Voicechat as a girl -_-


I use voicechat and I know, you cant be a shy little mouse when it comes to online games.
At example, in the beginning of a match when I join vc and say “Hi” sometimes somebody is like:
“Harrr, its a girl ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”, Or:" Giirls arr not video games!" and other [Forum Moderator Note: Redacted obscene language]. I ignore stuff like that and keep making calls.
But sometimes, things get heavy in the match and then I often hear sentences I cant and wont ignore like “Go back to kitchen!” or “Sure, we are losing, we have a girl in our team…”

Thats the reason I wont join voice chat in my next match… -_-


im a top500 junkrat main who is a girl, no one really cares lol, maybe because people are used to seeing me around idk.

im not disagreeing that it happens but its alot less frequent then what people make it out to be

"Great Its A Girl GG"

This is when you mute, block and/or report people. I’ve done it plenty in the past myself. But I’ve only ever heard inappropriate chat against a woman once, and I spoke up about it…


Humans talk smack to other humans. Especially in games like this. They say whatever gets to you, independent of gender. That’s just how it works. Welcome to online gaming, I guess. Use mute.


Whenever I used voice chat someone usually types
Is ThAt A gAmEr GiRl!? . Makes me laugh, on rare occasions though people can be cucklords so I’d say use avoid as teammate if you have one slot left. And mute those guys, just do your own thing which makes you win. If literally everyone is a piece of sh** then leave voice chat and you can also hide the chat entirely by pressing ctrl + shift + c.

You can’t really help with the type of people you meet on the internet, but you have the tools to avoid the toxicity so use them.

Have a good day


Don’t tolerate that crap and mute them. That goes for any gender.


So? What do you want us to do? Welcome to the wonderful world of online competitive multiplayer games…Mute people, blacklist them or don’t even use voice chat. It’s up to you to use the tools the game offers to deal with such behavior.


Doesn’t make it any more ok either way. Stop downplaying the toxicity that does excist, whether it’s specifically towards girls or in general.

Yes, mute and report. But it’ll still keep happening.


looks like we have a white knight


I think the OP knows what to do, I think the point is they shouldn’t have to do it, which I agree with.

As for more permanent solutions OP, I’d recommend joining a clan or community of some kind. There are ones out there that are active and would crack down pretty hard on that kind of harassment/BS.


we need a dark knight


“Harassment is fine because gaming”.


that isnt what he said but ok


I kinda disagree with the point, probably because I’m way used to it (considering I’ve been playing tons of fps shooters since 6 years). As far my personal experience I just think that people on the internet are anonymous and that’s what they take they take the advantage of, some people you meet can be nice, some can be bad. You can’t do anything about them. And of course any of those people who harass people over chat won’t regularly check forums seeing posts telling them to stop…you just can’t help it. Which concludes that you have to adapt to the world, the world can’t adapt you. And it’s the internet/competitive game, you have to see that sorta things coming.


That is not what I said and you know this.


Imagine how happier guys would be if they got stuff like this and other stuff girls get instead of the regular abuse such as mentioning their mothers.


I disagree. That seems to be exactly the message.

If that’s not what you said, then perhaps you should clarify with something north of what amounts to a digital shoulder shrug.


hes saying that humans will smack talk other humans regardless of gender, which is a fact


So harassment is fine because humans.


Sure. Make up whatever “truth” you are most comfortable with. Wouldn’t wanna impede on your comfort zone. <3