Was Bastion's turret mode a mistake?


YOU usually die when you use it.
I don’t.
My elimination to death ratio is 3 to 1.

You sucking at not dying in Sentry doesn’t mean everyone does.

Oh… ok.

No civil conversation to be found here.

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I feel like mobility could help his kit still kinda. Just let him turn into a car on E so he can bail quickly should it look ugly. Every other hero has some kind of incredibly reliable or semi-reliable way of escaping an engagement. Bastion is just kind of defenseless if he’s in wide hitbox recon mode. He moves at like, 2 mph. I just want the ability to setup quicker.

It’s hard to be civil when you post a wall of text literally explaining why… everything… and it gets ignored.

We’re literally all saying Bastion should be encouraged to use Recon to move around more. That’s why we want a revert, because you couldn’t play old Bastion as a static gun, you would just instantly die. Ironclad is what broke his kit. It was unnecessary, and it just encourages players to sit still for too long, and actively discourages players from using Recon because they lose the damage resistance.

All he needed with his rework was the Recon and Repair changes. He didn’t need Sentry touched at all.

It really is isn’t it.

Blizzard buffed his Recon primary, which I think is the right direction for him. It gives him more flexibility. The best Bastion players I’ve seen constantly switch positions and alternate between Recon and Sentry. So they should continue giving more buffs to Recon mode to encourage more use of it.

Also, he should have an E ability.

I responded to it… :man_shrugging:

Is it? Are you sure about that? Sentry is his main source of damage?

Funny how getting better results and more total damage output from not dying immediately by camping in sentry might contradict that?

Sentry is a tool. A powerful one. Use it accordingly, and don’t use it when it will get you killed.

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I was getting around to it. You weren’t my original target audience either.

I’ve got 700+ hours on this game.

I think i know how to play it.

Yes, Sentry is meant to be his “primary fire”. If he was meant to be in Recon for a majority of the game, then he would just be a worse version of Soldier. Sentry needs to be his primary fire because that’s what makes him unique. He shouldn’t spend a majority of the game in Sentry either, but it’s not meant to just be a side ability.

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So he’s not supposed to be in Recon for a majority of the game, but also not supposed to be in Sentry for the majority of the game.



Better defense or a better way to escape an engagement gone south. Is that so bad of an idea?

“An engagement gone south”

The majority of them.

I know. I’m just trying to sound reasonable here. I want more than just that for him too. Pls no snap at me.

I do like the idea of letting him escape an engagement. I would like if they let him “eject” from Sentry mode by holding a direction and pressing shift. Something kinda sorta like his highlight intro with the tank jump thing.

But seriously though. Don’t you think some mobility would help? I feel like thats the core thing he doesn’t have everyone else has to some extent.

He has very limited options on how to place himself positionally. Especially in an elevated manor or at more unique angles.