Voicechat as a girl -_-


Okay? That’s fine.

Completely and totally false.

There is my height, sex, eye color, Drivers License number, and…

oh yeah…

a picture of me!

Sure, maybe they could find some of that if they snooped around, but that isn’t a reason to give that information if I don’t want to. I also can put a fake name in OW if I want to protect my privacy and I don’t want to lose that ability.

This is a slippery slope scenario in my opinion.

Yeah, I would be. I would be giving a picture (or number) of my ID to a gaming company.


Just remember the majority of those people are probably incels who wont succeed in life.

At least you’ll have a successful life


Okay, fine, if that makes you uneasy, what would you be willing to give them as an alternative?

Remember, it has to be something that isn’t easily replaceable.


Doubt you will find people giving up something irreplaceable, just to play Overwatch.


That’s the thing, I don’t think there is anything that I would feel okay with giving out that I haven’t given already. I would rather not give as much as I already have if I’m completely honest here

More or less, yea


Um, I’m not asking anyone to “give up” anything.

If you go to the grocery store and hand them your credit card to pay for your food, do they keep it forever and never give it back?

Please pay closer attention to what’s being said before commenting.

…How are you supposed to pay for things online, then?


Been playing for little over two years. Voice chat always on (mostly. Some games get toxic due to someone taking someone’s hero or someone doing something stupid or I just don’t feel like talking), always trying my heart out and always attempting to win just like my team. Rarely does this happen to me. It’s normally, “What do you want to play?” Or, “What’re you good at?” Sometimes it gets a bit toxic, but then again when doesn’t Overwatch get toxic?

The WORST that has ever happened was someone, before I even picked, asked if I was a Mercy main. And at the time, I kinda was. But that’s it. Most of it was just playful banter. If someone talks to you like that, report them and mute them. Simple. I HIGHLY doubt 75% of your games are toxic because only 5% of mine are and it’s not even due to being a woman.

Only twice has somebody said, “har har eets ah gurrlll harrrr” and never in my LIFE has ANYONE used, “Go back to the kitchen” or “Sure, we’re going to lose because we’ve a girl on our team.” In fact, it’s been quite the opposite. Found people pocket me over others when I’m tank / DPS or are throwing themselves in front of me to protect me more often.


They keep it’s number, so this exact grocery store will forever keep record, that I were there on that day and time.

By using online wallets, for example. Easy to create, and often don’t require ID. Usually have limits on maximum sum you can keep there.


I’m just saying I would rather not. I’m not suggesting that’s reasonable or feasible in any way. (Cleopatra has an interesting solution there)

Remember the days when you could just buy a game in a store, put the disc in, install, and play?

Those were the days


…Were they? I dunno, I rather like being able to download games from the comfort of my own home. Saves gas and effort.

Well, whatever. At this point we’re just splitting hairs here and I don’t think we’re liable to get anywhere.


I am the only person in this world who never heard such trashtalks when girls talk something in voice ???


Yep. We value different things.

I very rarely see it and when I do I try and be the peacekeeper.


Don’t get me wrong, you made some perfectly valid points. Gave me some things to consider, and I appreciate it.

Just don’t think we’re gonna get much farther discussing it here.


I agree and the feeling is mutual. Thank you for discussing this in a calm, respectful manner


Yes it does. You can’t punish harassers on the Internet without breaching privacy laws (and by punishment I mean legal ramifications) and without punishment harassment will forever continue on the Internet. Pretty simple.

Ok then I’ll ask you something. What could you possibly do to prevent harassment on the Internet without breaching privacy laws and without making the Internet a government controlled dystopia?
If you can’t think of anything, then what’s the point of talking about mean words from strangers if we can’t do anything about it?

At the end of the day harassment on the Internet is a non-issue because it doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t physically hurt people, people already have the means to block it out if it affects them emotionally, and harassers already get the best punishments we can give them.

Btw quoting something I said and then saying “wow [insert what I said] what a bad argument!” Isn’t an arguement, you have to actually come up with reasons why I’m wrong not just say I am and call it a day.
(Not a direct quote in case you get your knickers in a twist about that)


Three of my closest friends are girls and we hardly experience toxicity but they also are tough, like they will fight back.


A lot of the girls I’ve played with are straight savage. Haven’t seen much like blatant sexism. At least not frequently, and typically it’s met with a pretty sharp response.


Girl, top500 and junkrat. I guess its time for me to retire…


Talking smack to the enemy is one thing. Talking smack to your own teammates on the other hand…


there’s a huge gap between “Harrr, its a girl ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)” and “Go back to kitchen!” or “Sure, we are losing, we have a girl in our team…”

i don’t see anything wrong with the first but the other ones are clearly inappropriate.

there’s always gonna be all kinds of people on the internet i don’t know what you expected :wink: