Warning to all; turn off chat

I reported them for gameplay sabotage since they admitted to throwing, saying dumb stuff like “lol it’s just qp calm down kid”

i already experienced that. got a 6 day silence for telling a racist dude to shut up.

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Then there would be no reason for them to investigate the chat log on the people you reported.

On consoles there is no chat of any kind. People mostly express their toxicity by spaming “thanks”.

Blizzard should have a system in place where if multiple people report eachother in a match, they have to look at all of the reports and take action against everybody. Too bad they’re a small indie dev company with limited resources tho.

How about players should control themselves and not get triggered and engage with trolls?

Guess that’s my only option since blizz lets trolls get away with their BS. Welp goodbye forums, off to make a new account since this one’s now tainted. I’ll be sure to take special care in the future to not say anything in chat that isn’t false positivity.

I just successfully reported someone who told me they were reporting me for being afk, when I was most certainly not. They had a doomfist zarya combo that dived me a couple of times as Brig, and I couldn’t do anything about it because he never came without a bubble. This player didn’t even notice that, saw me not near him near spawn and decided to assume I was.

So I informed him, what was happening and swapped to try to counter Doom. But it is hard to do that with that type of coordination without help from an ally. Rather than help me though, he continued sending me messages on the psn (which necessitated him being afk himself, I should add) that were abusive. So I screenshot them and reported, and I am currently enjoying not being banned while he enjoys his time out.

That has to be THE fattest lie I’ve ever seen ever posted here. How do bans happen INSTANTANEOUSLY after a threshold of reports is reached? If you’ve never seen someone disappear from a game the moment you report them, you’d realize how asinine that comment is. He wants us to believe that when you appeal a report the GMs don’t even read a single report, but that EVERY SINGLE ONE was already read before the action was taken? They have so much staff doing nothing but reading reports all day every day that there is no delay between the offense and the action? Are we supposed to believe there is a “game marshal” live observing every single game, because that is literally the only way what he is saying could be true…yet of course if that were the case every thrower, racist, etc would be instantly disappearing from every game and never returning.

Sometimes I wonder if they purposely keep the devs who are allowed to post here ignorant of how the systems work so they can type stuff like that out of ignorance instead of having to lie about things. That or the second part of that quote (“This post is extremely misleading and full of misinformation.”) is referring to his own post, and he’s trolling us again.

Newsflash: No report is ever read or reviewed before account action takes place. The ban system is 100% automated based on number and rate of reports received. Even after you appeal the automated action, you are incredibly lucky to have a GM who cares enough to read a single report against you or check your chat logs, and they will instead paste a standard template response saying the action was justified and will not be reversed (it sometimes laughably doesn’t even go with the reason for your ban!). I’m offended that he would go to such an extreme end of the spectrum opposite the truth instead of a lie that some people might believe like “after you appeal, the reports are read” or something that wouldn’t require hundreds of employees in positions that don’t even exist under Blizzard. To read and verify every report (including searching chat logs) would require far too many man hours of work every single day for any company to do, especially one as profit-centric as Blizzard. Even less greedy companies crowdsource things like that to the community, or partially automate it. The truth is, Blizzard fully automates it, despite what a developer says.

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Unfortunately, accounts have been banned for “Abusive Chat” where chat is silenced or hidden, so not a single word was typed. If enough people report you for abusive chat, it doesn’t even matter if you type, let alone what you type. Granted, unless you one trick an off meta hero or throw, you’re incredibly unlikely to receive that many reports without typing, so it’s still a good way to avoid automated action.

What if I wanna hear call outs or see my teammates ultimate status?