Voicechat as a girl -_-


Well, sometimes I have “oh I love your voice, it’s really soothing” and other time “shut up… b**ch”. It depends on the saltyness of the guy you have on the voice chat and how much they want to win by following your calls or ignoring you because you’re a woman… :woman_shrugging: But I just block them, report them if they insulted me, and I never think about it ever again


It’s still sad. I don’t know why people do it either, if girls are playing videogames that’s a good thing for guys. I like people I have a shared interest with.


Unfortunately this is an issue that can’t go away overnight because if Blizzard banned every single person guilty of this they’d probably lose half their playerbase (on top of what they’ve lost already lul)

Personally I just stay positive in my comp games. I remember this Dorado game last season where our Mercy was in voice chat but wouldn’t talk and we were losing. But for some odd reason the enemy switched off the team comp they were using to roll us and I used that to bring the team’s state of mind back up, and we starting rolling the enemy instead. I think our Mercy realised it was pretty safe to talk in voice chat in this game, because she started making callouts towards the end, and we won.

But that’s just me, I know a lot of people who act sexist jokingly but I just don’t find it funny.


A 60-year-old man on a forum made up of teens and young adults? Do you really expect emotional maturity from people that young? Much less expect it from a gaming forum? Especially an Overwatch forum?


I expect and see it from the high schoolers I coach. So, yes.


Sorry to break it to ya, but overwatch forums are known as a cesspool to some. Mature people are in small numbers here, so you (nor I) should not expect much from here. Especially if it revolves around girls + gaming + voice chat.


To push aside your snark for a moment, I do not think it at all inappropriate to expect maturity.


when theres a waman in voice chat im like ‘oh its a waman’


My girlfriend and I tend to stay out of voice chat when we play. Half the time we play in a four stack so we can get away with it and just use discord. It’s a shame because there are some good people out there…you just have to find them in the sea of feces.


The bottom line is that you should not expect any level of maturity in video games. You can expect maturity all you want, I won’t stop you, but don’t expect it to be delivered to you.


There is actually research that shows that lower ranked male players tend to make more sexist comments than higher ranked male players.

" We suggest that low-status males increase female-directed hostility to minimize the loss of status as a consequence of hierarchical reconfiguration resulting from the entrance of a woman into the competitive arena. Higher-skilled players, in contrast, were more positive towards a female relative to a male teammate. As higher-skilled players have less to fear from hierarchical reorganization, we argue that these males behave more positively in an attempt to support and garner a female player’s attention."

Source: journals.plos.or g/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0131613


hmmmm, i never knew about this


Sorry to hear this. This shouldn’t happen nowdays. It’s SOOO absurd. I’m really glad that much and much girls play videogames. It’s much more fun to share the videogames experience with friends of any gender!


No, the game has basically been filled with literally SNOWFLAKES. There used to be people who could actually handled getting “harassed,” it’s online words coming from some person behind a screen, get over it.


“lul snowflakes who can’t handle being harassed, it’s just just screen”

Do you even listen to yourself? What a rotten attitude to have.
We can never have progress as long as people like you think harassment is fine because “It’s just a screen”. Yikes.


well in my experiences if a girl is playing anything other than a healer we lose 99% of the time. Not trying to bash anyone but that’s just the way it is.


You’re playing one of 2 tanks, your team has one healer and 3 dps. The 3 dps are female. You suggest that one of them switch to healer. On a scale of 10-10 how sexist are you?


Try using Find a Group. Toxicity is far less than just solo queueing into Comp.

I’ve had female teammates several and I’ve never heard anyone be disrespectful to them, although that might just have been their luck.


Those toxic people are just a bunch of manchildren. If i have a girl on my team i either don’t acknowledge it, or i just keep it to “hey cool, we have a girl on our team”


“Harrr, its a girl ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)” stuff like this when people type it I think they’re just being silly/playful and joking.

But the fact people actually harass females over voice coms, something they would never dare to do IRL, is so god damn cringy…