emote make this an non issue and no one would be upset? If it had a logo on it or not, people are still going to associate the emote with the OWL league because it’s an exclusive to only those who supported the OWL.

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It isn’t just for the emote… why are people saying that? You get the entire pass which includes a lot of things. Maybe they are not of interest to you but saying it’s $30 just for the emote is false.

The game is still going to work if you don’t have the emote, let those who enjoy OWL or have the money, enjoy it. It’s just a cosmetic…



And I provided a counter argument. Many people cannot watch OWL due to timezones and therefore have no reason to support it or care about it. It’s also closer to $40 to some.

No because it would still not be OWL related. It’s just a thematic emote for the character that has been requested for a long time.

My thoughts exactly, I don’t have the money personally myself but for those that do it’s a nice incentive! Also it’s great to see Lucio getting a legendary emote considering the way the forum talks, he’s deceased :V


Just because you don’t care about it doesn’t mean that you’re not buying the all access pass. Your argument is silly, like getting mad at having to spend $19k USD to buy a rear view mirror, but you’re not buying that. You’re buying a fully functioning car.

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If I wanted a rear view mirror I would have it installed for a much smaller price. I would not have to buy an entire car to get one.

So don’t buy it. Yaay we solved the problem!

Oh or you like it? Buy it then. Yaay we solved the problem again!

But all honesty, this is a gift for a target audience you don’t belong to. Don’t be selfish.


Right, because complaining/yelling solves everything. :unamused:

I’m fully aware you understand the message I was sending.

And I’m fully aware you understand my argument.

Your argument is that you want something for free, but you’re not the target audience for it in the first place and aren’t willing to budge.


Dont have to rage just dont buy it.

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I never said I wanted it for free. I’d pay a reasonable price for an emote without the OWL bull. I’d even pay the same amount as I paid for Mercy’s legendary skin.

Sombra is coming for money grabbers

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But that is not posible becours blizz said so, live with it. You cant have everythin in your live.
Its a nice addition for pass holders who paid and now get rewardet for it.
Edit:sry for bad english.

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Locking a community requested long awaited non OWL item in an expensive OWL bundle which a lot of people can’t even use is not something I’m just going to accept. If the first person who came up with the idea for the emote doesn’t care for OWL, that’s a giant middle finger to them. After all they got that idea from them.