Warning to all; turn off chat

Even defending yourself and your good teammate against toxic, thrower trolls is grounds for a silence if enough people decide to report you. What a joke of an easily-abused system.


You mean OW in general?


i just put a paper over my screen where chat box isa nd tape it to the screen. i do not look at chat becasues it is so toxic now blizzard need to bna all the toxic play but i alwys get them

This game is just silly in it’s automated handling of “toxicity”

This is confusing because I haven’t met a toxic player in a long time. I get where you’re coming from though

I’m always in chat and never been punished. I actually small talk, semi shot call, defuse arguments, etc. It works well.

I rail on people frequently in game when I think they deserve it, and I’ve never had any action taken against me by Blizzard. But that doesn’t mean I get to act like R. Lee Ermey.

That’s mistake #1 right there. Toxic people will say anything to trigger others. They even go as far as using “gg ez” at the end if a great match with a long over time. They are out to do one thing, GET YOU TRIGGERED. Once they do that they will get their jolly rocks off and then possible report you.

If someone is truly being toxic and harassing then just report them. Don’t disable chat because believe it or not, there still more good people out there.

You can type /hidechat btw!

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Also can use Control+Shift+C

I have been reporting them. Out of the dozens of people I have reported, I’ve only received A SINGLE notification saying action was taken. Meanwhile a group of 4 that’s clearly throwing and inciting solo people reports me because I called them out on it, but thanks to blizz’s great automated system, I’m the one in the wrong apparently

OP is essentially complaining they got reported for being toxic to other toxic people.

Two wrongs don’t make a right.

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Why is it wrong to say in chat “our 4 stack is throwing”?

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Surrrre that’s all you did buddy…

Is that really the only thing you ever say?

Mistake #2 is to NEVER EVER say anything to people that are in a group. They are all friends. They WILL all report you just to be mean. Mob mentality at it’s finest.

But all I’m saying is, you’re best to never say anything at all to these people. They feed on people’s reactions. If they are truly throwing report. If they get abusive in chat report for that too. Never say anything.

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Yeah seems like I should already just start a new account and just never use the chat since this one’s now been “toxicity flagged”

If that’s true then they’d also be verifying entire chat logs from matches and taking proper action against EVERYONE INVOLVED not just the one person that was spitefully reported by a group of trolls.

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i prefer to do things an old fashind way sir thank you though!

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If you’re reporting them for abusive chat and not getting action-taken notices, then they didn’t participate in abusive chat.

If you’re reporting them for anything else that is potentially automated, you’re just 1 report.